Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 126

The cold water drops on her face, and Mrs. Humber moved her eyelids.

She dreamed that she had returned to school in Hogwarts. When Myrtle was washing her robe in the toilet, the toilet was very quiet, with only repeated scrubbing sounds.

“Why not use’Scourgify’?” Hong Bei said, trying to break the silence.

Myrtle stopped and turned his head, but the expression on Hong Bei could not see clearly, as if it had been mosaiced, it was vague, Myrtle was silent for a while, “I won’t.”

Hong Bei rubbed his eyes, showing an absolutely friendly smile, and took two steps in the direction of wand moved towards Myrtle, “May I help you?”

In the toilet The only sound of scrubbing was gone. Myrtle was holding the robe and facing Hong Bei with a vague face, as if waiting for her to come over.

Hong Bei walked forward quickly, but she couldn’t get close to Myrtle. She ran and stretched her arms, but all this just made her and Myrtle farther and farther.

“It’s too late,” Myrtle walked towards Hong Bei. Her face became clearer and clearer. At this time, Hong Bei was unable to move and could only stand still and watch Myrtle pass by herself. Go into the toilet cubicle.

Close the door, Myrtle screams.

The compartment door opened, and Myrtle fell to the ground. She was clinging to the glasses with one hand, her movements stiff, and her face was horrified–

She was dead.

Ms. Hong Bei suddenly opened her eyes.

“Uh!” Belinda, who was so scared that he was wiping Hong Bei’s thief-proof waterfall potion, almost sat down in the mound. “Ms. Hong Bei is awake!” she shouted.

Hong Bei sat up from the chair and felt dizzy. What happened? She found herself in the familiar and unfamiliar hyacinth garden–

The hyacinths with missing arms and legs were everywhere, and finally there were a few intact, all trembling and hiding in the unremarkable. local.

The magic wall that I spent countless efforts to make, at this time seems to have put on a mask of pain, and it is distorted.

As if to humiliate her own security defense, Ms. Hong Bei glanced stiffly at the small cart beside the garden chair, which was mostly filled with poor hyacinth seedlings.

“Ms. Humber? Are you okay?” Belinda tried to get Ms. Humber’s attention, “I am Belinda Shafiq, madam, we have seen it before at the banquet!”

Ms. Hong Bei looked at Belinda carefully and nodded her head slowly, oh yes, the only child of Shafiq family, very enthusiastic…

“Ms. Hong Bei,” Anna walked Come over and shook in front of Hong Bei’s eyes, “Is Imperius Curse invalid?”

Imperius Curse? Suddenly, Hong Bei saw that she was wearing a beautiful wedding dress. After a daze, she remembered that she had been tied up to get married, and that she had been given Imperius Curse to deal with the guest Lockhart who had arrived early…

“Yes…it should be invalid,” Hong Bei looked at the children in front of him with some surprise. Could it be that these children saved me?

“Madam, can you see two people who are the same?” Fred and George dangled in front of Ms. Hong Bei.

Is it the repercussions of Imperius Curse? ! Ms. Hong Bei looked serious, “Yes…”

“Then the problem is serious…” Before they could finish their words, Belinda pulled them aside, and Anna moved towards Hong Bei helplessly. Smiled, “That should be fine, they are twins.”

Ms. Hong Bei tried to stand up, “You saved me? Although I don’t know how you did it, it seems to be true. That’s it.” She doesn’t care what the facts are, only knowing that she really escaped.

Hong Bei bowed gracefully, etiquette is impeccable, “Thank you very much, if in normal times, I will do my best to repay such kind of grace, but now…I must leave as soon as possible. , That group of people may catch up at any time…”

“Where are you going? Ms. Hong Bei?” Belinda said anxiously, “Then you will…well… continue to develop beauty potion?”

“Maybe I will go to other countries to learn new technology and continue potion production,” Ms. Hong Bei took out the wand, “Thank you, I will let owl bring it to you, thank you again.”

“Wait! Ms. Hong Bei! Are you leaving?” Anna stopped Ms. Hong Bei.

“What about Myrtle?”

Hong Bei stopped waving wand, “What?”

“Aren’t you going to see her?” Although it seemed impolite to ask someone to meet a girl who had died.

“Why should I see her?” The expression on Hong Bei’s face did not change, but she was surprised as well. It seemed that Myrtle was an insignificant passer-by who didn’t even know him, “Who is that?”

[Options: 1. Myrtle · Elizabeth Warren, the muggle who was killed by you was born]

【2. Myrtle, a poor ghost, lives in the Hogwarts women’s bathroom】

[★3. Your friend]

“She is your friend,” Anna tilted her head, “Isn’t she?”

Some Hong Bei When I heard this answer unexpectedly, my expression changed slightly, “I remember…maybe there is such a…friend…”

“Why mentioned her suddenly?” Hong Bei wrinkled frowned.

[Options: 1. You are very good friends]

[2. Myrtle’s commission…]

[★3. I am washing my robe When I met her, she entrusted me…]

“I met Myrtle when I was washing the eggs on the robe in the women’s bathroom. She said that she was lonely and no one in the school listened to her talk, so I talked to She chatted for a few words…”

“She kept crying, complaining about loneliness, and also offered to see you again…”

Hong Bei glanced at Anna and didn’t speak. Looked towards the damaged garden in front of him again, seeming to hesitate.

Suck, Anna felt bad for a while.

[The integrity of the Hyacinth Garden is less than 30%]

“I have no face to meet Myrtle,” Hong Bei said, “I don’t deserve to be her friend…I do She won’t forgive me for something very bad…”

“Very bad, very bad…” Hong Bei repeated.

[Options: 1. “Don’t waste time! I have to go back to study!” (stunned and taken away)]

[2.’Stupefy’ (magic)]

[★3. Submit a lucky bracelet]

Of course, I choose to submit a lucky bracelet! What are the other options? ! Anna fumbled for a while in her pocket and finally found the bracelet, but fortunately Catherine didn’t go along.

“This is your bracelet, right?” Anna handed the bracelet to Hong Bei, “It is because of this bracelet that we can find you. Maybe it really has magic power for good luck? “

Mrs. Hong Bei took the bracelet and fumbled for the purple kidney stone, “I thought I would never see this bracelet again…”

[Options:★ 1. Summarize the information and try to persuade (the probability of success is 75%)]

[★2. Take advantage of it, stun and take it away]

Why is this system option so violent? Anna decided to try to persuade.

“Ms. Humber, maybe this bracelet will bring you good luck and Myrtle will forgive you? Since your big brother has applied to the Ministry of Magic to lock Myrtle in Hogwarts Castle, you will never I haven’t seen her yet, right?”

“You want to apologize to Myrtle, so you surround a wall here and plant flowers every day. I hope that one day Myrtle can see her, and then I am moved to forgive you…” Anna There was a pause.

“It’s hard to grow flowers in Hogsmeade village, right? I’m lonely and lonely, right? It’s hard to develop bottle after bottle of beauty potion?”

“Do you think Myrtle will be very touched when I know, and will forgive you? What Myrtle wants is not a potion formula that is worth a lot of money, nor is it a garden without people—”

“She hopes to be company, she hopes to have someone I can stop and listen to what my ghost is saying.”

Ms. Hong Bei didn’t know what expression to make, and her hands shook her bracelet.

“You are not eager for Myrtle’s forgiveness, you are evading,” Anna solemnly concluded, “Trying to forgive yourself.”

all around, quiet down, only brushing The sound of the brush, Lockhart, who did not know where it came from, took quill crazy records. He felt that his next book must be very interesting.

Fred took a breath, clapped inexplicably, and a group of people looked towards him.

“Uh…I just think Anna makes a lot of sense,” he spread his hands.

Ms. Hong Bei put the lucky bracelet on her hand.

“Do you have a way to enter Hogwarts?” Ms. Humber paused for a second, “You are right…” She looked towards Anna, “I should also go see the lonely old friend.”

[Purple Hyacinth: task completed; task reward: memory +100, unlock:’Guardian Prestige’ section]

[Purple Hyacinthian Prestige: Complete more Gomelon Quests to increase the prestige level of the melon-eater, wider contacts, better props, more complicated tasks, and more generous rewards-strive to become the top melon-eater and become the legendary character of Hogwarts. ]

[Current reputation of melon eaters: mediocre people who eat melons]

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