Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 117

In the empty wooden corridor, the portrait of a geisha dancing with a fan is hung on both sides, and the antique vases are placed on wooden brackets in the right place.

The little elder sister in the kimono who hosted Anna was waving wand, floating the gorgeous silks piled on the ground, and hanging them artistically on the wooden beams.

‘I don’t know if Ms. Takeuchi is right or wrong to do this, can Ichiro marry Oliver Hongbei really get happiness…’

“Oh…” Little elder The sister sighed, a little distracted, a careless, silent curse was out of control, and the floating silk was about to fall.

“ゆっくりと亞う!” A magnetic male voice sounded, and under the action of the Japanese version of the Levitation Curse, the silks floated again, “Misa, it’s dangerous to be distracted.”

“Ichiro!” The kimono little elder sister Misa was a little surprised, but suddenly thought of something, the smile on her face was suppressed again, “Cough, Takeuchi-sama, I am very grateful…”

“See you What are you doing outside?” Takeuchi Ichiro held Misa’s neck intimately, “Just call me Ichiro, didn’t you always call me that?” Misa blushed and avoided, “Master Takeuchi Today is someone who has a wife, and I will pay more attention to my behavior in the future…”

“Marriage…” Speaking of marriage, Takeuchi’s frowning brows can kill ten flies, a little silent, he I waved my hand, as if I wanted to leave this thing behind, “A long time ago I was not opposed to commercial marriages, and even prepared psychologically, but I never thought that a bride would have to be used as’Imperius Curse’. Temporarily control…”

“She doesn’t want to marry, I don’t want to marry, there is another person in her heart, and I too…” Takeuchi Ichiro stared at Misa with fiery eyes.

Misa felt that her face was about to burn, “Takeuchi-sama…” She shook her head, “but… Mrs. Takeuchi would not agree…”

Mother, what Ichiro Takeuchi wanted to say, and finally sighed, “Tonight, the famous “Memory Master” of Magic will come from Japan with a “portkey”——”

“From then on, Oliver. Hong Bei will lose and change many important memories. He thinks that he and I have been married in Japan and will hold another wedding in Britain tomorrow…”

Misa bowed her head.

“Oliver Humber would think that she has been in love with me for many years, she will have a part of the memory of studying abroad in magic, she will remember making lunches for me every day, knowing that I don’t like to eat Nori, oh, she will still remember to sprinkle water carefully on the ground while cleaning—”

“Because I know I’m allergic to dust,” Takeuchi Ichiro paused, “Then the template for these memories comes from Where is it?”

“From my diary,” Takeuchi Ichiro looked at Misa with wide-eyed lifts the head, “I recorded it, and your daily life.”

“Ichiro…” Misa shed tears.

“Misa…” Takeuchi Ichiro hugged the kimono little elder sister Misa.

The scene was filled with pink bubbles for a while, and the blood and warmth flew together, and the atmosphere was just right.

“bang!” The antique vase first couldn’t stand the dog food, and chose to jump from the table to commit suicide.

“Who is there!?” Takeuchi Ichiro held wand in front of him, protecting Misa behind him, but there was nothing in front of him except a broken antique vase.

“Strange…” Takeuchi Ichiro wanted to walk up to the fragments to take a closer look, but was held by Misa, “Let me do it.”

Misa soon discovered that it was the vase. The legs of the shelf were damaged, causing the entire shelf to tilt to one side, “It’s okay, but the shelf is a little damaged…”

She waved wand, so that the vase fragments on the ground quickly glued together.

“Silent curse, your magic is still so powerful…” Takeuchi Ichiro sighed.

Misa picked up the restored antique vase and lowered her head. “Fortunately, I found that the shelf is damaged now. If it disturbs the guests at tomorrow’s wedding, it would be no good…”

“Misa…” Takeuchi Ichiro took Misa’s hand, but was quickly freed.

“Go and accompany the bride, Takeuchi-sama,” Misa smiled formulaically, like a smiling machine without emotion, “I wish you a happy wedding.”

“I What are you doing to meet the woman who was casted on’Imperius Curse’!?” Takeuchi Ichiro raised his voice, he was a little angry, “You—”

“Quickly get out of here, Takeuchi-sama,” Misata When Ichiro Takeuchi said, he still smiled, “Otherwise, I will be the next person to be casted by Imperius Curse.”

Ichiro Takeuchi left angrily.

“He’s here, he’s here…” Invisible Fred fumbled for his companions, grabbed and ran away.

This is one of the drawbacks of the invisible potion. After drinking the invisible potion, the companions can’t see each other. Just now, it was Belinda who accidentally squeezed Anna after eating melons, which led to the tragedy of suicide in the vase.

“Are you still there?” Belinda whispered, “Don’t leave me alone…”

“I am,” George replied, “Where are Anna and Fred? “

“They were here just now…” Belinda pouted her lips akimbo, but no one could see them now, “I thought you would look after them!”

” Your Royal Highness Belinda, I don’t even know where they are, how can I look after them?” George was speechless, and George was more willing to go to the garden Pack Pukwudgie than to stay alone with this little ancestor.

“Then use the telepathy between you and Fred de twin!” Belinda urged with her small fist, but no one can see it now.

“Telepathy?” George rubbed the temple, “If there is telepathy… then we only need to review half of the knowledge to easily get good results in the exam…”

“Really!?” Belinda was shocked.

“We don’t have telepathy!” George helpless touched the chin, but suddenly thinking of something, he took out a pair of exaggerated glasses and put it on, “I can find them!”

This is thanks to the cloak of Aunt Muriel.

Meanwhile, Anna and Fred are climbing the stairs fast, exhausted gasping for breath.

“We seem to be separated from Belinda and George…” Anna frowned.

“It’s okay. George is still wearing Luna’s glasses. I just have a piece of Aunt Muriel’s cloak on me. They will find us.”

“That’s good… There isn’t even an elevator…too bad…humane…” Anna vomited.

“Anna…Why don’t we…not use your…Levitation charm?” Fred De leaned on the wooden handle and panted.

“School-age young wizard left…After Hogwarts, you can’t use magic…I don’t know how Ministry of Magic monitors…it’s not easy to find loopholes…”

” When the time comes to recruit Ministry of Magic, things will be big. You said that our juniors sneaked out of the school. If Professor McGonagall found out, how many house points would be deducted?”

Why not tell the Ministry of Magic directly about Mrs. Humber’s kidnapping…If this is told, how could Anna kidnap Mrs. Humber to see Myrtle? And Anna doesn’t really believe in the pure-blooded style of Ministry of Magic…

Fred shivered, trying not to let Professor McGonagall appear in her mind, “Then let’s keep a low profile… “

“Invisible, go upstairs, find Mrs. Humber, who has been enchanted by the Ecstasy, stunned, invisible—” Then turn it into a teddy bear, bring it into Hogwarts to see Myrtle, and the task is complete.

Anna each minding their own business is nodded, “Planning!”

“dong dong dong ——” Someone has already started knocking on Mrs. Hong Bei’s room before Anna and Fred De. door.

“Open the door, Oliver…” Takeuchi Ichiro frowned and knocked on the door. Seeing that Mrs. Hongbei was not opening the door, he tried to use the lock opening spell, but failed. Obviously the door was used. ‘Anti-Unlocking Curse’.

Ichiro Takeuchi, who does not know how to pick the lock, began to circle the door anxiously.

“Why is he… faster than us?” Fred was so tired that he was lying on the armrest.

“Probably used Form Displacement Shadow…” Anna helpless.

“For such a short distance…you must use Form Displacement Shadow?” Fred was obviously choosing to forget that he also proposed to use the’Anna Levitation charm’ just now.

Fred, panting, pondered, “Maybe…He is a weak chicken who doesn’t exercise often?”

Anna feels reasonable.

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