Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 121

February 5, 1989, Sunday, at a little closer to noon, at No. 8 Nuzhen Road, Xiaohuijin District, Britain, Anna rushed to lunch with Ginny as usual. Fred took advantage of Ron’s attention and ate him. George’s dessert pudding was planted to George-smoothly triggered the seventh food war…

“hehehe!” Ron’s relatives and roommates, Anna’s lovely younger brother, Aiwen, has a face on his face. Root noodles, slap hard, he likes to watch the excitement.

A small meatball happened to hit Harry’s glasses as he opened the door.

“Aiya!” he screamed, and Mr. Mighty got out of Harry’s collar untimely and began to clean his nostrils, making the scene chaotic.

Ginny joins the battle.

The food war is intensifying. The hot sauce and peas are flying together, and the thick soup is the same. Anna missed the opportunity. The chopsticks did not get faster than Ginny’s little hands, and the last piece of meatballs covered with hot sauce was broken.

Fred Germany won a big victory and escaped the chaos by hiding under the table after leading the battle.

“Clean the pack!”

The seventh food war ended again with Lena’s smiling threat, and the No. 8 Privet Road restored the short-term calm of the past.

“I’ll go out to buy some things and bring you good food. During this time, I must stay at home!” Ms. Linna moved towards a group of bear children at home, and closed the door.


After a lively pack, Anna sat on the edge of the fireplace holding Snow. She was not full and drunk. She listened to Ron’s foul. -Mouted and twin, you look at me and complain to each other.

“I blame you all, my cleaning skills are almost at full level! I can be a qualified house elf at any time!” Ron lay on the sofa, unloved.

“Don’t say, you always look like a house elf,” George tried to snatch the remote control in Fred’s hand. “Hey! Okay, we’re watching football this afternoon!”


“That’s because I forgot to have a talk show today…” Fred de flexibly raised the remote control.

“Pink Panther! Pink Panther!” Aiwen patted the pillow, clamoring to watch the children’s show.

“Hey! The weather forecast hasn’t been finished yet!” Ron jumped up from the sofa and joined the battle for the nice weather forecast little elder sister.

Anna looked away and looked at the happy Ginny and the silly Harry. Looking down, she saw Harry’s socks, which were still the handmade socks Ginny gave.

Noting Anna’s hesitant gaze, Harry hurriedly explained, “I wash it every day and then dry it in a dryer…” Harry scratched his head, “If you don’t do this, this The weather can’t do it…”

“I also helped Aunt Petunia bake the clothes together, and she didn’t talk about her damn expression, and screamed’Harry? You are helping the house. Baking clothes?!’It’s more shocking than seeing me using magic!”

“It’s like never seeing me doing housework. I really don’t know who made the omelette they eat every morning…” Harry twitched his lips.

He paused, then smiled, “But it’s worth mentioning that Aunt Petunia’s family won’t ask all sorts of questions to me after I get home. They think I and you Staying together will help me become a normal muggle…”

Anna showed a motherly smile.

“The boxing coach you found for Dudley is really good,” Harry nodded his head hard, “Dudley everyday all came back exhausted, sometimes with a blue nose and swollen face, I fell asleep on the bed, there was no time to bully me That’s it!”

“But I’m afraid that he will be trained, maybe ten of them are not enough for him…” Harry became sad again.

“I won’t let this happen!” Ginny patted his own chest, “No one can hurt Harry Potter!”

“Thank you Ginny!” Harry Hug Ginny, “You are such a reliable friend!” He quickly ended the hug, without paying attention to how Ginny was almost dead, and hurriedly joined the boys’ fight for the TV remote control——

“I still I thought you would watch’TalentContest’, a very interesting variety show. Some people’s talents are more amazing than magic!”

Several people laughed and clamored, and the remote control seemed to be a golden snitch. It doesn’t matter what channel you watch, and holding the remote control in your hand is called victory.

The TV is constantly changing channels,’beautiful mother tells you how to cook’,’handsome uncle teaches you to fish easily’,’why does an eighty-year-old woman cry in the middle of the night’,”Welcome to the art gallery ‘…

“…Next is a group of children’s programs arranged by the party. First, they will perform-Shi Fengshou speed algorithm…” The beautiful words came from the TV.

The living room fell silent, “Huh?” Ron first reacted, “Isn’t this the language Anna sometimes speaks?”

“What is this?” Fred General The remote control was hidden, and he coughed. He looked at the sign in the upper left corner. It was the smiling Q-shaped portrait of the old wizard. “Why haven’t I seen this channel before?”

“You didn’t watch it. There are so many channels!” Ron tried to move Fred’s ass away to find the remote control.

George scratched his head, “What is this lady talking about?”

“Wait!” Anna yelled, what did she realize, this…this is the Spring Festival Gala? ! She abruptly got up, da da da ran back to the room upstairs and found the perpetual calendar under a jumble of magic books.

Yes! Today is New Year’s Eve!

A group of young wizards downstairs have been attracted by the show.

“What are they talking about?” Ginny tapped on the TV, as if thinking that a tap on the TV would translate Chinese into English.

“I don’t know, it seems to be playing a…game?” Harry also tapped on the small TV.

Anna ran down, her face full of excitement, “They are doing math problems, mental arithmetic, God! Sister Ju Sister Ping! Sister Ju Sister Ping is still such a young Sister Ping!”

Anna thought with excitement, her eyes gleaming with excitement, “This is the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala! It must be a live broadcast! The time difference between Britain and China is nearly eight hours–it’s about eight or nine o’clock in the evening over there now!”

“Spring Festival?” Fred looked towards Anna’s excited face, “I remember you said…you want to make dumplings, eat glutinous rice balls…and red packets…”

“Yes! And get together to watch the Spring Festival Gala!” Although no relatives could watch the Spring Festival Gala with Anna before, she would still stand alone in front of the huge TV screen, waiting for the countdown to end and the fireworks exploded .

“I always,” Anna was a little embarrassed and felt a little naive, but this wish has existed for a long time, “I have always wanted to watch the Spring Festival Gala with my family and friends… but never had a chance…”


all around for a moment of silence, Gryffindor patted his chest, “Then we will come to see the Spring Festival Gala?”

“Since we are going to watch the Spring Festival Gala, then…by the way Year?” Anna proposed.

Everyone started to take action.

Ginny took out the Coke from the refrigerator and poured it on everyone, then went to the kitchen to make popcorn, and drew the curtains to create a night atmosphere.

Ivan helped Anna cut the blessing characters, and then watched Anna use the copy curse to turn the blessing characters into a pile, Harry and Ron were clamoring the house to paste the blessing characters.

Fred and George went upstairs and changed into red sweaters. I don’t know where they found the lanterns. They went to decorate the garden. Cat Snowdon looked around and looked like a leader of acceptance. , Directing everyone to complete their work.

“Hoo–” After all the work, everyone returned to the small TV beside the fireplace. Not long after sitting down, Lena came back and brought back an old man whom no one knew.

“My dears, why do you put colored lights outside in this big day?” Lena scratched her head, “fortunately you didn’t mess up the house too much…”

She looked at the “New Year” decorations in the whole room, “Um…it’s very warm…well,” Lena invited the old man in and introduced to everyone, “This is Mr. Bo I met on the road. My car broke down halfway, thanks to the kindly Chinese Mr. Bo I can come back so quickly—”

Lina pointed to the black car parked outside, “So I invited him to eat in the afternoon. Refreshment.”

“Hello, Mr. Bo!” Anna greeted the Asian-faced Mr. Bo.

“Mr. Bo, don’t you watch the Spring Festival Gala with your family?” Anna held a Coke, a little confused.

“What?” Mr. Bo reacted for a second, “Oh! Yes, uh… they are already watching it, I can watch it here…”

Anna frowned, This Spring Festival Gala is just to watch with his family…Forget it, maybe he has his own difficulties, “Come and sit here, Mr. Bo!”

Mr. Bo smiled and sat on the sofa with a smile. Joining the children’s team, Lena opened the cloth bag in her hand and said, “Children, I’m sorry that there are no donuts today. My car broke down in Chinatown, so I went there and bought some dumplings and steamed buns. …”

“Mr. Bo said the dumplings there are very delicious,” Linna took out a box of delicious dumplings, “Then let’s try it!”

Britain, Magic world, a lot of people gathered in front of the TV, coke, popcorn, eating dumplings, and watching the Spring Festival Gala.

Anna feels like she is dreaming.

Fireworks exploded on the TV.

“Are we going to say something at this time?” Ron had Coke in one hand and dumplings in the other.

Anna laughed, “At this time, we are going to raise the cup…”

“Happy New Year!”

In the new year, everything wins meaning.

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