Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 115

“Mr. Lockhart, do you know where the bride is? I especially want to know what her wedding dress looks like!”

Anna finally remembered what she was here for, not for soaking The hot spring is not here to participate in the celebrity meeting, she is here to save people!

Ms. Hong Bei waited eagerly for her group to save it!

Lockhart touched his soft golden hair and put away the signed quill, “Of course, I know where Ms. Hong Bei is. When I first came, I went to say hello. I had a very good relationship with her back then…”

“Of course the relationship is very good now…” He scratched his chin, “She is in the suite on the top floor of the hotel…but I don’t recommend You go visit her now.”

“Why?” George was puzzled. He frowned and looked at Lockhart. “You locked up the bride?”

” haha haha, of course not!” Lockhart raised his hands to show his innocence, “Little boy, how could we do this? And why is’we’? What does this have to do with me? I’m just an innocent wedding guest— —”

“It’s just that when I visited Mrs. Humber, I thought she looked a little confused, maybe because she was getting married and was so happy that she drank too much magic bar… She might need more rest. “

“pa,” the curtain was opened, and the little elder sister in kimono stood at the door with a tall man in a black suit. It was obviously a little surprised to see the group of people gathered together.

“Excuse me, the guests,” said aside, the little elder sister bowed first.

“Dear Mr. Lockhart, I’m looking for you everywhere,” the little elder sister in kimono bowed respectfully again, “I’m sorry to let you visit alone. There is not even an attendant to introduce the hotel. It is really us. Not thoughtful place.”

“Where,” Lockhart waved his hand. When a celebrity for so many years, he has not met such formal treatment in Britain. “I was so bored in the room that I walked out casually. , Don’t take special care of me.”

“Mr. Lockhart, you are our distinguished guest. Mrs. Young specially asks us to treat you well,” the little elder sister moved towards black clothed. The man winked and let He stood up.

The little elder sister introduced to Lockhart with a smile, “This is the attendant we sent to introduce you to the hotel, the outstanding graduate of the’magic school’ in Japan, Oda.”

“He is proficient in various combat and Japanese characteristic ninja skills. Using wand with metal film, he can carry out melee attacks on unscrupulous plotters at any time to protect your personal safety.”

This is even more insecure. ! Anna was shocked, this obviously put a killer by Lockhart’s side!

If you find something you shouldn’t know, then you’ll immediately kill your mouth—knowing that Britain wizard’s melee combat ability is almost zero!

The black clothed man lowered his head and bowed respectfully, “I am glad to serve you, Lord Lockhart.”

“Hello, Oda,” Lockhart didn’t care at all. He even cast a wink at the little elder sister of the kimono, “Is this a security measure specially prepared for me? It is so considerate, I really don’t want any crazy book fans to come and hug me anymore, thank you very much.”

Anna has already begun to admire Lockhart a little. He didn’t seem to notice anything wrong, and happily began to show off his personal charm. “This beautiful lady, maybe we can find a beautiful place to drink together. A glass of sake?” He naturally approached the little elder sister and even wrapped her waist.

“This…it is unnecessary, Mr. Lockhart, although your charm is amazing…” The kimono little elder sister stammered, but politely refused with her expression unchanged. She took a step back and Patted Oda next to her.

“Oh, I still have a job, and I have to leave temporarily. I’m very sorry-but Oda will serve you the best sake.”

“Please enjoy it slowly, “Perhaps it was Anna’s illusion that the little elder sister in kimono put down the curtain and left the room with the intention of running away.

“It’s a pity,” Lockhart looked at the group of children like Anna, and looked at the black clothed Oda helplessly, “Oda, please put the sake in my room, this group of children can’t It seems that I was the only one who drank.”

“Yes, Lord Lockhart,” Oda responded.

“You can go now, you don’t need to introduce me to the hotel, I will go back to my room right away,” he blinked, “I hope I can drink delicious sake once I go back, so please I’m back to Oda.”

“…Yes,” Oda was silent for a while, “Then I will go to prepare immediately, please go back to the room and wait,” he quickly turned and left.

Looking at Oda walking away, Lockhart suddenly changed his expression. He looked at the group of children in front of him and suddenly became serious.

“Children,” Lockhart touched the chin, “Maybe you want to be part of my adventure story?”

“Now there is an extremely rare opportunity…”

“Of course!” Little fan girl Belinda was very excited, “Are you going to write us into your novel?”

Better not, Anna spit in her heart.

“Yes, yes, there is a good opportunity now,” Lockhart took out a bunch of keys that looked very new. “Just now, that beautiful kimono lady accidentally dropped a Bunch of keys…”

“I want to give it back to her, right,” Fred de interrupted, “Of course the kind-hearted Mr. Lockhart would choose to do this.”

“If it’s normal If you do, I will,” Lockhart shook the key, “but this time is different, I hope you can take this set of keys to the suite on the top floor to have a look…”

“Mrs. Hong Bei’s room Anna tilted her head, “Why? This is not something a good guest of etiquette should do.”

“This is part of the adventure story,” Lockhart looked like it when he analyzed it carefully. It’s a Ravenclaw. “I think there is something wrong with Mrs. Hong Bei——”

“When I saw her, she was delirious and she shook hands with me with the right hand… In fact, I felt strange at the time, Hong Mrs. Pei has always been a left-handed person. I saw that she used her left hand when making potion…”

“I also specially studied the potion made by left-hand right hand. Will magic power be different? It’s different-so remember it clearly.”

Lockhart shrugged, “Well, this can be explained by her being drunk, but the attitude of the attendants at the Misty Hot Spring Hotel towards me is really intriguing. It’s…”

“I found out that I didn’t stay in the room obediently, so I took my bodyguards to look for them everywhere, just like I was afraid that I would accidentally discover their secrets when I was running around in the hotel…”

“Um…maybe they will add life and death water to the sake, and then change my memory to make me think that I am here tomorrow…” Lockhart nodded his head, looking thoughtful.

Very skilled, Comrade Lockhart! Anna’s evaluation of Lockhart silently went up a notch.

“Great Mr. Lockhart, why should we go to Mrs. Humber?” Belinda asked the key question. At this time, she was sober and she would never be charmed. The man swindle said, “This may be another exciting adventure, won’t you join us?”

“Cute little lady,” Lockhart laughed, “I have to go back to the room and drink sake, they Arranging Oda by my side is to monitor me. If I find that I am not in the room obediently, then Oda will use his metal-plated wand to attack me…”

“Oh, maybe you will I think it would be extremely dangerous without my great adventurer by my side,” Lockhart waved his hand and took out a bottle.

It was a small transparent bottle that looked a little old, filled with silver potion, “This is a bottle of invisible potion, I dug it…obtained when Biden drove away female ghosts. Drink it and you can be invisible for about 15 minutes, which is enough for you to figure out what is going on here…”

“I only hope you can go to Mrs. Humber’s room to have a look, and then use owl to write to you. Just what happened to me,” Lockhart smiled.

“It’s best when we meet again, I will write you in my story.”

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