Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 116

“Deal,” Anna took the glass bottle and looked at it carefully. The invisible potion is hard to see.

The beautiful silver liquid, with finely shattered flashes melted at the bottom of the glass bottle, and some small bubbles continue to rise, and then burst open on the surface of the liquid.

Anna has never seen the sale of invisible potion in the potion shop of Diagon Alley. Only Knockturn Alley will have one or two bottles locked in the highest window.

It’s not that potions grandmasters don’t know how to do invisible potion, on the contrary, the method of making invisible potion can be seen everywhere, even some children’s books have mentioned it.

‘…Add a pound of finely ground sugar and simmer for ten minutes. When the full moon is empty, add the third eyeball of the deep-sea boneless fish. After two minutes, add one liter of Australian protein eye saliva and keep stirring. This process takes three hours (automatic stirring cauldron is recommended)…’

‘…Wait until the potion turns black and emits an extremely unpleasant stench, then add a small piece (about one The size of a pinky fingernail) the fur of the invisible beast…’

‘…Put the potion in a can and seal it and bury it in the underground with ample magic power. When a small black flower grows out, then congratulations, the potion is made successfully… ‘

‘… If a brightly colored flower grows in the buried potion, then I’m sorry, all your precious materials have been wasted-you did not succeed in making an invisible potion, but luckily Yes, you got a huge magic mine with formidable power. ‘

Making invisible potion requires a very high level of potion, but it is too unsafe. The powerful potions grandmaster has a good life and there are many ways to make money, so he is not willing to take a risk at all.

Moreover, the’invisible beast’ fur used in the invisible potion is also difficult to obtain on the market.

Mainly because with the continuous efforts of Mr. Newt, the protector of magical creatures, the’invisible beast’ has become a key protected magical creature. The Ministry of Magic has a special’magical creature protection department’ for These docile and rare animals are protected.

All the above reasons have caused the invisible potion circulating on the market to be extremely rare.

In this way, Lockhart is really inhumane. A bottle of such a precious invisible potion can be handed out to a group of children so easily!

“Use whatever you want,” Lockhart waved his hand, looking indifferently.

“A word of experience, you must be fully prepared for the adventure, otherwise you will encounter all kinds of things that make you messy…”

He paused, “but Sometimes it’s useless to prepare too much. After all, when you’re in the forest holding a bubble pod and nervously guarding against Troll, who knows that the next second who will jump out of the grass will be a werewolf of baring fangs and brandishing claws. What?'”

“You wrote this in “Wanderings with Werewolves”!” Belinda is really a fan of Lockhart, and she feels that she remembers every word in Lockhart’s book.

She tweaked and added, “There is a small mistake in the book. There is a dialogue. You mistakenly wrote your name as a supporting role.”

” I remember it very clearly, because the supporting role was an ugly old wizard…” Belinda scratched his head, “Actually, I never quite understand why he chained himself.”

“Actually, I too I don’t quite understand why he did this,” Lockhart was moved. “But my lovely little fan, you really watched carefully…”

“Almost forgot…what is your name? I swear , I will leave you a good place in the new novel.”

“My name is Belinda, Belinda Shafiq! Mr. Lockhart!” Belinda jumped up, “I want to Go back and tell everyone in the family about it-it’s an honor to join your story!”

“I really like your story! Every one!” she screamed.

Lockhart smiled brightly, trying to ignore the tightness of his heart.

It’s been a long time since I met such a serious reader. She would recommend her book to others, and maybe she would carefully study word by word, so serious that she could find unremarkable mistakes in the book.

Actually, Lockhart deliberately wrote that mistake. He would open every letter from his readers and read them carefully. There were tens of thousands of letters from readers. No one found this obvious mistake.

70% of the letters from these readers are sent by female fans. They are generally over 30. The words’handsome’ and’glamour’ appear in almost every letter they send. appear.

Twenty percent are sent by some male wizards who are jealous of themselves. This part is usually mocking their hair style and clothing, or raising illogical doubts about their own stories.

Nine percent of the messages were sent by werewolf, because he had beautified the story in “Wanderings with Werewolves” too outrageously, and accidentally made up a “restoring humanoid curse” ‘In the end, the werewolf regained his human form in the story…Many werewolf believed it to be true and hoped that they would be able to save them at all costs.

The remaining one percent are real readers, and Belinda, a small little girl, is the most serious one among the one percent real readers.

“All your experiences! Every place you have been, everyone you met, ghost, werewolf, and magical creatures, are all told by you that are particularly interesting!”

“It’s really amazing, Mr. Lockhart, what a legendary thing it is to have such a life!” Belinda stared.

“Yes…” Lockhart wanted to proudly show off his own experience to Belinda, as he always did, but he failed to do it, and finally fell silent.

Smiling and waving to Anna entire group, “Children, I wish you success in your adventure, and owl contact.”

Lockhart turned and left.

His most serious readers like his stories, but they are never his—Lockhart suddenly felt a little sorry.

The first time I used Obliviate to try to change the memory of others, the emotions suddenly flooded again.

Guilt, self-disgust, and a strong sense of discomfort.

Lockhart walked out of the room and walked a bit along the wooden corridor. He stopped and was silent for a while by himself, then took out the wand and pointed at his head.


He shook his head, his smile put on his handsome face again, and Lockhart saw Oda standing not far away.

“Oda!” Lockhart greeted enthusiastically and confidently, with a mouthful of his big white teeth flashing in the light, “Are you ready for sake? A rare opportunity, why not accompany me for a couple of drinks!”

He patted Oda on the shoulder, “I don’t know how much you drink?”

“I can still accompany you for a few drinks,” Oda concealed his strength, and replied respectfully and politely. Moved towards the suite behind Lockhart.

“haha haha, let’s try it,” I just don’t know if the effect of mixing sake and’life and death water’ is as good as beer.

“We should act!” At the same time, in the outdoor bath, Anna raised the bottle of invisible potion.

“Less than an hour,” George stroked his chin.

Fred De began to do preparatory activities, “It seems that our’fastest prank’ time record will be refreshed again.”

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