Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 118

Invisible Anna took out a brick from the blue floral bag.

Because no one can see the rough scene of Anna lifting up the brick and using the’Stupefy’ (physical), so she moves neatly and directly hits a crit.

“Uh…” Takeuchi Ichiro groaned, rolled his eyes, and fell straight on the ground’lying dead’.

Fortunately, the defensive power of the wizard’s physical attack is quite strong-combined with the fact that Neville was accidentally dropped from the second floor by his uncle when he was a child and survived miraculously, this conclusion can be drawn.

Fred Toku squatted down and sniffed Ichiro Takeuchi, “He’s still alive!” That’s amazing!

“Wait when I pry the door open, let’s go in and control Mrs. Humber, then drag him in…” Anna looked at the lock of the wooden door in front of her. It was very good. It happened to be the skill of picking the lock. Can be cracked within the scope.

Anna drew out the card for a while.

“ka-cha,” Before Anna could pick the lock successfully, the door opened by itself.

A beautiful woman with healthy black skin, white wedding dress, long linen hair and dull eyes. Oliver Hombe stood at the door and almost ran into Anna.

Just a little bit, Anna controlled herself, otherwise the conditioned reflex would go up with a punch.

It seems that today is Ms. Hong Bei’s lucky day.

Fred Toku covered his mouth and stood up from Takeuchi Ichiro. He couldn’t see where Anna was, but he could see Mrs. Hong Bei moving towards Takeuchi.

“pa,” Mrs. Hong Bei fiercely kicked Takeuchi, her eyes regained a bit of light.

“I know, shoddy invisible potion,” she moved towards the extremely faint silver light air and said, “I am Oliver Humber, a potions grandmaster, no matter who you are or why Here, I will give you the secret recipe of my potion and take me out of here.”

After Hong Bei finished speaking, he hit the wall and passed out.

Anna and Fred De swallowed their saliva at the same time, hard enough.

Be aware that Mrs. Hong Bei is Imperius Curse. According to the popular science of a senior in the snake house in the common room, “The cursed person will be empty for a while, and then suddenly feel extremely happy…being a victim When immersed in happiness, the spellcaster can give orders…’

‘…Unless the willpower is very firm, or has been resisted by too many times of “Epilation”, the general wizard can’t resist this Imperius Curse’s…’

‘… But the victim is not that absolutely does not have the opportunity to release Imperius Curse control by himself — every spell has its drawbacks, and the disadvantage of Imperius Curse lies in the fact that the spells are against the use spell Humans have extremely high requirements for magic power, and they need to be focused all the time when using spell…’

‘How can a person stay focused 24 hours a day? Unless the person who uses spell is not a person! ‘

Anna and Fred Toku carried Takeuchi’s shoulders and dragged the pitiful person back to Mrs. Guan Hongbei’s room.

Fred after some groping, he found a metal-plated wand from Takeuchi with stickers of seven dragon balls on it. It seems that the collection of seven dragon balls could not make Takeuchi. Realize your wishes.

“I can’t tell that this is a wand at all…” Fred took the thing in his hand and danced, listening to the sound of metal breaking through the air clicking one’s tongue in wonder, “This thing is playing My head must be painful…”

“We can temporarily hold Takeuchi’s wand just in case,” Anna thought about the plot of the original work. After the underage Voldemort killed someone with his uncle’s wand, he smoothly killed someone. He threw the pot to his uncle.

Killing is a bad thing and cannot be imitated, but Anna feels that this skill of shaking the pot can be learned.

I just don’t know if Ministry of Magic’s magic power tracking method has been improved and innovated after so many years, but it’s always right to hold Takeuchi’s wand to prepare with both hands.

I looked at the poor Ichiro lying on the ground, the rumpled dress, the huge bag on his head… Anna finally found out in her conscience that it was a little too much to knock people out and then take away wand,’whatever He is also a Dragon Ball fan. ‘

‘Being a fine line, you will see each other well in the future’, adhering to the principle of being a man, Anna touched the chin thought for a while, took out the parchment and began to write.

Fredde poured an invisible potion on Mrs. Humber, then put on a teddy bear ring, and found that it couldn’t work at the same time.

The two of them thought about it and felt that it was too inconvenient to move around with a tall beauty who was nearly 1.8 meters tall, so they decided to turn Mrs. Hong Bei into a teddy bear.

gloomy sinking wooden structure building, the damp breath permeates the air——

In the empty corridor, the sound of several people’s footsteps faintly heard, floating in midair The weird bear doll.

A little maid who came out of the kitchen just saw this weird scene, her hand holding the plate suddenly clenched tightly, her body stiffened, and she started to suck in a cold breath.

Japanese ghost …No, it’s more appropriate to call wraith, but it’s not as friendly as Britain ghost. I don’t know if this terrifying teddy bear is from Japan or Britain. The wooden door closed.

‘I didn’t see anything,’ she muttered in her heart.

“What’s wrong with Ai?” The kimono little elder sister Misa put down the empty hip flask she was holding, and walked over from the other side of the kitchen. “Aren’t you going to send afternoon tea to Mrs. Hong Bei?”

“Uh, Misa’s elder sister! I’ll go right away.” Xiao Ai put the tray aside, making a long shape with her hands, and looked at Misa imploringly, “But before that, I can Can’t you give me a blessing first? I don’t think I’ve had good luck recently…”

“Ai, “Actually, my luck is also not so good… But Misa couldn’t refuse the look of the lovely younger generation’s pleading, so she left. Come here, the right hand takes the wand to do a slashing action, and separates the long strips drawn by Abby, and mutters, “Yun が 来る (good luck).”

“Okay,” Misa Pai Pat Xiao Ai on the shoulder, “Pull yourself together and work! The blessings have begun to work!”

Xiao Ai still doesn’t want to go out of this door, she blinked, “Misa elder sister, before I also learned a blessing magic when I went to the pink shop in Hogsmeade village. Would you like to try it?”

“Well…Is it the Madam Puddifoot tea house?” Misa smiled and looked towards her face. Seriously Ai, his hands also made long strips, “What is your blessing?”

Xiao Ai took out the wand and broke the long strips of Misao’s hands. “Get off the order soon.”

“I don’t know if Misa’s elder sister has someone she likes?”

“…” Misa smiled bitterly, “hahaha, thank you for your blessing…” She didn’t want to continue this topic, “to No, I will go with you to send refreshments to Mrs. Hong Bei?”

“That would be great!” Xiao Ai was excited, “Thank you Misa, elder sister!” As expected, luck became better. !

“ka-cha,” Misa opened the door and went to Mrs. Humber’s room with Ai.

At this time, George and Belinda had just climbed the stairs to the door of Mrs. Humber’s room, panting heavily.

“Are they…are they…still in the room?” Belinda fanned her fanlessly, and she didn’t need to care about her image of a lady anyway with the invisible potion.

“Should…have already left…along the corridor…” George wore’Luna glasses’ and looked around. He could see a multicolored mark entering the room and coming out, walking in the other direction of the corridor. .

“Then we…don’t enter the room, just go find them…” Belinda continued walking along the corridor with her arms folded and panting.

“pa,” the voice of the Form Displacement Shadow sounded, and a lady wearing a’expensive at first glance’ kimono appeared in front of George and Belinda.

Her hair is curled up, a flower made of gold is inserted, her eyes are squinted, and she looks smiling. In fact, people can’t see her mood and can’t figure out what she is. What to think.

She looks very ordinary. This ordinary lady looked at the door lock and approached Belinda. The oppression on her body made Belinda dare not breathe, she held her hand to her mouth.


The lady wrinkled frowned and turned her head strangely and looked towards the direction where George was.

“Ms. Takeuchi!” The kimono little elder sister Misa’s voice suddenly sounded. She ran from the other side of the corridor and pulled Ai to bow.

“Misa,” Ms. Takeuchi turned her head back, nodded slightly, “and Xiao Ai…”

She looked at the refreshment floating behind Xiao Ai, “You come here Looking for Oliver? Just arrived?”

“Yes, Ms. Takeuchi, what’s wrong?” Misa bent over, while Xiao Ai’s head-down costume did not exist, Ms. Takeuchi too terrifying Up.

“Someone has been here,” Ms. Takeuchi pointed to the wooden door.

“Maybe Takeuchi-sama, maybe he came to see the bride…” Misa replied.

“Ichiro can’t pick locks,” Ms. Takeuchi knocked on the keyhole, “There are more scratches on it.”

“The entire hotel is sealed off,” Ms. Takeuchi went straight to the ground. Da ordered, squinted and smiled, “Whoever knows about this, don’t let him leave.”

“Yes,” Misa pushed Xiao Ai, “Xiao Ai, Hurry up and inform others!”

Xiao Ai nodded quickly ran away.

“Ms. Takeuchi,” Misa stood beside Ms. Takeuchi, “Shall I open the door?”

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