Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 131

“What is the meaning of understanding Merpeople’s language, no one knows Merpeople better than Percy——,” George is capable, “He can also sing Merpeople’s songs…”

Percy tells George Covered his mouth, “Fred, don’t you say a few words!”

“Especially in the bath, only when you encounter water can Percy show off his true singing skills,” Fred added, “By the way Mention, I am Fred.”

Penelope was amused, she stared at Percy’s flushed face, “So amazing, Percy, you never said this before.”

Percy was a little embarrassed and nodded, “Uh… these are not worth mentioning…” He didn’t know when he would sing Merpeople’s songs. This was obviously another twin’s prank.

Penelope shook her head disapprovingly, “How can this be’not worth mentioning’? It’s an amazing skill — Merpeople’s language is particularly difficult to learn. Their language is not the words we usually use, but A combination of sharp calls of different lengths and different tones.”

“Using the Merpeople language on the shore is like screaming, but in the water, this sound will have a magical change. It sounds It’s very beautiful. Some of Merpeople’s songs have the power to heal people…”

“So you can sing Merpeople’s songs really great!” She patted Percy on the shoulder, with a look of “You are very good.” ‘The expression.

Percy covers her face silently, Penelope doesn’t really think I will scream when I take a bath?

“However, a wizard with a particularly good voice will have the opportunity to use the Merpeople language,” Penelope thought of something, and suddenly felt a little disappointed. “I don’t have this opportunity anymore. It was to turn the’Friendly Friends’ sound group into’shrinked salted fish’——”

She paused, “That is the biggest challenge to Merpeople.”

” I heard that there are also Merpeople in Black Lake…” Belinda remembered the introduction Hagrid had said when the school started.

“I’ve heard of it too,” Penelope nodded, “I tried to swim to the lake at night, eat Gillyweed and bury her head in the water, trying to meet one or two Merpeople, listen They sing.”

It’s not safe, Belinda disagrees with this behavior, “Our dorm is at the bottom of the lake, but I have never seen Merpeople nor heard Merpeople singing…”

“Even the tentacles of the big octopus can sometimes be seen, but none of the Slytherins have seen Merpeople,” Belinda shrugged. “Maybe the Merpeople were washed away when the water rose…”

“Ah…” Penelope was disappointed, but she quickly cheered up, “I believe I will always hear Merpeople singing.”

“Percy will want to sing for you, “Twin said in unison, then Percy covered her mouth with one hand.

“Let’s eat sweet duck,” Anna couldn’t help ending the embarrassing topic for Percy.

With the help of Penelope’s expansion spell “Engorgio”, the sweet duck became the size of a wooden table, and everyone had a pleasant weekend dinner.

“Do you want to know why Charlie doesn’t have a girlfriend? Quack,” Percy ate the sweet duck wings and screamed, looking at Anna in confusion, “What a strange question… um…nor It’s too weird…but…”

He hesitated for a while, as if he was trying to say something, and the words stuck in his mouth. Anna spoke first, “I’m not interested in Charlie, but I’m just a little curious, because he It should be very popular, isn’t it?”

“Do you know something?” Anna took the opportunity to look at Percy’s socks, but unfortunately, they were blocked by the robe.

Percy was relaxed, and felt that he shouldn’t be relieved. He suddenly felt that maybe he should really care about Charlie.

Charlie’s sexual orientation is the most fascinating among a few brothers. I don’t know if he likes male dragons or female dragons…No, male or female…

“Call—— Charlie’s words…I don’t know very well…” Percy scratched his head. “He has never revealed these things and gave all his enthusiasm to the dragon…Quack”, another funny duck cry.

“The Gryffindor Seeker?” Penelope provided a useful message, “I often see him walking with the two Hufflepuff girls… Hey!”

This It surprised everyone, “Do you know those two girls?” Anna keenly smelled an unusual smell.

Penelope covered her mouth and gave herself a “Finite Incantatem”. Soon there was no lively duck call from her mouth. She recalled for a while, “There is a hair that changes color Girl, it seems to be called Nymphadora. Tonks?”

Hum, Anna is a little disappointed, but it should be a good idea to ask Nymphadora.

Anna glanced at Percy’s feet again, wondering how to bring up the topic of socks…it is inevitable to vomit, what lucky socks to collect? Isn’t this embarrassing?

Percy tore off a piece of sweet duck and found Anna staring at his feet in a daze. He lowered his head and looked at his shoes. There was nothing wrong with normal black leather shoes. “Anna? What are you looking at? Is there anything on my shoes?”

Fred and George squeezed past, as if they were afraid to miss the things on Percy’s shoes, “Is it the dung of the moon beast? Quack!” George yelled .

“Dung eggs!” Fred de yelled, “It must be a dung egg! Quack!”

They might hope to see these strange things on Percy’s shoes.

Percy gave them a roll of eyes, “I think you guys are all pretending to be these! Gah!”

“Nothing!” Anna shook her head, preparing to give Percy a chance again in the future. Ask the question about the socks, “I just think your shoes are polished clean…”

The happy time is always short, because the twin hasn’t copied it yet… After finishing the homework, they have to go to the library to learn quickly , Leading to the end of the weekend party early.

The two came to the entrance of the auditorium, looked at the crazy playing crowd, and glanced at them not knowing when they have stood back to their original positions, and a Professor McGonagall with an expression of’you go, just deduct points’.

Sighed, Fred and George walked up the steps and met Lee Jordan as soon as they arrived on the second floor. At the same time, they received a fresh piece of bad news.

“What? Peeves throwing dung eggs around with our sacks?!” The two exclaimed.

“Yes! I can’t find you everywhere! I am so anxious!” Lee Jordan wiped the sweat from his head.

“Wait! Are you sure you are not mistaken? Are you sure that the sack is ours?”

“It is definitely your sack!” Lee Jordan was very sure, “Hogwarts again I can’t find the second such ugly green sack. It also has the’Brazilian magic coffee’ trademark on it!”

Lee Jordan had a lingering fear, “Just to see the broken bag, I was almost caught Ducky face! The fat lady was all recruited! She screamed and didn’t know where she went, and now I can’t get in the common room——”

“Filch is going crazy–you pretend Why did the sack of dung eggs get into Peeves’s hands?” Lee Jordan exaggerated, “Is it another new prank?”

George and Fred Dee looked at each other and stretched their voices, “Impossible! We! The sack containing the dung eggs was confiscated by Professor Snape last week!”

“Because George tried to throw the dung eggs into the cauldron, Professor Snape found it!” Fred De explained.

“That’s obviously your plan!” George retorted, “Maybe Peeves went to Professor Snape to steal it. It’s really courageous…”

“Maybe Right,” Who can steal from the terrifying Professor Snape? Lee Jordan still prefers the twin to hand the sacks to Peeves.

As for’Professor Snape hand over the dung egg to Peeves’?

Lee Jordan was amused by his own thought, how could that Snape do such a thing.

More ridiculous than someone likes to eat horned slugs.

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