Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 112

Anna entire group followed Catherine over the mountains and out of Hogsmeade village, walking slowly in the snow as deep as an ankle.

“Can owl really find someone?” Belinda was a little suspicious. She was hit in the head by the snow falling from the tree again.

“Of course!” Twin said in unison, “We also used the’owl finding method’ to help a beautiful lady in need——”

“She was wronged and was Wanted,” Fred De said, shaking his head. “Her elder sister’s boyfriend designed to harm her…Of course it didn’t work out in the end because we saved her.”

“Anna also managed to escape on the streets of London The pursuit of Auror in the muggle world!”

Belinda rolled the eyes, “It’s amazing, you guys are making more and more dramatic stories now, it’s not like Anna tamed a Dragon, etc. The logical thing…”

“But that’s also true,” George raised his hand.

Belinda patted Anna’s shoulder sympathetically, “I’m not so stupid to believe what they say.”

Anna smiled nodded, a little perfunctory, in fact, she didn’t. Hearing what the twin said just now, Anna’s attention has been on Catherine.

“Catherine…Are you sure you are going this way?” Anna frowned. They were already farther and farther away from the road. They even passed a small frozen lake and turned over two neither too big nor too small Hills.

Catherine flew over and glanced at Anna,’gu gu’ screamed a few times to vent her dissatisfaction, as if she was expressing,’Don’t say for the half-catty nuts, just rely on your and my feelings-I will too Do your best! ‘

Anna remains suspicious.

I don’t know what this place is, and it’s hard to imagine people living here from the surroundings, and it looks like a vast expanse of whiteness at first glance.

“Belinda, is the Humber family’s old house near here?”

Belinda scratched his head. “The magazine said it was in Hogsmeade village. On a cliff not far away, there is a famous’Mist Hot Spring’ next to it…I know so much.”

“When it comes to Misty Hot Springs, I heard that they have a very good service attitude. I want to take a dip…”

“Soak in the hot springs?” Fred was a little interested. “The kind of muggle entertainment where everyone squeezes in a small pool and bathes together?”

” Rude! How can you ask to take a bath together?” Belinda defended the hot spring, “magic hot spring has the effect of beautifying and beautifying, and after soaking for a while, you will feel energetic and radiant! It is helpful to clear the curse and make the soul of the wizard. Get sublimated!”

Soaking in hot springs to restore health? Anna finds it magical enough.

“gu gu!” Catherine fell on Anna’s shoulder, pecked her head, and signaled,’My mission is complete! ‘It flew away soon.

Over the hill, a Japanese-style wooden bridge that looks very solid appeared in front of the four.

The dense white fog makes it difficult to see the scenery under the wooden bridge. A wooden shelf with wolf legs walked over from the bridge. On the shelf, there was a travel booklet on neat and tidy.

“It’s kind of sweet…” George whirled around the shelf curiously, and took a copy from the top.

Used old parchment, the cover says “Welcome to Misty Hot Spring Hotel” in swashes,

“This hot spring shop has only recently opened, but it has caused a lot of A big sensation!” Belinda was a little excited.

“Why didn’t I know what was going on?” George scratched his head.

“Causes a sensation among the witch divisions,” Belinda added, “Gringotts Goblin releases the dragon, Diagon Alley fireworks, Misty Hot Springs store opened, Black Prison escape-can be put together this year I said a few major events!”


This year’s major events are really enough. Anna looks up and can see the faintly discernible Japanese-style buildings in the mist. Is the hot spring opened by the Japanese?”

“The Japanese wizard opened,” Belinda pointed to the activity photo on the first page of the booklet. The woman in the kimono curled up her hair, smiled and squinted her eyes slightly. Bow, very enthusiastic.

“This is Ms. Takeuchi, a very good graduate of the Japanese’magic institute’… I don’t know much about her, only that she came to Britain not long ago.”

” The’magic place’ in Japan? Is that the magic school in Japan?” This touched Anna’s knowledge blind zone.

“Yes, one of the eleven famous magic schools,” Belinda counted. “Britain Hogwarts, Ilvermony, USA, Magic Institute in Japan…”

“There are also Beauxbatons, where French beauties gather, and Germany’s notorious Durmstrang,” Fred De added, “Vagado in Africa, Russia also has a magic school with a particularly sloppy name.”

“And Brazil Castro… uh… what is Castro…”

“Castro Buscher, the people there are very enthusiastic,” George joined the conversation, “Oh, yes, Bill and A young wizard there is a pen pal.”

“That Brazilian pen pal once asked Owl to bring Bill a beige sack filled with Brazilian specialty’refreshed coffee beans’——”

“It’s too much, but the kind-hearted Molly couldn’t bear to undermine the goodwill of others, so we had to secretly pour coffee beans into the Pukwudgie hole…”

Anna felt like she had guessed what happened Up.

“It’s crazy,” the two said in unison, “If you want to demolition, go directly to Pukwudgie for a cup of coffee, and please save the cost of the’demolition magic team’!”

The four people walked across the bridge leisurely, and the atmosphere was so harmonious that Anna almost forgot that she was here to save someone, and thought it was some weekend outing for entertainment.

“Is Mrs. Humber really here?” Belinda looked around.

“Go in and take a look,” Anna replied.

“What if she is not here?” Belinda still doesn’t believe much in Owl’s ability to find people.

“Then let’s go to the hot spring…” Attracted the eyes of the three, Fred raised his hand, “Just kidding…”

Walk across the bridge surrounded by dense fog Later, the wooden structure building was clearly displayed in front of it, refined stone lamps stood on both sides of the gate, and the entrance was blocked by a huge “soup” curtain.

It’s very quiet, with only the faintly audible sound of spring water flowing.

“Why is there no who here?” Belinda was a little confused, she walked over to pull the curtain, “It shouldn’t be…”

The curtain quickly avoided her A gentle voice came out from behind the curtain, “I’m very sorry guests, that’s because we are open today at timeout.”

The lady in the kimono came out from behind the curtain, the young With an expression of just right guilt on her face, she bowed slightly, “Thank you for choosing our Misty Hot Spring. It took a lot of time to come here. Please accept our apologies.”

The bag, “Here are four bottles of energetic potion. We are sorry for the time you lost again.”

The little elder sister in kimono looks gentle and decent, speaks nicely, but actually does not give the entire group stay at all. I want to drive people away in a hurry.

Belinda took the small bag and didn’t know what to say for a while, “Uh…” The shrewd little snake encountered the hard-shelled pearl mussel and didn’t know how to put it down.

Anna pulled the twin and winked at them, “Plan B was useless when robbing Gringotts.”

“Ouch!” Fred fell to the ground, two Eyes closed.

“Brother!” George rushed forward skillfully, “Come on again!” They both rehearsed these two lines too many times.

The little elder sister in kimono was shocked by the scene in front of her, “This…this guest is…”

Anna stepped forward, “touching the cursed spinning needle, she will be unconscious at every turn “, she sighed, “For a while, healer was also helpless, just saying that if the curse is not lifted as soon as possible, something bad may happen, and we are all worried about him…”

” I would think of bringing him to a hot spring, because we heard that this hot spring has the effect of removing curses,” Anna said as if it were true, “This is not just a slogan, right? Is it true?”

The kimono little elder sister hesitated, “Of course it is true…but today is indeed…”

“Are you going to die?” Belinda followed the rhythm and pretended “It’s quite unreasonable”, “Then we don’t do anything else, just write a letter to “Daily Prophet” and talk about today’s affairs well!”

Belinda did a beautiful job ! Anna clapped in her heart.

“Wait for little girl!” The little elder sister in kimono took two steps back, with a complicated expression on her face. “Wait!” She quickly ran into the curtain and came out quickly.

“You are Hogwarts students, right? First Year students?” The kimono little elder sister calmed down a lot.

“No, Third Year,” George face doesn’t change.

“…” After a moment of silence, the little elder sister in kimono smiled formulaically, raised her hand, and made a welcome gesture, “Then, please help that little guest come with me. You are the only guests in this building today.”

She lifted the curtain.

“Welcome to the Misty Hot Spring Hotel.”

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