Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 135

Blow nodded, but did not continue to talk about the big octopus, but got involved in another thing, “Have you heard of a legend about Hogwarts…”

“Golden snitch? Red head scarf ?” Anna frowned, the commotion of the big octopus has something to do with this?

“Uh, not this,” Blow waved his hand.

“The legend of Hogwarts…Um…Moaning Myrtle?” Belinda scratched his head, “Or Peeves?”

Blow smiled and shook his head, “Give me a hint, the most mysterious The legend!”

“I know!” Flint said confidently, “Legend that there is a magic mirror hidden in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Just say to it, “The magic mirror, please tell me… ‘”

This is a bit absurd.

“Cough,” Blow coughed to prevent Flint from substituting the story of the Snow White Witch. “It’s not this. Although there are many Hogwarts legends, it definitely does not include a cruel and ugly witch bullying beauty…”

“But there is really such a magic mirror hidden…” Flint tried to continue the topic.

“What I want to say is—”Blow helpless raised his voice, interrupting Flint’s partial topic, “Chamber of Secrets, the Chamber of Secrets left by the founder of Hogwarts.”

Chamber of Secrets?

At that moment, the women’s toilet, the sewer, dirty, Basilisk, black notebook, and 16-year-old handsome Voldemort, a few keywords flooded Anna’s mind.

Blow’s voice increased, attracting the attention of the blond snake.

The blond snake’s head came over, “Excuse Bro Senior, I also know this legend, and I am also a little interested in this legend…”

“Are you?” Blow extends the hand and shook hands with the blond snake.

Golden hair, brown eyes, right corners of the eyes raise upwards, and smile reveals sweet dimples. The blond snake is a good-looking lady.

“Sambadi Avery, Bro Senior, just call me Sambadi,” the blond snake held Bro’s hand, and Bro paused when he heard the snake’s name At once, the movement is a bit stiff.

He suddenly remembered the conversation between father and himself.

‘Xiaobu, recently in school, there are a few pure-blooded companies that can’t get in-depth contact, it’s best to disconnect, Black, Weasley, Travers and Avery,’ Rufus with glasses. Fudge sitting On the leather sofa, holding the Daily Prophet in his hand, it seemed to be an inadvertent reminder.

‘Yes, father,’ Blow didn’t take this matter too seriously. There are more wizards who can’t get in-depth contact. Blow never imagined finding one or two close friends in Hogwarts.

‘I would prefer you to ask me why,’ Rufus moved the newspaper down, showing half of his face, looking towards Blow.

Blow asked almost instantly,’Why? ‘

He was not because of curiosity, but because of Rufus’ patience and temper after being promoted, just like the expired Butterbeer just a little bit, all to blame for the competitive pressure of tmdMinistry of Magic.

‘If you want to know, you should ask earlier. ‘

Rufus held the newspaper in silence for a while, and just when Blow thought he was going to lose his temper again, he finally spoke.

The Black family and Travers family are closely related to you know who, while the Weasley family stands firmly on the opposite side of you know who. Recently, the fireworks of Diagon Alley appeared. The situation is unknown. We must remain neutral. ‘

‘Then… Where’s the Avery house? ‘

‘They are also from the you know who group, but this is not the most important thing,’ Rufus put the newspaper down.

‘The important thing is that they are all lunatics. ‘

Mad man…Blow swallowed, wondering how crazy this one was before him.

He was very scrupulous about the surname of Avery, but he did not show it too clearly. Blow smiled, “Are you interested in the legend of Chamber of Secrets?”

‘Madman’ Sambadi lowered his voice mysteriously and secretively, “Yes, I heard…The four founders of Hogwarts had a disagreement on whether to enroll students from muggle a while after the school was founded…”

“Mr. Slytherin has set up a Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts, which contains treasures that only people he approves can obtain——”

“rare treasure,” Sambadi stretched I heard the voice, “I heard that the person who got this treasure…has a chance to learn Mr. Slytherin’s best spells…”

Well…this is different from what Rowling said…Anna touched her chin .

“This is a little bit different from what I heard,” Blow touched his nose. “I heard that-all four school founders set up Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts.”


“The Chamber of Secrets set by Mr. Slytherin can only be opened by his heir. There is a terrifying monster living there. When the door of Chamber of Secrets is opened, the school will be cleaned up. All Slytherin thinks it is not worthy to learn. Magical people will be cleared…”

“The Chamber of Secrets set by Gryffindor is in a place where the sun cannot shine, because he is afraid that the things inside are too dazzling, which will attract the peep of the sun.”

“Ravenclaw’s Chamber of Secrets needs a lot of poems and books to find,” Blow shrugged. “I personally think that Ms. Ravenclaw doesn’t want us to find her Chamber of Secrets…”

“And Ms. Hufflepuff, her Chamber of Secrets is not Chamber of Secrets, now it’s called’Hogwarts kitchen is more suitable’.”

“Wow,” Flint held Blow’s neck “How do you know so much? Is it because you put Knut in front of Mr. Slytherin’s portrait every day, and he told you in a dream?”

“Cough,” Blow gave Flint a elbow, “Mr. Slytherin appeared In my dream, there are only two possibilities, rebuke…or murdering a bad student who prays for me every day…”

I didn’t see him but he knew it.

“I saw it in a book. I bought “Campus Legendary: A Story I and Hogwarts Have to Not Tell” at Knockturn Alley’s “Bockin-Bock” shop. The author is “Wu Mingshi’.”

Sambadi fell silent, and Anna suddenly remembered something, “So what does this have to do with the big octopus in the Black Lake?” Almost betrayed the subject.

“The relationship is big,” Blow was mysterious, and seemed to have an endless secret. It may be that this child has been holding back at home for too long, so he came to school and wanted to tell all the things he didn’t say at home. Finish.

“A place where the sun can’t shine… I think the Chamber of Secrets of Gryffindor is very likely to be hidden under the Black Lake, guarded by a big octopus!” Blow waved his arm.

“The big octopus is so restless recently, maybe something happened to the Chamber of Secrets of Gryffindor!”

This idea is very creative. Anna thought about it and went to the black It is not impossible to find out under the lake.

【Private Space: A long time ago, four young wizards set out with lofty ideals. They crossed the mountain range, crossed the river, and stepped on the muddy land to defeat one evil creature after another.

In the Middle Ages, the power of the wizard was not accepted by the world. When passing by the straw, they saw a witch lying in it with a pitchfork on his chest. The lion hugged the corpse and roared, thinking What to do, was stopped by the tearful little badger, and the eagle said:’It was ignorance, it was the ignorance of the villagers that killed her,’ the snake was smiling, and then poisoned all the villagers.

Later, four wizards established a school.

In the most difficult time, they never leave each other, but people always need a little personal space, don’t they?

Conditions reached: enter the four Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts; task reward: memory +100, reaction power +100, unknown]

“I once spent two Galleons trying to make A Gryffindor went into the water to take a look…” Blow had a pity on his expression, “but his wand lighting spell is too rubbish, he said he didn’t see anything.”

“I have a different opinion. “Belinda frowned, “No one can be sure of the truth about the Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets, and no Chamber of Secrets has been found for so many years. Maybe they only exist in the legend.”

“Especially the Chamber of Secrets left by Mr. Slytherin, who will clean up non-purebred students,” Belinda was a little serious, “can’t tell whether it is some pro-muggle faction, or a muggle-born in order to discredit pureblood , The rumors spreading that caused panic…”

She remembered the conversation between the two fish guards she heard when she was lurking in Misty Hot Springs. “A large part of the wizards from muggle are likely to be dissatisfied with the pure The welfare of blood, and deliberately…”

Belinda suddenly stopped thinking of something.

I glanced at her side and listened very seriously. She didn’t seem to realize that she was Anna from a muggle at all, and she quickly turned her gaze back.

I awkwardly explained, “I’m not talking about you, don’t check in.”

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