Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 124

I just played out the ending of cyberpunk temperance, and I feel a little sad. This ending is different from what I imagined. So poor I need some time to adjust my mood so that I can pack my luggage and drive out of the night city. By car, head to Hogwarts in Britain.

There is also a small probability that this car will not go to Hogwarts…

Due to the steam Spring Festival discount.

Maybe I have to struggle to get out of the good life in Stardew Valley, escape from Detroit with two bionics, detect a serial kidnapping and murder case, and realize what another soul is in my body Such a feeling-to return to the magic world.

During this period, I have to take time to help a special pair of “wolf” brothers cross the border to Brother Xi in Mexico, and save my good friend Chloe through the super power of reversing time.

Not to mention how much Ye Naifah and Triss’s White Wolf, who are both scouting at the same time, hope to start again and end in one.

I’m so busy.

I still miss the family of five in Sims who just gave birth to twin.

To sum up, stop for a day.


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