Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 123

The golden-yellow potion rolled more and more violently.

Successful potion in a pot requires the producer to have a clear purpose, and appropriately choose medicine ingredients of different attributes, so that they can be integrated with each other and restrained each other. When stirring, there should be no too ups and downs. Input The right magic power can only be produced at the right time.

To make a potion that fails, it’s much simpler. Put in confusing medicine ingredients, input inappropriate magic power, and put dirty clothes and dirty pants inside. , Stir without thinking, and even curse a few swear words.

Everyone likes to study’how to make a good potion’…

Anna covers her ears, hides behind Fred De, watching the explosion in front of her, Misa’s whispering curse is very difficult to deal with, such a spectacular explosion has only a small sound.


The hot golden liquid splashed all over, and the poor folded cauldron was blown up to the bottom of the pot, but it also showed that the potion exploded well. .

A huge hole was blown out of the drain, and the hot springs went out frantically.

Anna is very satisfied with the results in front of her. Maybe’how to make the formidable power of the potion fryer bigger’ is also a very good research topic.

If Belinda is definitely going to complain again, “Professor Snape probably doesn’t want to admit that you are his student…”

Shocked, Misa closed her chin and she moved towards The two children waved, “Quick! Move fast!”

Fred De holds the teddy bear in one hand, and pulls Anna out of the drain with one hand. The smell is strange, it’s dark, almost nothing can be seen, it’s hot. Filling up the small drainage pipes gives you the feeling of a sauna.

Fortunately, the Takeuchi family of rich and imposing made the drainage channel quite spacious, perhaps because they were afraid that when Troll came to the hot spring, he would rub the boss’s mud and block the water pipe. The size here is just enough to make people bend. Reluctantly pass through at the waist.

“光が现れる!” Misa read spells, and the top of the wand began to glow, and the three of them could barely see the situation ahead.

Stepping in the hot spring that reached their knees, Anna and Fred De followed Misa for a while, and came to a place with stairs.

“Here should be the garden outside the hotel. It is already not in the control area. Form Displacement Shadow can be used.” Misa extends the hand, “Take me!”

“You will be fine, are you?” Fred De grabbed Misa’s hand. “Suddenly such a big hole appeared in the outdoor hot spring, would they suspect you? Think you let Oliver Hombe go away?”

Misa shook her head and smiled on her face, “Don’t worry about me. I still believe in my own repair and cleaning curses. I believe them—including those senior employees who believe oneself infallible will not find it strange. Yes.”

“Are you not afraid that Ms. Hong Bei will use this passage to leave?” Anna looked towards Mei Sha.

“Ms. Hong Bei… Ms. Hong Bei can leave if she can. She shouldn’t get a false memory, living in a life that was prepared for her by others…” Misa paused, “Please forget Take what I just said, little guests, let me take you out.”

“Form Displacement Shadow!” Misa waved wand.

This time the spells came into effect, and the three of them went directly to the hill not far from Hogsmeade village, and they could see the pink smoke from the chimney of the Madam Puddifoot teahouse from far away.

“I have to go first. The other two children stay with Mr. Lockhart. I believe you can find them,” Misa added. “If there is a large group of women around-Lockhart Mister is probably there…”

This is a good way to find Lockhart.

Anna Chao Misa waved, “Goodbye little elder sister!” Thanks to you, my kidnapping plan can be implemented smoothly.

“Thank you very much! I wish you all the best as you drank a blessing potion!” Fred de hugged the teddy bear and waved.

Misa smiled nodded and quickly disappeared in place.

Anna and Fred moved towards Hogsmeade village and set off, “Let’s go to Mrs. Humber’s shop first!”

“Yes, maybe George and Belinda are there Waiting for us.”

The two quickly found the hidden wooden door of Mrs. Hong Bei’s beauty potion shop. When they passed the’Sweet Duck’, they found that there were not many people in line, but the Madam Puddifoot teahouse was out of people. Unexpectedly, there are many fewer guests.

“Go back to school! I heard that an ice rink suddenly appeared on the first floor!” A young wizard ran over excitedly to grab his companion.

“Skating rink? Are you sure?” His companion was a little confused.

“Yes! Just now my roommate used the news that owl brought me, and Professor Flitwick also played ice hockey himself!”

“What?!” The young wizard’s companion showed interest. , “Then you have to see it!”

Anna and Fred de swiftly came to Mrs. Humber’s small wood house.

“George—Belinda?” Fred started looking as soon as he entered the door. He looked under the table, in the closet, and even picked up the cup on the table to try to find something.

Anna opened the door of the wood house leading to the garden.

“Hey! Hello! Little girl,” Lockhart’s big white teeth appeared again, and he spread a tender yellow plaid picnic cloth on the ground, crushing many purple hyacinths.

He is sitting leisurely on his knees, trying to make a wreath.

Anna secretly took out Takeuchi Ichiro’s “Dragon Ball wand” to guard Lockhart’s Obliviate, and nodded to him, “Mr. Lockhart, are you here to ask us what happened to Ms. Hong Bei?”

“Um…she escaped from marriage, I already know this,” Lockhart scratched his head, “Is there anything else I don’t know?”

Then you don’t know much “Ichiro Takeuchi, Mrs. Hong Bei’s fiancé and the elder sister who brought you out, seem to be childhood sweethearts. Ichiro Takeuchi doesn’t like Ms. Hong Bei at all.”

Lockhart was a little surprised and exaggerated. I covered my mouth with a melon-eating expression on his face, “This is a bit crazy…”

“There are even more amazing things. We went to Ms. Hong Bei’s room with an invisible potion and found that she was in I am Imperius Curse!”

“What?!” Lockhart exclaimed.

Anna paused for a while, admiring Lockhart’s shocked chin expression, “It turns out that Ms. Hong Bei did not marry Ichiro Takeuchi voluntarily, but was controlled by her family and Ms. Takeuchi and forced to hold the wedding——”

“If Ms. Hong Bei did not escape, then tonight, a “memory master” from Japan will change Ms. Hong Bei’s memory. In this way, Ms. Hong Bei will think she is Takeuchi Ichiro’s childhood sweethearts stayed by his side…”

Lockhart swallowed.

“In this way, Mrs. Hong Bei will unreservedly cooperate with Misty Hot Springs to jointly develop the key project of Misty Hot Springs, “Medicinal Bath”.”

Anna shrugged,” It is such an evil story. The Takeuchi family completely defied the laws of Britain Ministry of Magic, kidnapped the legal wizard recognized by the Ministry of Magic privately, and used Unforgivable Curse…”

“It’s incredible…” The plot of the novel was unexpected, Lockhart said to himself, a little lamented.

“Hello dentures…no, hello Mr. Lockhart,” Fred put the teddy bear on a rocking chair and came out of the wood house.

“Hello…” Lockhart was suddenly inspired. He threw the wreath aside, took out quill and quickly recorded something in the notebook he carried with him.

“…” Anna noticed the garland thrown on the ground and the horrible garden, and suddenly remembered her mission—it seems that the integrity of the garden is closely related to the reward of the mission, and her heart is tight.

Don’t let the garden integrity be less than 30%…

“Where are Belinda and George?” Fred De looked around.

“Saving those withered flowers,” Lockhart pointed to the twisted wall that Anna had repaired. “I really don’t know how Ms. Hong Bei repaired such a strange and ugly wall, and this beautiful The sea of ​​flowers doesn’t match at all.”

“…” I tried my best, Anna scratched her head.

Open the system, Anna found that the [Wall] task showed that the garden’s integrity was 36%, relaxed, fortunately.

Next, you only need to bring the’Hong Bei’ teddy bear to the garden to complete the task.

Anna picked up the teddy bear on the rocking chair of the wood house.

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