Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 120

Belinda and George cat waist, look tense, light movements, like two stylishly dressed garden Pukwudgie, sneaking into other people’s home stealing socks.

“Pureblood is not only knowing to spend money…” Belinda couldn’t help but whispered to George, “I have to remember a lot of things every day, who is pure blood, who is half? -blood, what kind of complicated relationship does anyone have with whom…”

She pouted, “My previous bedtime stories were “The Office Murder Guide. Children’s Edition”… just a little pure- The blood family does not pay attention to children’s education, which will lead to the misunderstanding of “ignorant and incompetent” to us…”

“Hmm…” George’s expression is subtle, it sounds like he and Fred De seems to be the second representative of’ignorant and incompetent’.

They have never heard any bedtime stories about murder. The lovely Molly Molly talks about “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” most of the time. set”.

“Toadstool Stories Collection” is a wonderful book, most of which is adapted from various old stories, including the’wizard and jumping pot from Shion Pidou ‘.

Its author, Ms. Brocksum, adapted it according to her own ideas, trying to “fill the pure brains of children with healthy and happy thoughts, so that their sweet sleep will not be disturbed by nightmares.”

‘…The bouncing pot cracked and the small refined red lips laughed, and the beautiful little feet painted with colorful nail polish bounced. It invited the children to come around and taste what it just produced Tempting candy…’

‘… I’m full of my belly! Jumping the pot-this beautiful golden cauldron yelled, while jumping around, using clean feet to distribute candies everywhere, the funny actions made the surrounding children all hehe giggled…’

Fred and George didn’t laugh when they heard this story when they were young, and even almost vomited out dinner.

“Oh…” Suddenly remembering this story, George’s stomach tumbled.

That’s awful–

“?” The man in the plane head heard the voice and looked towards his companion in surprise, “What? I’m not doing well recently?”

“What?” The pumpkin head turned his head to stare at him, “I thought it was the vomiting sound you made from eating too much…”

The two turned around, bowed their heads, and met the stiff George and Belin. Up to the eye.

“You guys…”

“pa!” The dung egg that George threw was in the middle of the two black clothed men’s big faces. He pulled it while the two roared and cleaned it. Belinda quickly fled the scene.

“What’s the matter with you?!” Belinda’s heart jumped out.

“It’s all about jumping the pot!” George was a little upset, they could have avoided unnecessary pursuit, “and “Toadstool Stories”!”

The two abducted After passing a corner, I successfully avoided the black clothed duo of fish-finding, but was blocked by the little elder sister in kimono in front of me.

Misa stared at them with a surprised expression. She opened her mouth slightly, “Why are you here?!”

“We…we came out to find something to eat!” Belinda quick witted in an emergency, came up with a universal excuse, “I’m hungry! I didn’t see the maid…”

“You…” Misa helpless, suddenly realized something, she started to get a little anxious, “Guests ! Now there is a special incident in the hotel——”

If Ms. Takeuchi finds out… these innocent children may be implicated by the escaped Mrs. Hong Bei, the kind-hearted Misa, frowned, “You must leave as soon as possible. !”

“But we have to meet our companions first!” George and Belinda were anxious to fly out of the building right away and stay far away.

“Where are they?” Misa did remember that there were four children, and she just wanted to find them as soon as possible.

“It should be not far here…” George wearing Luna glasses was not sure, but he still made a judgment based on his instinct.

“…” Misa felt that things were complicated. She had to find two children running around in the martial-law hot spring hotel, and she had to take them out quietly…

But the most terrifying problem facing right now is not finding someone—

“pa!” Ms. Takeuchi’s figure appeared at the end of the corridor, her facial muscles twitched, and she could barely be seen smiling.

This smile is more ugly than Ron ate a chili pepper, and George wanted to complain, but the weird feeling on the woman made him unable to speak.

“Misa…” Ms. Takeuchi came over, “What did you find?”

Misa swallowed and blocked the two children without showing a trace, “They It’s a guest who came to the hot spring today…”

Ms. Takeuchi slapped Misa and knocked her to the ground, “I said that? You are not allowed to receive guests today…Who gave you the courage? Are these cockroaches coming in?”

Misa covered her face and lowered her head, “I’m sorry, Ms. Takeuchi, Ichiro Takeuchi…”

“Very good, very good…” 1.7 meters The fourth Ms. Takeuchi patted Misa on the shoulder and pinched her chin, forcing the 1.6-meter-two beauty to lift the head, “Do you think I am dead?”

“Of course not! Ms. Takeuchi…” Misa was panicked.

“Then this family has no turn to talk!” Ms. Takeuchi pointed to the weak and helpless Belinda and George, “Get them both! Use Obliviate!”


“Takeuchi…Ms….” Misa slowly pulled out wand, her expression struggling.

“I see.” Seeing Misa’s performance, Ms. Takeuchi’s smile suddenly became amiable. “You entered the Misty Hot Spring shortly after graduating from the Magic Institute. By virtue of the student relationship with Ichiro, you directly Become a senior employee…”

“I gave my son face and didn’t say much,” Ms. Takeuchi stared at Misa, “For the sake of your normal work, I’m still I can give you a smile…”

“But it doesn’t mean that you, an employee, can resist my orders here.”

Misa pressed her lips and was silent for a while “Ms. Takeuchi, I have never performed amnesia on others, and Obliviate will cause serious damage to the memory of the young wizard, I…”

“Ai, now the magic graduates are really a generation It’s worse than a generation,” Ms. Takeuchi interrupted Misa and shook her head, “I can’t do things simply and have more thoughts, then let me teach you…”

She took out and spread it out under the light. The gold-plated wand with a rich breath, pointed at Belinda, “Let’s start with you, little cockroach.”


A white light was emitted from the top of the wand , Ms. Takeuchi covered her head, “Ah!” She screamed ugly, then rolled her eyes and fell to the ground and passed out.

The sudden change shocked everyone present, especially Belinda, she just thought she was going to become a little fool who could not remember anything.

The head with golden hair popped out of the corner.

“This is the most comfortable time I have used Obliviate for so many years,” the familiar voice sounded.

“Mr. Lockhart!” Belinda screamed with excitement.

“Mr. Lockhart?” Misa crossed Ms. Takeuchi’s’corpse’, “But…Oda is not…”

“Oda?” Lockhart smiled happily and saved the most serious The memory of the little reader, he is now happily from the bottom of his heart, “Oda slept soundly…”

Oda tried to put life and death in Lockhart wine. Due to his lack of experience, he mixed the sake like sesame seeds. Fuzzy, Lockhart saw through.

Lockhart pretended to be drunk, knocked the “sesame paste” over, and then took the opportunity to add life and death water to the Oda cup, shaking it gently, almost invisible.

Unfortunately, Oda was recruited, and now he is dreaming about lying on the carpet and talking in his sleep.

Don’t say anything else, just look at the medicine and the use of Obliviate-Lockhart has quite some experience.

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