Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 130

The air is silent.

“Ha…haha…how could it…” Anna scratched her head, “I guess Myrtle didn’t mean that…”

“I don’t think so,” Snape trembled and wrinkled Cloak, staring at Anna with slightly vacant eyes, took his hand up, “Learn, study, stay focused,” he glanced at twin, “Don’t mess with the people of Gryffindor.”

George and Fred De At the same time, she shrugged, completely—not paying attention to it.

Snape paused, “You guys are here to study at Hogwarts, not to guess what ghost is thinking.”

“Of course,” he glanced at the Weasley twin again, “some People may not come to Hogwarts to learn those profound and life-changing knowledge…just want to have a magic degree.”

“It’s like putting the’widow poison mushroom’ in a pot. Rotten, the spots disappeared, it looks normal, but it can’t change its toxicity, or even make it even more poisonous-confusing, so that you can’t guard against it.”

Wonderful metaphor.

Anna is a little disappointed. It seems that Myrtle’s wish is to be fulfilled, and perhaps it will take some more work. Professor Snape has never been a straightforward person.

“Uh…Professor Snape, let’s learn…” At first glance, she couldn’t ask for the result. Anna prepared Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is best.

Just as a few people were preparing to’escape,’ Snape coughed, “I don’t mind ghosts in the abandoned women’s toilet. It’s logical.” He dropped this sentence and threw cloak. Calmly left.

So this should be regarded as a friend of Myrtle? Anna scratched her head again.

[There used to be a girl: complete Myrtle’s wish (33); task reward: memory +150,’Myrtle’s blessing’ buff, increase in reputation of melon-eaters (small reputation of melon-eaters)]

[Prestige effect of’small reputation eating melon crowds’:]

[Night tour success rate increased by 5%; the probability of getting a task when gossiping, chatting, wandering, or doing nothing increased by 15 %; If you appear in front of Filch three times in the same day, there is a certain chance that a special task will appear; some professors will give you simple tasks; the probability of getting information in the process of talking with paintings increases by 5%; and wizards, ghosts, and magical you don’t know Creatures have no initial affection; occasionally arouse the jealousy of the young wizard…]

[‘Myrtle’s blessing’ buff: Ghost’s blessing makes you look charming and beautiful, with unique and mysterious charm-of course In the eyes of other ghosts; buff effect: Ghost’s initial favorability increases slightly, and there is a greater chance of getting help from ghost]

“Hoo—” Belinda relaxed, she glanced at the sweet duck in Anna’s hand , Touched his stomach, “Too many things happened today. If it weren’t for looking at you and carrying the’sweet duck’ bag, I would have forgotten that we were going out to eat sweet ducks.”

“Enjoy, weekend time,” Anna shook the sweet duck bag, and several people found a secluded empty classroom to share the food.

“Squeak—” Fred opened a wooden door.

“The headless Nick said that this abandoned classroom is not often crowded.” George’s eyes are already glued to the sweet duck. It seems that he can’t wait to make a duck call, “It’s very suitable for ghost parties. “

“It’s also very suitable for avoiding Filch during night tours…” Fred’s voice stopped.

“Wow!” He and George sighed for’harboring malicious intentions’ at the same time.

Anna poked her head out curiously.

Wow! Percy, the third child of the red-haired Weasley Family, is sitting by the window with a beautiful girl with long curly hair. There are two thick magic books on the wooden desk, seeming to be studying.

“We are studying!” Percy, who was sitting on the outside, was taken aback by the sudden opening of the door. After seeing the twin with’harboring malicious intentions’, she stood up, with bad secretly thought.

The girl in the blue pattern robe sitting next to him was very calm. She looked at the two boys with red hair like Percy at the door, turned her head and moved towards Percy and smiled, “Percy, you guys Do you know me?”

I don’t really want to know each other, Percy touched the back of his head, “Well…Both of them…are Gryffindor’s…live in my house…we have known each other since we were young…”

“To put it simply, we are his friendliest younger brother,” Fred and George walked to Percy and stood on the left and right, “Are you Percy’s girlfriend?”

“What She’s not!” Percy said loudly, her face turned red as her hair, and she added in a small voice, “It’s not yet…”

He told the girls, “Penelope, you must never talk to them. Don’t stare at them either, they are always pranking! Maybe a toad will jump on your hair in the next second!”

Percy glared at twin, and packed the table with embarrassment. Something, “Could you not disturb others’ learning by doing nothing for a day—”

“Who said we have nothing to do?” George shrugged.

“We just rescued a lady from the tomb of marriage. She looks very young now—” Fred De added, “and may become our new potion professor!”

The girl named Penelope smiled friendly, “You are really interesting.” She glanced at the helpless Percy, she seemed very happy that Percy had such a’lively’ expression on her face, “I am Penelope · Clearwater, a Ravenclaw.”

“I’m George Weasley,” George patted Fred on the shoulder, “This is Fred,” he leaned over to let out the two behind him, “Ours Friends, Anna and Belinda.”

“Anna? Is that the Slytherin house’the incredible Anna. Lawrence’?”

didn’t expect Penelope to know her name unexpectedly …But what is going on with this strange title? Anna was a little surprised, “My name is indeed Anna Lawrence,” what’s the situation?

She decided to pay courtesy, “You are the Ravenclaw house’Beautiful and amazing Penelope .Clearwater’?”

“haha haha…you are also beautiful and amazing Anna, I am not as famous as you “Penelope is sincerely complimenting, “The incredible Anna Lawrence, in the first week of coming to school, received nearly 20 points for the house——”

“If you are a Ravenclaw That would be great,” Penelope gave a wry smile, “Listen to Prefect, we haven’t got a house cup for several years…”

“Last semester, we didn’t even get the second one. When I thought of this when I was reading in the summer vacation, I couldn’t feel refreshed.”

“What book did you read at home during the summer vacation?” Percy suddenly joined the topic.

“Merpeople: A Comprehensive Guide to Language and Customs,” Penelope liked this topic, “written by Dylan Wood, he is a very magical wizard, proficient in Merpeople language, fairy language, ancient Goblin said,” Her eyes lit up.

“There is also “Magical Water Plants of the Mediterranean”, some magical plants even have a part of self-awareness, which makes me very interested!”

Percy frowned slightly, “It should sound pretty good.”

It’s just as interesting as the’automatic stirring cauldron’.

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