Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 110

The atmosphere in the room was suddenly tense, “Quick! Let’s get out!” Belinda exclaimed, and the small strands of hair on her head became nervous.

“Don’t care about the potion? Then it will explode in the house!” George suggested, “Should we carry it to a wilderness ridge? Or hide it in the Pukwudgie cave?”

“What if it blows up all of us on the road?!” Belinda looked horrified, “Then we all have to enter St. Mungo’s!”

Young Lion and Little Snake Opinions are divided.

“Calm down,” Anna raised the pink cauldron on the front, and Fred put out the fire quickly. “At first glance, I don’t cook often. If the soup is going to be thrown out of the pot, of course, turn off the fire…” Often instant noodles Anna is the most experienced.

“…” The bubbling potion left the flame and gradually calmed down.

“Making potion is like cooking, choosing high-quality ingredients, controlling the heating time, and inadvertently inputting magic power when stirring…”

Anna picked up the soup spoon hanging on the wall I was fishing in the big pot, hoping to get any clues, “The most important thing is—add a little love. This is the most critical step to make perfect instant noodles and perfect potion…”

” Cooking is linked to potion making. Professor Snape will tear you up when she hears it,” Belinda complained and resolved the fryer crisis. She finally calmed down.

“Oh yes…Professor Snape, he is your head…” Fred’s expression was painful.

“No…Don’t mention the black bat, I feel pain in my hands when I think of it,” George frowned and shook his wrist. “We deducted nearly ten tenths a week. This is nothing. The key is to keep it. homework, copy the textbook “magic potion and potion” neatly…”

“Thirty pages of the book, not a single illustration!” twin said in unison, “Causing us to waste an afternoon copying this stupid break Book, I don’t even have time for pranks!”

It might be a good thing to reduce pranks…

“Hey, see what this is,” Anna picked up a few from the cauldron Parchment paper and a carved bracelet.

“This is Mrs. Hong Bei’s bracelet! I have seen that the purple stone above is a kidney stone from Fairy Maiden Lin, very rare!” Belinda took the bracelet with both hands, with a respectful expression.

“Fairy’s kidney stones can make the witch teacher’s skin better, so they are very expensive-the price is about the same as the new broomstick!”

“So much to spend Galleon buy a kidney stone?” George obviously couldn’t understand the beauty of women.

“hmph, what do you know, this bracelet is a high-end customized model for the extraordinary clothing store. In addition to making the skin better, it can also control hand shaking and shine in dark places,” Belinda received with both hands After passing the bracelet, “I heard that wearing it on the hand can bring luck!”

“It appears in this big pot, it means that its owner is unfortunate enough…” Fred Tucao.

It makes sense. If you’re really lucky, this bracelet won’t fall into the pot, Anna nodded, by the way, use magic to dry the parchment paper picked up from the pot.

It can be seen that these parchment papers were torn from the notebook. Fortunately, they are written in magic ink, and the handwriting will not fall off.

‘…The state of the flowers has improved a lot, and the research on potion has also made great progress. I’m having a good time here… Maybe you don’t want to hear this, after all, you should hate me very much. …’

Belinda approached with the bracelet, “Is this Mrs. Humber’s diary? Isn’t it good for us to peek at her diary?”

” How can this be called a peek? We are looking for clues…” George coughed.

“It’s not a diary, it should be something written to someone,” Anna pinched her chin.

‘…I know that your home in muggle world is a flower shop. I went to visit. Your mother is doing very well, but she didn’t forget you, but was obliviate by Ministry of Magic. In order to prevent her from being overly sad…’

‘…When chatting with her, she mentioned that she vaguely remembered that there was a lovely girl in the neighbor’s house, with two braids, wearing glasses, and especially fond of flowers, I Guess it is you…’

‘…I know that Hogwarts has very few flowers, but I can’t get into the castle, so I can only plant for you in Hogsmeade Village. I have already sent a dozen letters to the Ministry of Magic. I hope I can no longer restrict your freedom…’

‘… I’m sorry for the delay. After my store gradually became famous, Ministry of Magic began to pay attention to my letter. A lady wrote back and told me I, if you want a ghost to be free, it will take a certain amount of review time after the file is handed in…’

“A ghost from Hogwarts?” Belinda was a little surprised, “Is it Myrtle? That Mrs. Humber Is it true that the’rumor’ that indirectly caused the death of a muggle is true?”

‘…I will let a child give you this notebook, which contains all the secret beauty potion recipes I researched to treat acne. Yes, to improve hair quality…all the things you’ve ever wanted to change…’

Anna swallowed her mouth, according to the current price of beauty potion…the Galleon that these secret recipes can earn should be filled with a little Vault it.

‘… I asked Madam Puddifoot to make a wedding cake that you like very much and leave it for you (the one you threw my face at my big brother’s wedding), and put it in the Madam Puddifoot Teahouse The window, you just need to align with the cake, face the castle and step back ten steps into the wall to see the garden and see my apologies…’

‘…I still have a lot to say, but I want to apologize to you personally…but we can’t see each other again (maybe you don’t want to see me too much), I have to avoid the harassment of my big brother and the Hong Bei family who tried to get me to marry someone I don’t even know , I always want my potion secret recipe…’

‘…but you don’t need to worry that you will be targeted by them, they have no way with ghost…’

‘… The secret recipe is sold or whatever is up to you, I just hope you can know that I have always regretted calling you that nickname at the time, and then I couldn’t find you sooner…’

The four of them were a little silent, “I I think this notebook must be important to Mrs. Humber…and it should be important to Myrtle…” Fred de scratched his head.

“We have to find Mrs. Humber!” Belinda was in a mixed mood. “She might have been taken away by her big brother. Maybe we can go to the Humber family house! That old castle! Just on the edge of a cliff near here, one of the’Top Ten Tourist Attractions’, there is a hot spring next to it! I know there!”

Anna and twin looked at her in surprise, Belinda turned out Is it such a warmhearted one?

“When the time comes, Mrs. Hong Bei wrote us a thank you letter, and our house points can also increase a bit!” Belinda added, “Maybe Mrs. Hong Bei can give me a pot Beauty potion or something…”

Very good, very Belinda, “agree,” twin agreed, “infiltrate the old pure-blood house to rescue the hostages-such a perfect weekend event.”

“Not necessarily in the old house, but also in other places, we have to use owl to confirm first,” the four of them returned to the street of Hogsmeade Village through another small wooden door.

Anna blew her whistle, and a lively owl rushed out like a bullet, not knowing where it came from.

“Catherine! long time no see!” Twin greeted owl, very warm.

Catherine flew around the four people, and stopped on Anna’s shoulder with satisfaction, with emptied eyes toward twin nodded, saying, “I am barely happy to meet you.”

“Take it out,” Anna extend the hand before Catherine.

“gu gu gu!” Catherine struggled to protest for a while, but still pecked out a bracelet from her feather, which was the fairy kidney stone bracelet Belinda was holding just now.

“?” Belinda looked dumbfounded, “When…”

“It’s still so amazing! Catherine!” Fred complimented it.

“This bad problem cannot be corrected, I have given up teaching it…” Anna helpless, she shook the bracelet in front of Catherine, “Catherine, take us to find the owner of the bracelet…”

Catherine was indifferent, staring at Anna with his head tilted, as if she didn’t know what the human being was talking about.

“Half catty’high-level owl magic nut’ after the event is completed.”

“gu gu!” Catherine pecked the bracelet and spread her wings and began to work.

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