Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 128

Anna suddenly had a bad feeling when she was cautiously running with her companion in the icy corridor.

But she didn’t care too much. The bad premonitions are really gone. Life is like this, ups and downs.

You have to learn to accept.

At the same time, Professor McGonagall stuffed the rotten pocket watch into her arms. After thinking about it, she looked heavy and hurried to the office of Professor Potion.

“dong dong!” Professor McGonagall knocked on the door. For a long time, no one had knocked violently on the wooden door’swish’ and dropped fine dust.

“Professor Snape? Open the door, Professor Snape!” Professor McGonagall looked around and found no one passing by. She lowered her voice, “The students in your house seem to have turned other young wizards into teddy bears!”

There was silence for a while, and a dull voice came out of the room with a hint of sneer.


“What?” Professor McGonagall did not hear clearly, she continued to knock on the door, “I mean, as the head of Slytherin, Professor Snape, you should go Take care of the young wizard in your house!”

“hmph, those Trolls finally did something new…” The muffled voice gradually approached the wooden door.

“What do you mean by’seeming’ turning other young wizards into teddy bears? Professor McGonagall, you are so old that you can’t distinguish between people and teddy bears?”

McGonagall The professor raised his head and coughed, “I am really old, not only can I not tell the difference between people and toys, but sometimes I see a greasy bat in Hogwarts tyrannize in a trance.”

“hmph,” Snape opened the door, still black clothed black cloak, black trousers, characteristic black boots, pale face, and serious expression.

The fifty-three-year-old Professor McGonagall wears a dark green patterned fashionable gown to keep himself clean. In contrast, the twenty-nine-year-old Snape looks lost. The vitality and vitality of youngster.

“You look very energetic today, Professor Snape,” Professor McGonagall looked at Snape’s more wrinkled robe than usual and the hair’representing evil chaos’. “It looks much better than before. “

“You are not bad, Professor McGonagall,” Snape looked at Professor McGonagall’s robe, “New robe? Very good—”

“One with rotting seaweed Color,” Snape pointed to the pattern on the robe. “The painted toad, right? Vivid and vivid.”

“That’s a lion, Professor Snape, thank you for your compliment,” McGonagall smiled, “It seems Your eyes are no better than an elderly lady.”

The daily bickering ended, and Professor McGonagall became serious, “Anna Lawrence of your house, at the end of the transfiguration class last week , Asked me some questions…”

“How?” Snape looked up at Professor McGonagall slightly, “Do you think Slytherin students shouldn’t ask questions?”

“She First, I asked me whether I still retain life after turning a living thing into a dead thing.” Professor McGonagall ignored Snape’s mouth and paused for a second. “Then asked me whether turning people into teddy bears is also a kind of transfiguration…”

“Very research spirit,” Snape commented. “There is nothing wrong.”

“She just ran past me with a teddy bear in a wedding dress—” McGonagall The professor looked towards Snape, “I hope that is not a poor young wizard.”

Professor Snape was silent. He recalled Anna Lawrence, a student with brown hair, green eyes, and a certain hobby for potion. He can easily lift a big wooden barrel. He may be a born strong man…

In other respects, there seems to be nothing special. Snape made a’please lead the way’ gesture, “Let’s go and see. , I hope she really turned someone into a teddy bear—”

Of course, Snape didn’t believe that Anna had such a capability, but felt that he had new material for arguing with Professor McGonagall.

“If the teddy bear was a Gryffindor, it would be even better,” he muttered in a low voice, successfully reaping Professor McGonagall’s eyes.

At this time, Anna entire group has come to’Myrtle’s temporary disco’.

The flush toilet seems to have life, the bursting washbasin burns with enthusiasm, the sound of running water and screams and weeping fill the women’s toilet, DJ Myrtle is indulged in the chaos he created.

“Myrtle!” Belinda yelled, trying to get Myrtle’s attention to no avail.

“Will you ask her to try?” Anna made suggestions to the twin who enjoys music.

The two shrugged, “Myrtle?”

Myrtle stopped, all around suddenly became quiet, and another toilet was ready to spray water, but Myrtle snapped his fingers to stop it.

“pa,” the toilet lid is closed,’wu wu…’ The toilet makes a struggling sound, which looks a bit pitiful.

“For more than ten years…” Myrtle floated to the twin, “This is the first time a boy called my name to me…”

“Curious, really strange,” She stopped crying and circled Fred and George, making them very uncomfortable.

“Oh! And Anna! And another girl!” Myrtle was happy, “Today is really lively, you even brought a bear doll, do you want me to play with you?”

“Myrtle…” Hong Beixiong broke free from Anna’s arms and walked up to Myrtle with her wedding dress. “It’s me,” she said.

“Do I know you? Ms. Bear?” Myrtle floated to Hong Beixiong and looked at it. “Is the teddy bear that I lost when I was a kid? Come to me for revenge?”

“Then What a pity, you are one step late, I’m already dead!” Myrtle started to cry again.

“I am Oliver Humber,” Humber took off the teddy bear ring and gave it to Anna, gradually returning to a tall man of nearly 1.8 meters.

Hong Bei wearing a wedding dress stood in the tattered toilet, facing Myrtle’s ghost face full of surprise, the scene was a little magical.

“You are the same as before…” Mrs. Hong Bei opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but it was obvious that she had stepped on Myrtle’s thunder.

“Yeah, how can ghost’s appearance change? I’m still that unpleasant–” Myrtle stared at Hong Bei and looked up and down, “You’re a lot older.”

“no! I didn’t mean to say this…” Hong Bei looked a little flustered, and didn’t know what to say, “I mean…forget it…not to mention this…I invented a lot of beauty potions, those The recipes are very valuable, I want to give it…”

“What to show off? Your potions are useless for a ghost,” Myrtle akimbo, “I know you opened a beauty potion shop. It seems that you, the guy who killed me, have a very good life…”

Myrtle stared at Hong Bei’s clothes, frowned, “Why are you wearing a wedding dress? Are you here to humiliate me?”

The situation is not right, Anna covers her face, and she knew she should have changed her clothes for Ms. Hong Bei to come again.

“Hong Bei, do you remember that you killed me? When your big brother asked Ministry of Magic to lock me here, did you feel guilty? Are you sighed in relief-that The annoying Myrtle finally disappeared!”

Myrtle’s words obviously increased, and I forgot to cry, the whole ghost imposing manner was full, “I thought you just forgot about me and went on living your life. !”

“I…” Mrs. Hong Bei scratched her head, “Of course I did not forget you! How could I possibly! I also went to muggle world to see your mother…”

” What are you going to see her doing?!” Myrtle stared at Hong Bei angrily, “Is it to threaten her not to tell me about you killing me?”

Hong Bei was at a loss with the wedding dress. , Looks like a poor bride who is about to get married but is yelled at by her fiance.

“Ms. Hong Bei wanted to say, after so many years and long time no see, how are you doing?” Anna couldn’t hold back anymore. Ms. Hong Bei would not really say anything in front of Myrtle. “She is deeply aware of her mistake and wants to apologize to you.”

“The potion was developed and sent to you. Your mother was given to you by the Ministry of Magic. Obliviate completely forgot about you, Hong Bei Madam just wants you to know that your mother doesn’t love you—”

“There are also wedding dresses,” Belinda pointed to Hong Bei’s wedding dress, “Ms. Hong Bei was kidnapped, if If we didn’t find out in time, she would have changed her memory and marry a Japanese wizard that she didn’t love at all!”

“She also broke free from the shackles of Imperius Curse!” George added, “It’s not easy!”

“There is also a’purple hyacinth garden’ for you,” Fred de shrugged, “but it has been damaged by some accident…”

“Yes! That’s right! This way! I want to be sorry for what happened back then!” Mrs. Hong Bei sighed in relief. After so many years, she finally said it. She felt that her soul had been sublimated.

Suddenly remembered something, she lowered her voice in the direction she moved towards Anna entire group, “Did you peek at my diary…”

Anna smiled and shook his head, “No “

Myrtle in the air fell silent.

At this time, a hoarse voice sounded from the toilet door, “Look at what I found?”

Snape and Professor McGonagall walked in, the twin took a strategic step back, Bellin Da tried to find a compartment to hide in, but was stopped by Professor McGonagall’s eyes.

“It’s amazing—”Professor Snape paused for a second, trying to understand the scene before him.

“You are trying to hold a wedding for Myrtle in the ladies room?”

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