Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 114

The sound of spring water hitting the rocks and dripping into the water fills the entire space, and in front of me is a huge cherry tree, full of vitality under the action of magic.

Under the cherry tree is a circle of hot springs. The water quality is good and it is hot. The hot springs emerge from the cracks in the stones on the right side and form small mists on the water surface, giving the whole outdoor hot springs more Add 1 point dream.

Looking at it makes people feel inexplicably comfortable. I want to sit in the hot spring, listen to the sound of natural running water, smell the fragrance of cherry blossoms, and enjoy the security of warm water enveloping the body…

“Excuse me, I happen to hear your conversation-I wanted to leave silently, but I still think that my appearance may be able to surprise you -“

“didn’t expect casually Wherever I go to the wedding, I can meet my loyal book fans,” said a magnetic male voice from the wooden room on the left.

“No way, I’m too famous—”

A man with golden curly hair appeared in the sight of Anna’s group. He was handsome and handsome, smiling confidently. , Showing bright white teeth like dentures.

He is wearing a multi-colored gorgeous gown with complicated ribbons. It doesn’t look like he is going to a wedding, but rather like he wants to compare the beauty of the bride.

“Luo-Mr. Lockhart!” Belinda covered her face and exclaimed, “Merlin’s wonderful fate!”

“I didn’t expect to be able to watch it here. To you!” Her scream was on her lips, and Belinda couldn’t restrain her excitement.

Gilderoy .Lockhart? Why does this liar wizard appear here? Anna is frowned, doesn’t it mean that there are no other guests in the hot spring hotel besides us?

“This Mr. Hart or something doesn’t feel good to me…” George scratched his head. “It’s like the garden Pukwudgie hid in a pile of Christmas presents and wrapped ribbons around him, ruining everyone’s Christmas. Surprise and triumphant look…”

Anna took a closer look, um…George’s description has always been so appropriate.

Lockhart smiled indifferently, and even blinked at Belinda, “haha haha, very interesting description.”

He shrugged and walked over, very relaxed It seems that he doesn’t care about anything, “Little boy, it’s not surprising that you have such thoughts. Many men are hostile to me, big or small, and I’ve long been used to—” He smiled and looked towards George .

“Usually out of jealousy, shame, and a strong lack of self-confidence,” Lockhart waved his hand. “After all, I am such a famous, powerful, and handsome Legendary wizard.”

“We are not cats and raccoons, why should we be hostile to Pukwudgie?” Fred De muttered softly.

“Mr. Lockhart is right!” Belinda clapped her hands, looking like a little fan.

“Mr. Lockhart, why are you here?” Anna asked.

Lockhart straightened out the ribbon on her body, lightly coughed, “Lovely little lady, this is also the question I want to ask you-but I’m still a gentleman, let me answer you first.”

“I was invited to attend Mrs. Hong Bei’s wedding tomorrow. I remembered the wedding time incorrectly. It arrived one day in advance. The beautiful lady in kimono arranged for me to stay in a comfortable room. “

“Mrs. Humber is the pride of our Ravenclaw house. As a Junior, of course we can’t miss the wedding of Legendary Senior Sister. If she is excited, she will come too early…”

Lockhart is curious Looked towards this group of children, “What about you? Are you here for the wedding too?”

Didn’t the little elder sister in kimono say that Mrs. Hong Bei got married today? The four Anna looked at each other.

“Yes, her mother was also a graduate of Ravenclaw, and she was in the same class as Mrs. Humber, to attend her wedding…” Anna pointed to Belinda, “But we didn’t accidentally come early, and I came here specially for this hot spring.”

Lockhart nodded, “The Misty Hot Spring is really wonderful. I even want to stay here for a while in the future to figure out how to write my adventure story into a novel…”

“But…” He took a close look at the group of children who seemed to be about eleven or twelve years old in front of him. “Which room do you live in? I have been here for a few hours without seeing other guests— —”

“The beautiful lady in kimono said that there was no open outside here and wanted me to stay in the room, but I was so bored. After all,’the free soul who loves adventure, how can he choose to stay Have an afternoon of hot tea in the comfort zone?'”

“This is what you said in “Wanderings with Werewolves”! I really like this one!” Belinda screamed as she held her small The fist wants to jump in place.

“haha haha, you remember very clearly, my lovely little reader,” Lockhart is obviously satisfied with his vanity, “I will send you a photo of my signature…”

“We met here is a kind of fate, if your family still has relatives and friends who want my signature, I just have time now, don’t let slip an opportunity, and the loss will never come!” Lockhart took out quill.

Twin feels that he doesn’t have the perseverance to remain silent when Lockhart is showing off his magical experience, “Let’s forget…”

“Please give me two…no, three autographs Mr. Lockhart!” Belinda squeezed the twin and enthusiastically took out the pink notebook, “Our family loves you very much!”

“And me!” Anna said in the twin’No! With a surprised look, he took out a lot of muggle masks, “I didn’t bring any paper, please sign it here for me… All of these must be signed. There are so many people in my family, they all like you!”

Lockhart has a lot of appeal in the witch division body. I believe the price of the muggle mask that signed his name can rise a lot.

“He he he he of course,” Lockhart is accustomed to starting’work’, “Being a celebrity is also very hard, signing countless people, replying to tens of thousands of readers and friends… “

“Sometimes when I walk on the road, I am taken by a beautiful woman to take pictures, and there are always Daily Prophet reporters who want to interview me-distressed, but happy.”

“This is The life you want,” Anna helped hand over a box of masks, and then Mr. Lockhart said to himself, “that many wonderful experiences, your life is so colorful!”

“Your kindness allows you to choose to help the poor werewolf, bravery allows you to successfully defeat the evil wizard who will be’Obliviate’, and charm and charm make you bewitched by the female Ghost God with a smile…”

“Oh yes, and Ravenclaw’s most proud intelligence, your intelligence allows you to write these experiences into one fantasy story after another…”

Excessive intelligence allows you to learn After using the superb’forgetting technique’, it would logically change other people’s memories and steal other people’s life experiences.

“I believe that people who are down to earth will take care of him,” Anna put the mask in a colorful bag. “Those who are sneaky and never satisfied, if they don’t remedy it, they will eventually welcome him. The retribution of… You say yes, Mr. Lockhart?”

“…Yes,” Lockhart reacted for a second, “Of course!”

“I most despised those who never know Satisfied person,” he handed Anna the signed mask, “I’ve always been content–“

“And down to earth,” Lockhart moved towards Anna, smiling with big white teeth.

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