Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 127

[The prestige effect of’Plain melon-eating people’]

[The success rate of night travel is increased by 10%; the probability of getting a task when gossiping, chatting, wandering, or doing nothing is increased by 10%; and Wizards, ghosts, magical creatures that you don’t know have no initial goodwill; they won’t be eye-catching; they won’t attract Filch’s special attention; the professor won’t give you special tasks; the paintings don’t want to show your true feelings to you…]

[Complete the’Melon Eater’ mission to increase your prestige and eventually have a chance to become the new Legendary of Hogwarts]

“…” Anna tried to read the words on the system one by one.

The people around looked at Anna’s appearance of being attacked by evil spirits, staring at the mud silently.

“Here again…” Belinda rolled the eyes, but she was accustomed to it. As Anna’s roommate, she had been with Anna almost twenty-three hours a day, and she had already noticed Anna’s weird behavior.

Perhaps every muggle is born with more or less quirks. During the period of staying with Anna, Belinda’s adaptability and tolerance have increased wildly.

Belinda can even talk to Anna after a sudden inexplicable distraction, go to the toilet and wash her face back, scolding Anna, accept her apology, and then pick up her topic.

“Anna?” George tried to see the flowers from the dirt Anna was staring at. “Do you think there is a sniffer hidden in it?”

Fred touched the chin, “Um…” After an observation, he concluded, “There may also be a horn beast that is about to give birth.” No one knows how he came to the conclusion.

Anna spirit slowly recovers, scratching her head embarrassedly, “Not good means, lost mind…” She looked towards Mrs. Hong Bei, “We know that one can enter Hogwarts through a secret passage…”

“Bring you this ring again,” Anna handed the teddy bear ring to Hong Bei, “it can turn you into a teddy bear temporarily so that it won’t attract too much attention…”

“What about Mr. Lockhart?” Little fan Belinda meant it was not difficult to see that she hoped Lockhart would go with him.

Lockhart looked expectantly. It would be great if Hogwarts ghost material could be added to the book.

“Oh, I don’t have more rings, but…” Anna coughed, “Of course Mr. Lockhart can follow along.”

She looked towards Lockhart with a somewhat surprised expression. , Paused, and added, “But be careful not to meet our new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor—”

“He is a photographer.”

“en? hahaha …I suddenly felt—” Lockhart showed his big white teeth, and took a step back with a smile, “This time I got enough materials. I can’t wait to go back to write a book, so I won’t go back to my alma mater. Now…”

“Ah…” Belinda was a little lost.

Lockhart blinked his eyes exaggeratedly with a smile, “Look forward to my new book, cute little adventurers, you will appear in my book!”

“Goodbye Hong Bei Senior Sister, and the children!” Lockhart put the quill and the notebook away, took out the wand, “Disapparation!” He disappeared quickly.

I hope that this time, Lockhart can write a story of his own adventure without stealing the experience of others.

“Then let’s go!”

Ms. Hong Bei put the teddy bear ring on her hand, growing hairy ears, shrinking her figure, and finally turned into a wedding dress Wearing a bracelet looks charming-teddy bear.

Anna easily carried the teddy bear in her arms. Several people came to the streets of Hogsmeade Village and bought sweet ducks along the way.

Because of a bunch of young wizards rushing back to Hogwarts to watch the ice hockey professor, the number of people buying sweet ducks has been drastically reduced, and there are not that many people on the street. The little girl holding a teddy bear can’t attract the attention of others. .

It may also be the prestige effect of “Melon Eater”.

Coming to the warehouse of Honeydukes Sweetshop, Belinda once again satirized the dirty environment, and George stepped forward and opened the secret door.

Four children plus a walking wedding teddy bear enter the secret passage in order.

“I suddenly remembered something…”

As he walked, George touched the chin thoughtfully.

“What?” Several people looked back at him.

“Lockhart doesn’t seem to know our full name, right?” George frowned, “Then he wants to write us into the book like this?”

It seems that George is still looking forward to it. My name appears in the book.

Belinda raised her head and answered George’s question proudly, “There is nothing Mr. Lockhart doesn’t know!” Because she raised her head too much, her head accidentally hit the top of the secret passage.

“Oh!” Belinda screamed, “Damn secret passage!” She scolded unreasonably.

Twin glanced at each other, couldn’t help but laughed, welcoming Belinda’s “chase”.

“Dissendium!” Anna waved wand and read the password. The old witch sculpture cracked a hole. Anna poked her head out to observe, and found that there was no who, and then motioned for a few people to come out of the gap .

As soon as four people and one bear came out, they went straight to the girls bathroom on the third floor to find Myrtle.

“This is our first visit to the women’s bathroom…” Fred Coughed and focused his attention on the sink in the middle of the dilapidated toilet. “George, your dream of visiting the women’s bathroom has come true!”


George rolled his eyes, “You must have remembered wrong, my dream has always been to press your head in the toilet…”

Poke Anna to laugh.

“Cough, look!” Fred De walked to the sink and pointed to a tap without a knob, “I think this prank is good!”

“Maybe we can Unscrew all the tap knobs…”

Anna took a look, good fellow, isn’t that the switch at the entrance of Chamber of Secrets!

“Myrtle always stays here?” Belinda walked around the toilet, shivering, “My goose bumps are going to get up, too gloomy…”

Hong Beixiong was silent, staring at the second compartment, where Myrtle died.

“Hey!” A young and lively voice came from the door of the toilet, “Fred and George?”

Nymphadora exited in a trance to glance at the toilet sign, holding He raised his eyebrows and said, “young man, as far as I know-this is the women’s bathroom!”

“Huh? This is the women’s bathroom?” George showed a dazed look, and he squeezed Squeeze Fred, “Fred, your dream of visiting the women’s bathroom has come true!”

The two started fighting.

Nymphadora found Anna who was’watching the excitement is not a big deal’, Belinda who was’trying to eliminate goose bumps on his arm’, and a Hong Bei bear lying down and pretending to be dead.

Anna is standing in the toilet with the sweet duck of’Sweet Duck’ in her hand!


“Are you playing’play house’ in the women’s bathroom?” Nymphadora issued a soul torture.

Anna, who has an adult soul, Belinda, the’pure blood essence’, and the’tough guy’ twin were silent for a second at the same time.

George Storm shook his head, “How can we play such a game that naive little girls like?”

Fred took the opportunity to quickly add, “Since George was in Ginny In the game, he played the role of’Pukwudgie toilet man’, sucked Pi Dunzi on his head and couldn’t pull it off to start-he had a kind of inexplicable resistance to this game.”

“How do you deal with this? Say it!” George said, “Come on, hurt each other’s face”, “You were drawn to be the’Goblin nanny’. Ginny put on you the inferior magic lipstick collected by father, but it didn’t wash clean—you got it. There are Red Seals everywhere in the house!”

“Kissing on father’s shirt almost triggered the third family war!”

“That’s not your idea!”

Belinda thought of the pile of gorgeous doll clothes that were secretly hidden in her home, and the unbearable past that forced house elf to wear a crown and pretend to be Prince, and accompany herself to afternoon tea…

She was snorted and did not speak.

“Oh,” Anna tried to get back to the topic, “We just want to see’Moaning Myrtle’… Isn’t this women’s toilet abandoned?”

“Oh, this way, “Nymphadora scratched her head. “Don’t you know? Myrtle is in the women’s toilet on the first floor…”

“She created a big riot and flooded the auditorium outside the auditorium-now there is Skating rink! Professor McGonagall can’t stop the chaos, let alone Charlie let go of the golden snitch just now, and it’s even more lively now!”

“Aren’t you going to see the bustle?” ? Anna doesn’t believe it.

“I went to see it! Come to the toilet and go back and go ice skating! The toilet on the second floor is full of people,” Nymphadora said, “I wanted to come to the toilet on the third floor while Myrtle was not there. “

“Then I won’t disturb you, let’s go to the first floor to see the excitement.” Having got the position of Myrtle, Anna now just wants to finish the task quickly and take Mrs. Hong Bei out.

After going out of the toilet and not taking a few steps, Nymphadora poked her head out from the door, “Anna! Professor McGonagall is standing on the marble step. She is angry because she didn’t stop the chaos. Don’t go. Provoke her!”

Anna moved towards Nymphadora nodded, “Thanks!” A group of people ran towards the first floor through the moving stairs.

The people in the paintings on the wall are gone again, as if all the paintings are painted landscapes, the more you go down, the more you can feel the excitement, noise, use spell, and playfulness. .

“There are so many people in Hogwarts!” Belinda looked strange.

“Go! Fred!” George looked at the joyous skating crowd be eager to have a try, “I have never skated in Hogwarts!”

“I I saw Charlie!” Fred De pointed to a place excitedly, “Here, he is still holding a quaffle bat!”

“hmph,” the tall witch holding a pocket watch standing on the stairs Turning around, “Fred, George, if you also go, I will deduct 10 points for Gryffindor.”

? “Professor McGonagall!” Fred de stepped back.

“Then do they want deduct points?” George pointed to the joyous crowd.

Professor McGonagall snorted again, “They all took off the cloak, just to make it difficult for the professor to tell which house student they are…”

“Headmaster Dumbledore said…”No Knowing whether it was Anna’s illusion, Professor McGonagall’s tone was disapproving. “The headmaster said, “It’s hard for the four houses to be so united, and the deduct points are fine.” This completely broke the Hogwarts rules!”

She paused for a while, “But you don’t want to make trouble, I remember which house you are very clearly!”

“Of course not!” Anna stepped back holding the teddy bear. “We just passed by…”

Professor McGonagall noticed the teddy bear in Anna’s hand. For a moment, he felt a little weird and a subtle feeling, but she couldn’t say what it was.

After Anna entire group left, Professor McGonagall emptied his eyes and unconsciously played with the pocket watch in his hand to wonder, teddy bear…teddy bear…

‘Then if, I mean if, Is there a kind of spells that can turn people into teddy bears? Is that also a kind of transfiguration? ‘

‘no no no I just asked, I didn’t want to turn anyone into a teddy bear! ‘

“ka-cha,” Professor McGonagall squeezed his pocket watch.

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