Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 132

The darkness enveloped Hogwarts Castle.

Hogwarts before ten o’clock is the most lively, chasing and playing in the corridor, wizard chess in the auditorium, ghosts wandering around, little couples in the corner spreading dog food…

Filch gloomy squinted, staring at the pocket watch in his hand, looking up at the chaotic and warm scene in front of him from time to time, secretly accumulating energy for his’capture skill’.

Professor Flitwick violently demolished the skating rink at the entrance of the auditorium by a’Finite Incantatem’ and’Scourgify’. Listening to the young wizards’ regretful sigh, he squinted his eyes and went to Hogsmeade village for a drink in a good mood.

Professor Snape opened the lid of the cauldron as usual, opened the full of notes and set aside, trying to study potion to add some fun to his boring life.

Professor McGonagall, who has been busy for a day, simply washes, lies on the bed, and picks up the “Teach You How to Quiddich” on the bedside table.

The light was a bit dim, Professor McGonagall took out the wand and used the lighting spell, she nodded with satisfaction, it was much better.

‘…Quit Quiddich? What are you kidding? You must be surprised to see this. What is the author’s nerves? Dear reader, I am not a liar wizard. This book does indeed talk about some tips to help you quit Quiddich-some of my ten years of experience in quitting Quiddich and some small methods that I haven’t had time to implement myself… ‘

‘… But if you ask me if I quit Quiddich? My answer is no. Is there anything more fascinating than roar and impact on Quidditch match? No! That is the most fascinating melody…’

Professor McGonagall frowned and re-read the title of the book to make sure it is not “Helping You Fall in Love with Quiddich” or “Quiddich’s Beautiful Melody”.

She helpedless put the book aside. This book did not help her quit Quiddich at all, and even aroused her interest in Quiddich, “No, Minerva, this will delay too much, you Already a mature Deputy Headmistress,’Professor McGonagall shook the head.

Close her eyes, she suddenly remembered what happened in the afternoon, Ms. Hong Bei… Maybe it’s time to call her Professor Hong Bei, and she will officially join the Hogwarts teaching team in a week. This is a good thing. , Professor McGonagall put a smile on his face and slowly fell asleep.

Life is always getting better and better.

A few owls flew over the castle in a hurry. They were bathed in the moonlight, working overtime and diligently delivering messages to the wizards. They could not speak and could not raise a sign to protest against this Good exploitation, the only thing they can do is to launch’dung eggs’ for simple resistance.

The headmaster office window on the upper floors of the castle was accidentally attacked. The’crack’ sound caught the attention of the white-bearded Professor Dumbledore, causing the red velvet cake in his hand to drop a lot of residue.

“Ha!” Dumbledore smiled at the magic apron on the patted leg. “It’s really convenient, there won’t be any residue on the robe.”

“Dumbledore, the former headmaster of Hogwarts, but also an excellent healer, a little helpless,” Headmaster Dumbledore, forgive me for being verbose. It’s really not a good habit to eat sweets at night, it will cause blood pressure. Too high, nerves excited, and serious, it can cause magic power disorder…”

“Well, it makes sense, Dairis,” Dumbledore picked up a’cockroach’ and waved the teapot floating in the air. Pour hot tea for herself, “I will control it.”

Dailys shook her head helplessly, and a portrait of wizard chess playing next to her snorted, “Dalys, Dumbledore is much better than us, sweets What? Didn’t you see? Times have changed. He can swallow ten cockroaches in one go!”

This is a bit exaggerated. Dumbledore moved towards Goatee wizard portrait and waved the’cockroach’ in his hand. Chocolate, “Black former headmaster, I have to rectify the name of this delicious snack, it’s called’Cockroach Clusters’, it’s a very delicious chocolate—”

Dumbledore smiled and paused for a second “Sorry, I forgot that you were in the portrait, you can’t taste this kind of delicacy,” he threw the cockroach to the portrait where Black was, “but it’s okay to let you take a closer look.”

The Black former headmaster in the portrait felt the fear of the roach on his face. He struggled and fell from the portrait chair.

“Naive!” Phineas · Nigellus · Black, this old wizard with sparse eyebrows, dark eyes, wearing a’Professor Quirrell’s same hat’ on his head, fly into a rage out of humiliation flicked his silver and green robe and disappeared into the portrait.

“I think he deliberately found an excuse to leave…” Another portrait playing chess with the former headmaster of Black, “Uprathea Moore” who signed an unequal treaty with Peeves The headmaster was a bit dissatisfied. “Our smart wizard is about to lose this game.”

“haha haha…” Dumbledore took a sip of hot tea. “He has always been like this, clever and cunning. In order to maintain his 50-year unbeaten record in wizard chess.”

“Headmaster Dumbledore, drinking tea at night is not good for sleep…”

“I know Dumbledore, “Dumbledore was a little pleased that Daris couldn’t come out in the portrait to confiscate his snacks. He secretly drank a sip of hot tea, “I will pay attention to Daris, next time.”

The screen goes to Myrtle on the third floor of the castle. Outside the women’s toilet, Professor Defense Against the Dark Arts, really handsome guy Jacob stood here again with thick dark circles.

‘Take the courage to come to Jacob! Tell the ghost here, don’t cry inexplicably in the middle of the night! ‘He thought so.

“Squeaky——” The wooden door opened, and a beautiful woman in a wedding dress came out. She saw Jacob, her expression slowly becoming solemn.

She pointed to the sign on the door, “Sir, this is the women’s toilet.” Is this person any pervert? Ms. Hong Bei frowned.

Is there anything more terrifying than a woman in a wedding dress coming out of the toilet in the middle of the night? Yes, this woman thinks you are a pervert.

Looking at Ms. Hong Bei’s expression “This wizard looks like a human, but it’s a perverted” expression, Jacob panicked–

“Listen to my explanation! “

The ordinary and joyous day is finally over.

Of course, life still has to go on.

“Bam—-” A new day starts from being awakened by the violent knocking sound.

Anna opened her eyes and saw the top of the dark green four-poster bed in front of her. Turning her head to the side, she could see the back of Belinda Golden’s head on the opposite bed.

Everything in the bedroom is normal, it seems that the sound I just heard is just Anna’s hallucinations.

Belinda, who was not awake, extended the hand, scratching her head very unkindly, “Oh! Did this octopus learn to rooster to tell the time recently? Why do you come here every morning recently— “She covered her head with a pillow.

The big octopus appeared and disappear unpredictably in the past, and there are no traces of the tentacles that want to appreciate it, but the recent activities are indeed active a lot, and it can even be said that it is a little too active.

When more than one Slytherin was trying to study in the common room, he was attracted by the sudden appearance of a big octopus-causing them to fail to complete their homework on time.

Maybe it’s not the big octopus, but who knows.

【Black Lake: The big octopus of Hogwarts has never easily appeared in the young wizard’s vision. Its whereabouts are mysterious…There are rumors that it is the incarnation of Gryffindor, and there are rumors that it has been guarding the Black Lake for hundreds of years. The former treasure, it is this mysterious feeling that makes it one of the legends of Hogwarts… But now, it is so abnormal, beating the glass of the Slytherin common room. What is the reason? Achievement conditions: find out the reason for the abnormal behavior of the big octopus; task reward: reaction power +100, memory +50, unknown]

didn’t expect this is also a task, Anna looks out through the glass window , The Black Lake is peaceful, with only a variety of aquatic plants and grotesquely shaped fish.

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