Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 125

We haven’t waited for Anna to walk out of the small wood house. To be precise, she was just one step late.

Belinda’s happy cheers came from the garden, “Huh—finally clean up the weeds, the garden is much more beautiful now.”

“Said Maybe Ms. Hong Bei can give me a few more bottles of potion if she is happy,” Belinda muttered, taking off the rubber gloves from her hands.

Anna’s system sounded a reminder, [Eating melon task: wall, task fulfillment conditions are judged successfully, Oliver Hombe’s garden integrity: 29.7%.

What? Anna was in a daze and stepped into the mud puddle at the door.

[Wall: task completed, ending B reached; task reward: reaction power +50, open side task:’purple hyacinth’]

[purple hyacinth: Oliver .Hong Bei is making atonement, for Myrtle’s death, and for her own stupidity-she used a wall to isolate the outside world and created an apologetic purple hyacinth garden. She was so guilty that she hid in a small garden isolated from the outside world and planted flowers. , I hope Myrtle can forgive her one day.

But in fact, Hong Bei has forgotten one thing-an apology always has to be said in person before it is possible to be forgiven. But now, the Purple Hyacinth Garden can no longer convey sorry, so is Hong Bei ready to face Myrtle?

Task content: Persuade Oliver Humber to meet Myrtle (currently 40% probability of success), read Hong Bei’s hidden diary (optional), and return the kidney stone lucky bracelet to Hong Bei (may Optional)

Task reward: Memory +100, unknown]

George found Anna holding a teddy bear and stepping on his right foot in the mud pit, with a dazed look, he extends the hand Shook in front of Anna’s eyes, “Hey! Anna, are you okay?”

Not so good, Anna glanced at the cart that George was pulling behind, which contained a pile of weeds, of course it seemed More hyacinth seedlings that have not bloomed yet, “Um…” Anna sighed, “I’m fine…”

She handed the teddy bear to George, “The last time we went to Gringotts, you picked up the guard Is there anything left in Thieves Falls?”

“Of course,” George took out a dirty Coke bottle in a bag. “Here,” he frowned, “This is the water.” The smell is too big, you can smell it through the bag, it smells like Percy’s socks!”

Why compare with Percy’s socks? Anna took the bag and scratched her head, she opened the bag, “George…Did you prank Percy again?”

“Um…” George really touched the chin and thought seriously, “You are Means to tie Pukwudgie dressed up and put it in his quilt?”

“Charlie did it!” Fred came out.

“No…not this,” Percy was so pitiful, Anna shook the bag, “Did you hide Percy’s socks secretly?”

“Let me see… “Fred Dee walked over and glanced at his pocket. He quickly retracted his head. “Oh…it seems to be something like this…”

“It’s just a long time ago,” he quickly added To.

[Percy’s lucky socks: Weasley Family’s third child has a pair of socks. These socks have been with him since he was very young, whether it’s during a lively birthday or being After teasing, while hiding in Pukwudgie’s lair and crying, these light blue socks are always fit enough with magic’s help, so that Percy can feel at ease-no matter what happens, as long as he wears these socks, he will have the strength to move on. Row. Achievement conditions: find Percy’s lucky socks (12); task reward: reaction power +50, ventriloquist +10, unknown]

The task is really getting too much… Collect Horcrux, forget it, anyway Hufflepuff’s Cup , Ravenclaw’s crown is still very high, but what’s the matter with Percy’s socks…

“Hey! Percy’s smelly socks!” George picked up the branches on the ground and took out the socks. , “My dear buddy, didn’t you mean buried in Hagrid’s pumpkin patch? Why did you hide me here?” He looked towards Fred, and Fred looked away.

“Cough,” Anna coughed, “How come there is only one sock?”

George looked at her strangely, “Of course there is only one! If both are gone Percy might not know that he lost his socks—”

“You only find out how precious it is to own a pair of socks if you lose one,” twin said in unison.

“Okay…” It seems that the other sock should still be in Percy’s hand. Anna took the Coke bottle out of the bag, took the branch and put the sock in, “Lent me this thing Use…”

Belinda approached keenly, “I saw it!” She frowns pointed at the bag in Anna’s hand, “Don’t even think about opening this thing in dormitory, it’s best not to Throw it in the common room, or I will tell Professor Snape!”

“Our dungeon common room is still built at the bottom of the lake. It is a miracle to be able to ventilate!” Belinda stared at Anna warily “I’ll stare at you, don’t think about pranks…”

What kind of bio-chemical weapon is this sock? ! Anna scratched her head. Isn’t her image in Belinda’s eyes similar to Hobby’s mischievous twin?

This is not in line with the cold personality that she is trying to establish…

Belinda noticed the wedding teddy bear that George was holding, took a look, and then quickly. She covered her mouth, leaned closer, and took a closer look, “This…it…”

“Don’t look, it’s Mrs. Humber,” George said quickly, but it was actually Want to see Belinda’s reaction.

Belinda is very intimate to satisfy George’s evil taste. Her expressions range from shock to panic to numbness, which reflects her psychology very well. Maybe Belinda has innate as an actor. talent.

“Damn–” She swears, if Belinda is a superstar, then this can be the headline of entertainment news.

Fred De shrugged, “If we don’t do this, we won’t even be able to lift Mrs. Humber. Think about it, it’s a big and tall man with a height of 1.7 meters.”

” What a rude!” Belinda akimbo, “Don’t talk about women’s figures!” She didn’t continue to ask what happened to the teddy bear.

George put the teddy bear on the garden chair, Anna stepped forward and removed the ring from Mrs. Humber’s hand. It felt a bit bad to see the beauty gradually turned into a beauty.

“Wait for a while!” Anna ran into the small wood house, ready to complete optional tasks, as everyone knows, if you want a good ending, the’optional’ tasks often represent’must choose’.

So where is this hidden diary? Obviously, it seems that it is not the letter of apology that Ms. Hong Bei wants to give to Myrtle, but a real diary of hers.

First, I went to Hong Bei’s bedroom. Anna fumbled under the bed and found nothing. Of course, not everyone would leave the diary under the bed.

Anna accidentally drew up when she was about to stretch her hand out, and bumped into something—good guy, sandwich the diary under the bedboard…

Pull out Hong Bei’s The diary, this is a small thick dark brown book. It looks dirty and seems to have been used for a long time. The cover still has some strange potion stains and traces of ketchup.

This diary is not written in magic ink, so the diary from a long time ago is a bit unclear.

‘…I hate this World, hate everything, let the sunset of scarlet red slaughter the entire world! ‘

This diary is a few years old, and it can be seen that Ms. Hong Bei was a cynical person when she was young… “pu,” Anna continued to look at it with a serious expression.

‘…I entered Hogwarts, there is nothing to say, this is my destiny, I want to defeat the destined enemy…’

‘…Hogwarts burned to death by the scorching fire Right! Why do they treat me this way? Didn’t I work out a new potion to add points to the house? What went wrong? ‘

It seems that Mrs. Humber is not doing well in Hogwarts…

‘I hate black, I hate blood, I hate cleverness. ‘

‘… They finally stopped paying attention to me, and aimed at a muggle named Myrtle, who was born with big ugly glasses, heavy bangs, pimples, cowardly character, yes, she was just It’s the person who should be bullied, I don’t sympathize with her at all…’

In the next few diaries, Myrtle’s name appears more and more frequently.

‘…Myrtle, if you take off your glasses and take care of your bangs, you should still look pretty when you smile…’

‘…I’m a scumbag, a coward, and I will never learn How to speak well…’

‘…Why did you throw the dung egg on Myrtle? What do you think Oliver Hombe! She will never talk to you now! Did you cry so much when you saw her washing her robe? Why can’t you say a word? ‘

‘…The potion to treat acne is about to be developed. Fortunately, Oliver, speak nicely and be sincere. You will finally have your first friend…’

From here, the diary was blank for a few pages, and Anna swallowed.

‘…Myrtle is dead…’

‘It’s all your fault, Oliver Humber, you don’t deserve to have friends. ‘

This is the last diary.

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