Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 113

“The Misty Hot Spring Hotel has been developing in Japan. We are steadily and steadily providing high-quality services, striving to become the part of the cream of the crop of the magic hot spring hotel.”

The kimono little elder sister from the band He took out a wand and waved it lightly, causing four pairs of cloth slippers to float over.

“Please put on your slippers and enjoy your hot spring trip,” the little elder sister in kimono paused after watching a few people move, “but I’m sorry, we can only provide outdoor hot spring service today… “

“There are not enough rooms for accommodation, and our hot spring hotel will be closed in two hours for a period of renovation and improvement.”

She bowed, The smile is numb, “Fortunately, your trip to the hot springs will be completely free of charge-it’s a little sincerity of ours. We are new here, and we still hope you can give a good comment.”

“Of course you guys too. It is impossible to stay, Hogwarts will ask the young wizard to return to school before dinner, right?” The kimono little elder sister guided and dragged Fred’s three people toward the inside.

In other words, the expression of the kimono lady is,’After washing, go quickly, don’t just stay here and delay things’.

The three open-eyed three looked at each other and followed in the footsteps of the little elder sister in kimono.

The space in the Hefeng building is quite large, but there is not much furniture. Most of the space is divided into private hot springs separated by screens.

“Are these places not in use yet?” Anna asked.

“This is the medicinal bath that Misty Hot Springs will launch, mainly for witch teachers,” the little elder sister of kimono led the way while introducing him, “Removing acne, improving hair quality or improving skin level… This will It will soon become one of the characteristics of Misty Hot Springs.”

“Is it a medicinal bath you developed yourself?” Belinda pretended to be disgusted, “Is it safe? I don’t want to take a friend to take a bath. When I was in the hot springs, I grew up with ugly acne because of potion problems!”

“Don’t worry about this,” the kimono little elder sister didn’t think too much, “The famous Oliver Humber potions grandmaster will be with We cooperate, and you must know that she developed the’purple hyacinth series’ potion——”

“Of course,” Anna nodded, “We can see her level, but you can get such a master. Spend a lot of Galleon, right?”

“This…is a trade secret, we can’t disclose…” The kimono little elder sister felt that she had said too much, so she stopped and did not continue to answer.

“Why would Mrs. Humber want to cooperate with others? She shouldn’t like too much communication, and even her own shop has to find ways to hide it,” Belinda squeezed her chin, “You guys Isn’t it a forced transaction?”

“Um…this…” The little elder sister in the kimono rubbed wand.

“Although Mrs. Hong Bei’s family is not pure blood, it is also a very old family. You outsiders shouldn’t have the guts to threaten her, right?” Anna coughed.

The kimono little elder sister stopped, inserted wand into her hair, and lifted the curtain in front of her, “The outdoor hot spring is here, dear customers and friends.”

” We have just arrived, and of course there is no ability to threaten a local potions grandmaster.” She looked towards Anna, and after considering a few seconds, she decided to inform the details. “The Owner of the hot spring hotel, Ms. Takeuchi-very optimistic about Mrs. Hong Bei’s potion products, so she hopes Cooperate with his family.”

“Ms. Hong Bei’s family is very happy, and Ms. Takeuchi’s eldest son Ichiro Takeuchi and Master Hong Bei are happy, and they are about to enter the palace of marriage today—— “

“I believe that the cooperation between Miwu Hot Springs and the Hongbei family will be closer in the future.”

The kimono little elder sister bowed to Anna entire group who walked into the curtain, “Please enjoy the misty hot spring.”

“pa,” she lowered the curtain.

“Commercial marriage,” Fred opened his eyes and stood up quickly, “It’s just forced…”

“But if it’s just marriage, Mrs. Hong Bei will tell them potion The secret recipe?” George scratched his head, “Is she still a great master…”

“This is simple,” Belinda raised her head proudly, “The advanced’Obliviate’ can tamper with people’s memory. Just plant a memory for Mrs. Hong Bei and make her think that if she and Takeuchi’s son truly love each other, then she will definitely say…”

The three of them looked at her in surprise, Beilin Da coughed, “Have you not seen the new “Voyages with Vampires” by the famous novelist Gilderoy · Lockhart?”

“No,” the three shook their heads together.

Lockhart? Isn’t this the big liar Professor Defense Against the Dark Arts that Harry met when he was on Second Year…

“You haven’t seen it! What a pity, you don’t know what you missed! “Belinda was excitedly Amway,” “The handsome and handsome Mr. Lockhart met a Vampire on the cruise home after driving away female ghosts abroad!”

“This Vampire asked for a powerful Lockhart Mr. Go to save his beloved girl-his beloved girl was changed by an evil wizard using’Obliviate’ to change her memory, completely forgetting Vampire, and thinking that the evil wizard is his lover…”

“I Only by reading his book did I know that’Obliviate’ can change memory…” Belinda scratched her head.

“What happened after that? This story?” Some dog blood attracted George’s attention.

Belinda cleared her throat, “Of course it was the brave and kind Mr. Lockhart who defeated the evil wizard head-on–“

” I thought that the girl would restore her memory, and then she and Vampire keeps on living…” Belinda shrugs. “But she suddenly fell in love with Mr. Lockhart, who saved her, and made the charming Mr. Lockhart very helpless.”

“The poor Vampire was so sad that she would never be sad again. Believing in love, vowing to never suck human blood again, and to live in the deep mountains and old forests instead of eating lettuce…”

“…” If it is true, Anna mourns for Vampire.

“This story is so ridiculous–” Fred was obviously not convinced, “You would rather believe that the man named Hart let Vampire eat lettuce than that Anna tamed a dragon “!”

“His name is Lockhart! The most powerful traveler! The walking hormone! This is not outrageous! Very logical!” Belinda akimbo, “He even won the Order of Merlin, Third Class Medal! He is also an honorary member of Defense Against the Dark Arts Alliance-“

” and won the Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile Award for the third time not long ago-by the way, he drove out Banden by a smile “Break with a Banshee!”

“The book “Break with a Banshee” tells a series of love stories that Banshee has to say because of her love and hatred, and a series of love stories he has to tell! Very good writing!”

Belinda danced her arms, “In the end, the female ghost was healed by Mr. Lockhart’s smile. She chose to leave silently and wish him behind her back!”

“Mr. Lockhart is one of the few people who attracts me. I wrote to him not long ago, discussing what kind of feelings Bandon female ghost has for him, and what kind of effect the female ghost’s blessing will have- “

Belinda was a little proud. “He wrote back to me soon and said that the questions I asked were very in-depth!”

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