Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 133

Mrs. Hong Bei became a professor of potion in the third year. Headmaster Dumbledore was very pleased that his professor team had added a new member. He touched his beard and laughed and held a welcome dinner.

The protagonists of the banquet are the newly appointed Ms. Oliver Humber and Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Jacob, because Jacob did not catch up with the opening dinner.

Know that the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is not easy to sit, most people will not stay for a semester, so somehow they have to leave some good memories for these cheap professors.

Jacob sat tremblingly next to Professor Hong Bei, smiling stiffly, listening to the voice of Professor Hong Bei that kept coming,’Ah, the pervert who went to the women’s bathroom in the middle of the night was called Jacob Kowalski? Professor Defense Against the Dark Arts? tsk tsk tsk …’

Noting Jacob’s gaze, Humber turned his head and greeted Jacob seemingly friendly, “Hello, Professor Kowalski.”

It would be more friendly if she didn’t talk about perverts in her heart. Jacob smiled awkwardly and politely, “Last time it was really a misunderstanding, Professor Hong Bei, just call me Jacob. …”

“Of course I believe that was a misunderstanding,” Mrs. Humber smiled nodded, “Professor Kowalski, but I think we should keep a certain distance,” perverted.

“Yes… of course…” Jacob scratched his head, turned his head, and smiled awkwardly at the unknown strange food before him.

“Enjoy the good night!” Headmaster Dumbledore finished his speech, waved his hand, and signaled everyone to start the meal.

He saw Professor Jacob staring blankly at the burger, and thought it was a bit funny, “he he he he, Professor Jacob, I heard that Hogwarts’ food is a little bit out of your taste,” Headmaster Dumbledore photographed Pat Jacobs on the shoulder, “So let house elf think about American food…”

“Fresh’magic power kipper burgers’!” Dumbledore introduced Jacob grandly to the food in front of him. “Made from the fattest boneless fish in the Black Lake, combined with British and American characteristics, the house elf also want to put on the salty soup sauce…”

“But I stopped it,” Dumbledore blinked Eyes, “Because I think this’burger’ is enough for burgers, I hope you like it.”

Fortunately, it was stopped, otherwise this thing simply cannot be called a burger, although it looks now It didn’t look like it, “It looks good,” Jacob smiled nodded, thanking that not everyone is a photographer.

“haha haha ​​I’m so glad you like it,” Dumbledore touched his beard and skewed up a piece of cake. Yes, he won’t eat well during dinner. Dalys should talk about it again when he knows it.

Jacob looked at the kipper burger, which was obviously hard to swallow, the dark filling, and the purple sauce, the lettuce next to the filling looked a little withered…

Of the dishes that Jacob has seen, only Britain’s famous dish “Looking Up at the Stars” can be as dark as it.

He swallowed his saliva and suddenly thought of what Snape had warned him on the first day of Hogwarts–

‘I hope you have a good time at your post, but you’d better be careful , Don’t have any accidents at school…’

Jacob glanced at the black bat that was eating gracefully, and accidentally met his gaze, which could be called’sharp’. Under tension, Ya Kobu picked up the burger on the table and took a bite to hide his voyeurism.

‘Oh…’ He almost vomited.

Snape retracted the gaze knife into its scabbard, and killed the vegetable salad in front of him gracefully and fiercely. A new professor of potion came to him, so why didn’t I teach Defense Against the Dark Arts?

He sighed, snorted, and smashed the crumbly lettuce from the bowl into his mouth.

Professor Flitwick next to Snape was holding a fork cautiously, why did he lose his temper again? Professor Snape’s temper is really unpredictable.

Professor Flitwick looked at Snape’s vegetable salad with a confused expression. Could it be that the lettuce was not cleaned?

“Hey! Our new potion professor is a great beauty!” The young wizard underneath was full and panicked, and began to talk about the new potion professor.

“Finally…” A Second Year young lion lowered his voice, “We will not see Professor Snape for a short time,” he clenched his fists, moved towards the candle floating in the sky and prayed, “Thank you Merlin! I don’t want a gift this Christmas-this is the best gift!”

“Huh?” Slytherin’s junior little snake was obviously a little bit upset, “We won’t be able to go to Professor Snape for a short time. Class…”

A curly-haired little snake looked very disappointed, “I wish I could quickly rise to Fourth Year…”

“Professor Hong Bei looks so young, Can you teach us potion?” The blond snake mumbled, he crossed his hands a little dissatisfied, “Looks younger than my twenty-year-old elder sister! Does she know how to put the material in the water?”

Anna sat next to watch the excitement and did not speak. She was more interested in what the blond snake would look like when she knew how old Mrs. Humber was.

Belinda had the same idea. She smiled fascinated and stretched out her hand for a small cake.

Suddenly the blond snake noticed Anna’s gaze, and for some reason she was suddenly upset, “Hey, you are from a muggle, what do you look like?”

Huh? Anna was a little surprised. When she was observing in a low-key manner, she had never attracted the attention of others, but soon, Anna remembered it, maybe it was the effect of her own prestige improvement…

Seeing that Anna didn’t say anything, she was little blonde. Snake unsatisfied, “Anna. Lawrence, right? I haven’t paid special attention to you before…”

“Don’t think that you answered a few questions in class. We will accept you after you help house a few points— “The blond snake raised his head. From Anna’s point of view, he was a little stupid and shook his head very dramatically. “You are a sad muggle from birth!”

The blond snake stared at Anna, Anna is a one With an interesting expression on the deputy, he seemed to say, “Come on, continue your performance.”

See if you have the strength to irritate me.

Belinda was eating the little cake while watching the excitement. Her pupils quaked and her expression was excited. She almost waved the little flag and shouted, “Fight, fight”.

Marcus Flint has attracted attention. He is usually the most happy to see the young wizard who was born in muggle being spotted. When he turns his head to see who is being spotted——


At that moment, he recalled the fear of being dominated by Big Flower Arm and Mahjong on the Hogwarts Express.

The duck leg in his hand is almost out of reach, Flint swallowed, and patted the blond snake’s shoulder, “Dude, give me a suggestion, don’t mess with her…”

“Who…” The blond snake turned his head impatiently, and saw Marcus Flint, Slytherin’s most potential chaser, his eyes lit up, “Flint Senior!”

The blonde snake reacted for a while, seeming to understand something. He looked at Flint and Anna again, suddenly raising a weird smile, “Oh—” He stretched his voice, each minding their own business nodded.

“I understand–“

The blond snake turned around in a regular manner, as if nothing had happened just now.

“?” Belinda stopped delivering the little cake to her mouth.

What did he understand? Anna, Belinda, and Flint have a common question.

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