Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 119


Misa fumbled for the key on her body. After not finding it for a long time, Ms. Takeuchi gradually wrinkled frowned.

“I…I remember that I brought it with me…”

Belinda swallowed and was a little nervous. She took out Lockhart from her pocket and came to Misa. Key.

Moved with difficulty, gently placed the key in his hand on the ground.

The invisibility time is running out. George is paying attention to the situation in front of him nervously, and he also noticed the key that suddenly appeared on the ground.

Anna is not here. With her and Belinda’s battle strength, she absolutely can’t beat these two powerful Japanese wizards. Maybe she just tried to take out the wand, she would be violent with a metal-plated stick. Knocked out.

The sirens in his brain that George had trained for years of mischief were ringing wildly. He looked for something on his body that seemed to be used to escape, and the bottle he received from Gringotts was going to stinks, or The stinking’anti-thief waterfall water’ seems to be useless now…

Thick potion class homework? No use…

Dung eggs? Toad’s eyeballs? There is also Percy’s wool socks…He is silent.

Well… the situation is getting more and more dangerous.

“Your key fell on the ground.” Ms. Takeuchi found the key on the ground and pointed to her, “Why are you so careless?”

“I’m so sorry…” Misa Marie After bowing, she walked over and picked up the key in a low voice, “Why did she fall in this place…”

As soon as the kimono little elder sister Misa squatted down, Belinda felt bad, bad. , This distance is too close…

Meisa moved her nose, as if she smelled a familiar perfume, “Is it the smell of purple hyacinth?” ‘She raised her head, vaguely saw some silver glitter in front of her eyes.

“This is…” Misa grabbed Belinda by the ankle. Is this Mrs. Humber?

Belinda almost screamed. She covered her mouth and straightened stiffly, pretending to be a piece of invisible wood, she didn’t dare to breathe.

“What’s the matter?” Ms. Takeuchi looked over, “What’s the problem?”

Misa was silent for a moment, “It’s okay, Ms. Takeuchi, I just think I’m too careless. “

If Mrs. Hong Bei escaped by herself, wouldn’t Ichiro need to get married?

Misa released Belinda’s ankle, took the key and walked over and opened the door. It seemed that she didn’t grasp anything, everything was normal.

Ms. Takeuchi looked at where Misa was squatting, turned her head, and walked into the room.

As soon as you enter the door, you will be in the living room. There is little furniture and you can see through it at a glance. No one. She walked to the bedroom and even opened the wooden cabinet. No one, Ms. Takeuchi stepped out of the soft carpet. With a sound, I anxiously came to the toilet door.

She opened the door and saw her son lying in the bathtub with a big bag on his head. Ms. Takeuchi was about to squeeze the toilet door handle.

“Ichiro!” Misa rushed over and found the parchment in Poor Ichiro’s hand. “Ms. Takeuchi!” She glanced at the contents of the paper in a panic, and her voice trembled.” Here is Zhang…”

Ms. Takeuchi didn’t wait for Misa to finish her words, and grabbed what was in her hand.

’…I’m Oliver Hombe, a legal wizard protected by the Britain Ministry of Magic. I will protect myself through legal means. The Imperius Curse you cast for me belongs to the “Three Unforgivable Curse” ‘One, when I escape, you will all enter Azkaban! ‘

‘…This man named Takeuchi Ichiro was cursed by me. In a month, he will gradually change, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, eating flies, learning frogs, and finally become a man forever Little frog, but I’m not as inhuman as you are. I will tell you how to crack it——’

‘This curse can only be cracked if Takeuchi Ichiro marries and lives with someone who truly loves each other, but you guys Does a heartless person really know what true love is? ‘

‘Do you think Imperius Curse can trap me? Hmph, remember one thing, pure love fighters are invincible! ‘

“…” Ms. Takeuchi held the parchment fiercely. Although she couldn’t understand the last sentence, it didn’t affect her anger.

“Very well, I wanted to raise the sheep for a long time to squeeze the wool…” Her voice came from between her teeth, “But now it looks like we have to slaughter the sheep.”

” Grab Oliver Hombe, lock it up, and pour her Veritaserum when the time comes, ask for a recipe to turn her into a toad forever!” Ms. Hongbei pulled Misha away from Ichiro, “Move fast! “

“By the way, force her to lift this ridiculous curse on my son!”

“Yes…” Misa was tossed and sat on the ground, she hurriedly held the bathtub Get up and hurried out of the room.

She fumbled to the location just now, but she couldn’t find the trace of the’invisible wood’. Misa was silent for a moment, and “Disapparation!” disappeared in the corridor.

Anna and Fred De, who have successfully returned to the outdoor hot spring, found that the entire hot spring has begun to be under martial law. There are several large wizards similar to black clothed Xiaotian, and they are not to be trifled with. Wandering within.

Fred backed his head and closed the wooden door, “Why haven’t they come, George?! Merlin running wild! The invisible potion has expired, right?”

Anna is holding her wedding dress The black teddy bear frowned. The situation is really bad…

“Let’s go find them!” Fred made up his mind.

“Wait first, look at the status of these black clothed persons. They are still searching, indicating that they have not found anyone yet,” Anna touched the chin, “We better believe Belinda and George now, Wait for these black clothed persons to receive new news before they act…”

“The best case is that George and Belinda avoid all battles and make peace with us.”

“What about the worst-case scenario?” Fred De swallowed.

“Walking to a conspicuous place, the invisible potion suddenly failed and was surrounded and plunged into desperation…” Anna scratched her head.

“It shouldn’t be such bad luck…” She comforted.

Fred is even more disturbed when he is holding head.

At this time, the invisible potion of George and Belinda failed, and they were walking cautiously through a corridor. In front of them, two’extraordinarily strong’ black clothed men were fishing and chatting in the corner.

“Ms. Hong Bei escaped?” The man in the plane was bored eating a plate of sunflower seeds, chatting with his companions.

“Xiao Ai said that Ms. Takeuchi discovered the anomaly…” The pumpkin head companion grabbed a handful of sunflower seeds.

“That is, he hasn’t escaped yet.” The man on the plane head threw the melon seeds to the ground and screamed, “What are we doing here stupidly? The gates are closed, and that many take high over there. The so-called’senior employee’ with a high salary is guarding, how could she escape?”

“Still have to pretend to be…” The pumpkin head companion scratched his head, “Well, we also get the salary? “

“I am a muggle. My parents are social animals. When I was a child, I thought I would be a social animal when I grew up. Then I suddenly found out that I was a wizard, but it made me happy–” There is no god, and there is no way of looking happy.

“I entered the magic school, got a scholarship, and graduated with excellent grades. Later I found out that I entered the magic society. I was not a pure-blooded self. I had no money and no introduction. With a smile, you have to use honorifics to everyone…”

“I thought it would be different with magic, but in the end-I became a social animal…” The plane-headed man smashed the melon seeds vicissitudes of life , Gradually the melon seed shells piled up on the ground.

“Who is different? We are exhausted here, those who are pure-blooded all day Huo Family property, enjoy the benefits brought by the descent… alas…” The pumpkin head companion patted the plane’s head. Hair, “Life still has to go on…”

“…” At this time, the two pure bloods were sneaking past the wall in a low-key manner.

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