Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 122

“Ms. Takeuchi?” Misa squatted and shook Ms. Takeuchi’s’corpse’. “Mr. Lockhart…she can still wake up, right?”

“Of course,” Lockhart very Confidence, “And she will not only wake up, but also forget what happened just now—”

“As long as you don’t deliberately remind her.”

“This is the best way. What I will not say,” Misa stood up, “I have to send you to a safe place first…”

“And Anna and Fred!” George was a little anxious, he didn’t want to leave his brother and The friend left alone.

“Send you to a safe place and I will come back to find them,” Misa extends the hand, “Quickly, you guys grab my hand!”

“Anna is here , They’ll be fine!” Belinda grabbed Misa and grabbed George with her other hand. “We can’t do anything by staying here now!”

George was persuaded.

“Mr. Lockhart! Please take my hand!” Misa urged her to stand aside and reminisce about Lockhart as she had just used spell.

“Huh?” Lockhart scratched his head. “Me too? Get out of here? Ms. Hong Bei’s wedding tomorrow…”

“There is no wedding!” Misa interrupted Lockhart. “Ichiro will not marry Ms. Hong Bei, because Ms. Hong Bei is too self-willed. Just now, she and Ichiro had some small disputes. Angrily knocked out Ichiro and ran away in a hurry!”

“I’m sorry to have lost your precious time and let you see such a farce,” Misa extends the hand, “Please forgive me, when the time comes, the compensation will be sent to you by owl.”

“Huh?!” The bride and groom had trouble the day before the wedding? Still that famous lady Hong Bei! Lockhart didn’t expect to be able to eat such a large melon, he didn’t care about the problem of compensation or compensation.

He grabbed Misa’s hand and said, “It’s so polite, I’m not completely unrewarded…”

Seeing how many people held her, Misa quickly read , “Disapparation!” The four disappeared in the corridor, leaving Ms. Takeuchi sleeping alone on the floor’lying dead’.

“Why can’t they come yet?”

“It’s over…” Fred Delai turned around, “Are they arrested?”

“Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous, these black clothed persons outside are still quiet…” Anna lifted the curtains and carefully observed the outside world.

As soon as Anna finished speaking, riots started outside.

“Attention! Ms. Takeuchi was found lying unconscious in the hallway! Attention everyone! The Ms. Hong Bei you are going to face is an offensive and strong potions grandmaster!” A black clothed Person ran over nervously.

“Enable Level 1 alert!”

“Ms. Takeuchi fell?” Fred Toku was a little surprised, “Hey! George and Belinda are both pretty awesome! This one! You can fall down!”

Huh? What is the situation now? Anna was confused, she saw the little elder sister in kimono wearing exaggerated Luna glasses walking towards the outdoor hot spring.

Why are the glasses on George in her hand?

“Quick! Fred! Let’s hide!” Anna took Fred and hid in the locker room beside her, thanking that the invisible potion was still on her body.

Misa, who used Disapparation to bring a few people outside the hotel, took the glasses in George’s hand and embarked on a journey to find the bear child.

She followed the trail to the entrance of the outdoor hot spring. Fortunately, the two children should have not been found…

Preparing to open the curtains, “Misa Young Lady!” Two The’senior employee’ came over and said, “We haven’t checked this…”

“Just leave it to me, you can go to the gate and watch it,” Misa blocked the entrance and took the glasses by the way. Collect it down.

“But it is said that Mrs. Hong Bei is very dangerous…” a black clothed person with short hair suggested, “Or let us search together…”

“I believe I can handle…” Misa still wanted to refuse, but it aroused the suspicion of two black clothed persons.

“Of course, we believe that Misa Young Lady can deal with these small problems, but we should act together in special times.” The black clothed person with short hair smiles. If Ms. Hong Bei is here, the credit will not be given. Misa took it.

“Misa Young Lady is so difficult…is it possible that is there any secret hidden here?” The long-haired black clothed person thought more, with a meaningful smile on his face.

“I heard some idlers chewing their tongues and saying,’Misa Young Lady is very easy to become a senior employee manager, and Ichiro Takeuchi’s secretary, there must be some secret…’ I don’t believe it at all, Misa Young Lady is obviously promoted by ability, right—”

“But, is there really any secret? Maybe this’secret’ is hidden here?” The long-haired black clothed person looked curious. And pure expression.

“No,” Misa sullenly, slightly frowned. It’s not the first time she has met someone targeting herself like this, but the timing of the targeting was a bit bad…

The long-haired black clothed person walked around Misa and chuckled lightly, “We’ll see if there is any. Seeing is believing, so that we won’t spread some weird rumors…” She raised the curtain.

The black clothed person with short hair smiled at Misa and followed in.

“hmph…” Misa squeezed her wand, but she endured it and walked in.

Three people entered the house, two black clothed persons started searching frantically, changing rooms, cherry blossom trees, lounges, and even climbing a small waterfall, infiltrate hot springs… unexpectedly nothing.

Misa copied her hands and stood aside, “Did you find any secrets?”

“Hmm…” The long-haired black clothed person was not reconciled. Although she didn’t find anything, she thought there was It’s so tricky, she doesn’t show up on her face, “Misa Young Lady, of course I have always believed that you have no secret…”

“Misa Young Lady, I just wanted to find Mrs. Hong Bei from the very beginning,” short hair The black clothed person hurriedly put aside the relationship, “I have never felt that you are in this position by strength…”

“Well, you guys go out,” Misa frowns hurried people, “I’ll be here again Look carefully, lest you miss something.”

The long-haired black clothed person stood and didn’t want to move.

“Why? Didn’t you find this area already?” Misa’s tone was tough, “I hope you will remember that you are a senior employee and I am a senior employee manager.”

“The more three words mean that we are different now,” Misa patted the shoulder of the long-haired black clothed person, her face gloomy, “Looking at me usually smiling to the guests, bowed and apologized, yes Didn’t you create the illusion that anyone can bully me?”

“Of course not, Misa Young Lady,” the short-haired black clothed person quickly pulled the long-haired black clothed person, “I’m very sorry. We will leave now…”

“Misa Young Lady, we’re just guarding outside the door,” the long-haired black clothed person bowed, concealing the hideous expression on her face, this woman…isn’t she just relying on her face Did you get to this position? What are you proud of? I really want to tear off her beautiful face…”Prevent someone from escaping from it.”

Misa waved her hand and watched two black clothed persons exit the outdoor hot spring. She quickly put on her glasses and searched. , The trace extends to the lost and found office in the locker room.

“?” Misa yelled softly, “Anna, Fred? I have sent the other two children out! Where are you?”

“How did you meet Theirs?” appeared out of thin air in a boy’s voice.

“They were found by Mrs. Takeuchi right in the corridor. Fortunately, Mr. Lockhart appeared in time and hit Mrs. Takeuchi with Obliviate. I have taken them all out.” Misa didn’t know where to face her head. , “The glasses that the boy child gave me, said that you can trace your aunt’s hair cloak.”

Invisible Anna put down the brick in her hand, and felt that the little elder sister in the kimono is still quite acceptable. Letter, “How did you take them out?”

“Disapparation,” Misa extends the hand, “Hurry up and grab me, I will take you out now! Mrs. Hong Bei escaped, and the entire hotel is now During the martial law, you can’t get out from the main entrance…”

“That’s so thankful,” Anna picked up the teddy bear in the lost and found pile, and replaced the brick in her hand with wand by the way. Just in case, “Do you mind if I bring my teddy bear?”

“Whatever you bring, you two should grab my hand!” Misa just wanted to send the trouble quickly Get out.

“Form Displacement Shadow!”

Unable to succeed, the three of them stood in place big eyes staring at small eyes.

“Huh?!” Misa was shocked, she took out the wand and tried it, but found that it still didn’t work, “What’s the matter?!” Suddenly realized something, she wrinkled frowned , “It’s over, Level 1 alert is activated, and senior employees can’t use Form Displacement Shadow…”

There is very little invisible potion left. It is difficult to avoid the black clothed person outside, Anna touched the chin , “Perhaps there is another way out here?”

“Vents? Dog holes? Sky and underground, secret passage?” Fred had a glimmer of hope.

“This…” Misa thought, she looked at the hot spring under the cherry tree, “The drainage pipe can go directly to the large lake outside, but the entrance is too narrow for people to get in. Ah…”

“Can’t you blow it up?” Fred found a drain in a crack in the rock, which was very narrow.

Misa scratched her head, “Um…but I won’t be able to produce explosive spells…”

“I can do this-kimono little elder sister, will you whisper a curse? The one that can make the voice smaller?” Anna took out a dirty folded cauldron from the blue floral bag.

“I can whisper a curse, so that the voice in a certain range can be reduced, so that the maid does not affect the rest of the guests when cleaning…”

Misa looked at Anna with some doubts She used the fire fold to make a fire, and then put the cauldron on the fire. It seemed that the potion was suddenly boiled, “What is this doing?”

Anna took out a bunch of unfathomable mystery from the blue floral bag Potion materials, including horned slugs that are about to turn into water, a few cockroach feet, few house elf hair, Goblin’s regretful tears… even extravagantly, adding a few drops of drool from Ms. Dragon.

Fred De threw in a few toad eyes, one of Ron’s gloves, and even wanted to throw a dung egg, but Anna stopped it in time.

“Merlin’s beard!” Misa looked at the potion in the cauldron and soon began to bubble evenly, the liquid turned into golden-yellow, and it exuded a seductive aroma—— “Is this going to explode?!”

“Yes,” Anna and Fred hid in the locker room holding the bear doll, “Quickly cast a whisper curse!”

Misa swallowed her saliva, completely didn’t expect potion to have such an effect. She took out wand and pointed at Cauldron——


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