Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 109

“…” The loud impact sounded abruptly, and for a while, Weasley twin and Belinda had no time to react.

Anna and the brick fell pitifully to the ground.

“Why did the wall suddenly collapse? The little girl didn’t get hurt? Would you like to go to St. Mungo’s to see…” Onlookers discussed spiritedly, and everyone queuing to buy the sweet duck craned their necks, fearing that they might miss it. What a lively.

I made a mistake, Anna clutched her head and quickly stood up. There was no bleeding, no bag, Anna everything was fine.

Fortunately, it is a brick wall. If it is concrete, Daily Prophet might log out tomorrow—’shocked! Hogwarts A junior student went out secretly just to hit the wall and was seriously injured! ‘

Anna coughed, pretending that nothing happened just now, “It’s too concealed, you have to hit the door to open the door…”

This is definitely not a normal door opening. Method! Belinda covered her face.

“I said, Anna always has a way to deal with the wall…” Fred Coughed, “Anna, how is your head?”

“Look here, Anna, remember Who am I?” George shook his hand in front of Anna’s eyes.

“It’s Ron,” Anna looked serious.

“Okay, no problem,” George relieved, “She’s okay!” It would be a serious injury if he answered this question of mental reduction seriously.

“This wall is too inadvertent…” Belinda touched the brick wall that was knocked out of the human-shaped gap, she moved towards and looked inside, “Is anyone there? Excuse me, Oliver. .Ms. Hong Bei? Are you there?”

“Madam! I’m sorry your wall has collapsed!” Twin followed and shouted inside.

No one responded, but the fresh fragrance of flowers wafted out, making a group of people wearing thick robes stand on the cold street and feel the vitality dedicated to spring.

Hogsmeade village is above the snow line. Green plants are often only trees and weeds covered by snow. Flowers rarely appear here naturally. Planting flowers in such a harsh environment, even if magic is used , It also takes a lot of effort.

The inside of the wall is like another world, blue sky and white clouds made by magic, butterflies and butterflies flying wildly, all purple flowers blooming enthusiastically on the ground, and the vines made of Chlorophytum have never fallen down. Hanging down, a lively scene unfolded in front of the four Anna.

Mrs. Humber separated winter and spring with a wall, and created a fantastic secret garden in Hogsmeade village-but soon, due to the destruction of the brick walls, some of the magic was invalidated, and some were close to the bricks. The flowers in the hole in the wall began to wither.

The goodness begins to fade.

You can’t kidnap others and destroy other people’s gardens. Anna feels that destroying such a beautiful garden is a bit too inhuman.

[Wall: I don’t know when there was an extra wall. It exists in Hogsmeade Village. It also exists in someone’s heart. It separates spring and winter, allows purple hyacinths to grow freely, and keeps her forever Can’t get out. Achievement conditions: When Oliver Hombe returns to the garden, A, the garden integrity is greater than 30%; B, the garden integrity is less than 30%; task reward: reaction power +50, unknown]

Garden Destruction and non-destruction will lead to different task rewards? It was the first time Anna saw this kind of task of choice. She took the three of them and walked into the garden quickly. Let’s fix the brick wall first…

Anna took out the wand and said, “Restore it!”

The remaining bricks on the wall automatically stretched and widened, and it was very difficult to close together, filling up the human-shaped holes that Anna hit.

“It’s so ugly to make up…” Belinda looked at the twisted bricks and complained.

Although it is a bit ugly, it is still a remedy. The speed of the flowers withering has begun to weaken, but it still can’t stop the garden from being destroyed. “We have to find Mrs. Hong Bei, otherwise the flowers will be fast. It’s over…”

I came in to find that the space inside the wall was quite large, so I should have used the space extension curse.

Fred De pointed to an abrupt wooden door that did not lean against the wall not far away. There was a wooden token with the words’Mrs. Humber’s shop’ hung on it, “Should I enter from here? “

A few people walked through the sea of ​​flowers along the path paved with stones and came to the wooden door. “Mrs. Humber?” Anna knocked on the door.

No one responded, Anna shrugged, and she had to go in and have a look.

“ding ding ding~ …” As the wooden door opened, the welcome bell rang, but there was no movement except the bell.

Dark blue wallpaper, red carpet, beautiful crystal bottles of all colors are neatly placed on the shelf, in the middle of the room is a pink cauldron with golden potion inside, exuding a seductive aroma, still ‘gu lu lu’ bubbling regularly.

The place near the cauldron was a little messy, the stirring stick and a deep purple notebook fell on the ground, and there were many messy mud footprints on the carpet.

Belinda stared at the potion in the cauldron, thinking deeply, and twin wandered around the room, “Mrs. Humber! Here is a guest! Hello? Is there anyone?!”

Anna is in the room After walking around, she found nothing. She knelt down and picked up the notebook on the ground to see if she could find any clues.

Open the cover of the notebook, and the first page says, “For my favorite flower-Oliver Humber”. It’s not difficult to see that this is Mrs. Humber’s notebook, but why did it fall on Here?

‘…purple hyacinth series potion formula: purple hyacinth four petals (dried), two horned slugs (you need to squeeze it before putting), two cockroach legs (put a praying mantis) Potion made from the legs is better, but after putting the mantis legs in, there is a certain chance to fry the pan. Remember not to put the mantis legs and the cockroach legs together, or you will have to fry the pan), and add the secret recipe——’

The back is torn off, the tear marks are very rough. It can be seen that the person tearing the notes is emotional or in a very urgent state.

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