Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 111

Myrtle’s ordinary day starts in the toilet.

Yelling from waking up on the toilet, crying, combing her hair in front of the broken mirror, crying, looking sad across the young wizard drinking orange juice, crying.

Secretly observe the new handsome Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, cry softly, float to the Prefect bathroom to enjoy the luxurious hot springs, and cry aloud in the empty marble room-Myrtle.

The ugly Merpeople with beautiful long hair on the mural dropped the comb and covered his ears. Myrtle’s cry was more penetrating than the roar of the Voldebat.

‘Most ghosts may be magic creatures that survive in the world under the action of magic power and human obsession, but some ghosts are not the same, such as Myrtle in the women’s toilet on the third floor. Her composition is very large. Probability is tears’-more than one young wizard wrote this when completing the “Ghost Ingredient Research” paper.

“Look at the eyebrows I just drew,” a young wizard with curly hair and his companion walked in the corridor, “Does it look good?”

“Very good, very temperamental,” Her companion nodded, raised her hair behind her shoulders, “How about the hair I maintained with Mrs. Humber’s potion yesterday? Is it much softer?”

“Yes, I just Said Mrs. Hong Bei’s new potion is very good, and the fragrance is very unique…” The young wizard with curly hair suddenly lowered his voice and pulled his companions around him, “Hey, look!”


The curly-haired young wizard pointed to Myrtle, who was floating on the edge of the stone window, and murmured softly to her companion, “That’s her. I and you mentioned that the first floor was flooded last semester. The’crybaby Myrtle’ in the toilet…”

“Oh! Yes, I also asked Prefect about her. I heard that she has a very strange temper and she still lives in a dirty toilet. Everyone hates her!” The two joked and pushed past Myrtle, “No one wants to take care of the squeamish crying…”

Myrtle didn’t say anything. It seemed melancholy, but in fact it was full of interest. Staring extremely seriously at the little handsome brother who is chasing and playing on the lawn outside the window.

“I’ll tell you something,” the curly-haired young wizard was a little excited. “There is a girl from a muggle in the bedroom next door. When I came to school, I didn’t know that there was a ghost in the toilet. She just sat on the toilet. I saw Myrtle’s head floating out of the compartment, “Sorry, you just sat where I died’…”

“Myrtle also asked my girl if she would like to listen to her about her death experience …I can imagine how bad the scene was. The poor girl screamed and lifted her pants and flushed out of the toilet!”

“hahaha…I happened to see Slytherin who almost took Sorting Hat away. The new student stayed with Myrtle,” the curly-haired young wizard’s companion laughed.

“She must be entangled by Myrtle, otherwise who would want to listen to her? That’s too weird!” The curly-haired young wizard shrugged. “But not necessarily. Slytherin’s students already have some …Strange.”

With a flick of the braid, Myrtle quickly passed through the curly-haired young wizard and her companion, evoking two exclamations, “The person who is talking to me is not strange,” Myrtle said sharply. “The Slytherin students I know are very difficult to deal with, and they are not surprised—”

Myrtle didn’t cry this time, “Those who are biased, judge people by appearance, go to what if they don’t know anything a joke It’s strange for others!”

“What?” The curly-haired young wizard spirit slowly recovers from the fright. She was frightened by the ghost passing through her body, and didn’t expect to always cry and run away. Myrtle actually refuted their conversation this time, “You are the strangest and most annoying!” She some fly into a rage out of humiliation.

“You stupid ghost who lives in the toilet! Crying and crying all day, making our favorite Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor everyday all have a bad rest!”

” No one wants to listen to you! No one likes you! You have no friends! The only thing you can do is cry!” The curly-haired young wizard’s companion helped, but soon she was hit in the head by a round dung egg,” Whoops!” she screamed.

“When did Peeves come?!” The curly-haired young wizard screamed.

“hahaha! Troll with thick eyebrows and mop head!” Peeves didn’t know where it came from, carrying a huge beige sack in his hand, grinning grinningly and constantly taking out dung eggs from it.” Manure, you guys!”

“My hair! Hey—it’s disgusting!” The curly-haired young wizard pulled his companion and screamed and ran away.

Peeves followed two steps, and suddenly remembered something, but turned his head but did not see Myrtle.

He looked at the direction of the stairs again, shook his head, the bells on the hat jingled, did not stop too much, Peeves smiled like a’killer madman’, and continued to’chase’. ‘The young wizards of the two bad luck have gone.

Myrtle crawled down the floor to the first floor when Peeves appeared. She was so upset and even so upset when she died. She planned to let the water from the women’s toilet on the first floor overflow again to vent herself. Emotions.

She got out of the wall and quickly floated back into the wall because she was seeing Snape coming down the stairs.

Snape walked quickly, expressionless, cloak swayed behind him, and he quickly left Myrtle’s sight.

‘If I’m still alive, I should become another him, right? ‘Myrtle always thinks like this these days,’fortunately I am dead…’

Severus .Snape has grown up, from a crying child to an excellent reserved potions grandmaster.

He has almost no weakness. Myrtle sometimes secretly observes Snape and finds that he has no family or close friends. There is no one worthy of his attention in this world, and he does not care about himself. He will not be lost because of loss. Sad, because he has nothing to lose.

Snape has completely disconnected himself from this World.

Like an invisible beast who knows that his life will not be long before, they will break all relations, leave the group, choose a place for themselves that is not easy to be found, and die alone. No one will know that there is such a thing. An invisible beast once existed…

Myrtle often recalls the description of invisible beasts in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”.

She didn’t want to disappear into the world silently like the invisible beast, so she chose to become a ghost.

She was only fourteen when she died, and there are too many things to miss and want to know.

For example, what will happen to my family, will mother water the orchids she leaves every day, who killed herself, will Oliver Hombe forget herself in the end…

Myrtle came to the toilet on the first floor, vented into the toilet one after another, waved, and several faucets started to splash out, shaking his head, and the candles began to flicker.

Hua la la, the lively sound of running water echoed in the empty toilet for a while. This is the home of Myrtle. She is the queen of the Hogwarts ladies’ toilet.

The water filled more and more, and finally reached the entrance of the auditorium, “dong!” The sound of the fierce collision between the flesh and the slate floor sounded.

“haha haha ​​you are like a gibbon with a dance step curse!” The first floor began to lively.

I don’t know who released the Frozen Curse, maybe several people have released the Frozen Curse, except for a blond young wizard who roared, “It was done by a few people in red patterned robes.” Professor McGonagall who rushed over took a look, no one noticed so much—

Because the entrance to the first floor auditorium has become a brand new Hogwarts skating rink, someone bounced it and didn’t know where to fish it out The young couples who suddenly appeared did not miss any chance to show their affection. They skated on the ice and danced, and some students huddled together and crashed on the ice, trying to knock the dancing couple down…

Professor Flitwick, who was dragged by Professor McGonagall to break the spell, accidentally slipped and slipped out a long way. A group of sports boys who had just returned from the Quiddich stadium tried to’rescue’ him with a bat…


Of course, this kind of rescue operation will not succeed. The skating rink almost turned into an ice stadium. Professor Flitwick added a’Shield Charm’ to himself, lying on the ground seemed to enjoy it, “This’Frozen Charm’ It’s already a very difficult spell, and it’s really good! I’m very satisfied!” He praised it.

Professor Flitwick is a good ice hockey. No, he is a good professor. Everyone thinks so, but Professor McGonagall can’t stand it anymore. He floated Professor Flitwick with a’floating curse’.

“Oh…” sighed.

“Well, Professor Flitwick, I hope you can help me to get back to normal here quickly,” Professor McGonagall helped Professor Flitwick stand, she moved towards the crazy students greeted, “School is entertainment…Yes A place to study! Not a place for you to entertain! Calm down! Be quiet!”

“Ah, oh, quaffle was accidentally released!” Charlie squatted on the side of the box where the ball was placed. He Raising his hands, “Ah, not careful! The golden snitch is also released!”


Now the castle is completely lively.

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