Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 136

Oh, Belinda.

Anna smiled back, and Belinda looked awkward like a small sparrow with a twist. In short, cuteness prevailed.

In the third week when Anna came to Hogwarts, she once again refreshed her knowledge of Slytherin house.

Tough tongue and gossip, I often put my blood on my lips, and I will introduce my family when I introduce myself. I know a lot. Even office murder is an after-dinner topic. Interests come first, and I choose objects when I help others. By the way, think about what benefits you can get…

It’s very real, naive, and cute, so you can’t kill everyone with a stick, saying that Slytherin’s students are all small villains.

Although Slytherin house does have a Dark Lord and a few Death Eaters, more Slytherin students choose to become Ministry of Magic office workers, party hobbyists, Gringotts staff, researchers, or businessman.

Furthermore, a child at this age, no matter which house he belongs to, is a blank sheet of paper, which is extremely malleable.

Sorting Hat cannot determine the future of children.

Anna stared at Belinda, the smile on her face gradually turned into that of her aunt, and she looked at Belinda inexplicably.

“What’s so funny?” Belinda frowned. “Your smile is as ugly as the awkward smile of a silly baboon when it slips on a banana peel.”

Anna feels that Belinda’s’venom’ jet skill must be strangled in the cradle before it has been fully practiced.

What a girl, but her mouth is long.

Is Slytherin’s mouth poisoning traditional arts? Anna thought, could it be that the symbol is a snake because the snake sprays venom everywhere?

Maybe Mr. Slytherin’s mouth is also very poisonous… I keep a pet Basilisk to spray with snake language every day and relax.

Is my mouth poisonous? Anna self-reflection, it should not be poisonous, not poisonous now, nor will it be poisonous in the future.

Sambadi was silent for a while, looked towards Blow, and spoke again, “I believe Mr. Slytherin’s Chamber of Secrets has what I want, whether it will bring disaster or not…”

“I want to get it.”

This kind of inexplicable obsession made Blow a little uncomfortable. He pulled out a smile, “Then I wish you success, but more I don’t know the information about Chamber of Secrets.”

“Just be quiet! Children, be quiet!” Headmaster Dumbledore once again worked with Professor McGonagall after creating the’food disaster’ The next’request’ came out, and Pack was in a mess.

After a snap of his fingers, the food on the table and on the ground disappeared without a trace, but the food on the young wizard’s body showed no trace of disappearance, and the food men stared at the headmaster.

“The time is almost here, and our welcome dinner ends like this-let’s enjoy the good night time!”

Young wizards in Filch and Mrs. Norris were’bad’ Watching them, they left the auditorium in groups.

Belinda pulled Anna, “Let’s go.”

Seeing Anna hesitated, she wrinkled frowned, recalling Anna’s eyes when she heard the Gryffindor Chamber of Secrets The lit rays of light represent’interested’.

“Don’t tell me, you just want to jump into the Black Lake like a reckless Gryffindor to find Chamber of Secrets!” Belinda’s hands on her hips, “You’ll be entangled in water plants and then His face was flushed to death in the lake!”

Although I know Belinda is caring, it sounds like a curse!

Anna scratched her head and glanced at Headmaster Dumbledore who was about to leave, “I won’t go, I just want to ask Headmaster Dumbledore for questions…”

Just now, I saw that the holding spell cast by Headmaster Dumbledore accurately acts on various foods floating in the sky. The accuracy of magic power is almost max. Recently, Anna has been worrying about the single-digit magic power control value.

“en?” Belinda showed a puzzled expression, “Why do you suddenly love learning so much?”

Belinda’s doubts made Anna make up her mind, “I have been Both love to learn,” she hurried to Dumbledore with an apron on her arm.

Headmaster Dumbledore is about to go back to the headmaster office to drink a cup of’bedtime hot tea’, eat a few’bedtime cockroaches’, and then put on the blindfold and lie down on the comfortable bed.

“Good evening, Headmaster Dumbledore,” Dumbledore was stopped by Anna.

“Anna, good evening, did you have a good dinner party?” Dumbledore touched his white beard, smiled on his face, but started to ponder all kinds of information recently received, maybe…she did it again What happened?

“Very happy, Headmaster Dumbledore, especially when the ice cream fell on my head, my head is so clear,” Anna coughed.

“haha haha, the young wizard is to stay awake at all times,” Dumbledore paused for a second, “then this sober young wizard, is there anything you came to see me for?”

Before Anna could speak, Dumbledore added, “I hope that the recent closure of Misty Hot Springs has nothing to do with you. I hope I can take some time to go to the Hot Springs.”

Anna swallows Slobber, face doesn’t change, “I know about this… Didn’t Daily Prophet say that it closed down because the misty hot springs were so good that they attracted Dragon’s station?”

“And the Seer Evening News is famous Reporter Rita Skeeter also published related reports. Ichiro Takeuchi finally persuaded his mother to agree to his marriage with childhood sweethearts, and he is busy returning to Japan to prepare for the wedding…”

” I really have nothing to do with it,” Anna nodded sincerely, affirming herself, not knowing whether she was persuading Dumbledore or herself.

“Reading more newspapers is a good thing,” Dumbledore smiled and nodded, “But Ms. Skeeter’s article lacks some important things and cannot be studied in depth.”

” She recently published an article about’Azkaban’s most ferocious prisoner’ Sirius .Black escaped from prison. I wonder if you have read it?”

Anna suddenly realized that the choice to chat with Headmaster Dumbledore was really a mistake. Wrong decision again.

“I don’t remember very well, but I know that Ms. Skeeter has distorted certain facts to a certain extent…” Anna replied deliberately, “I rarely read what she wrote.”

Dumbledore pulled out a newspaper from the pointed hat he was wearing, not knowing why he kept the newspaper in that place.

He opened the newspaper and showed it to Anna, “Old friend, Sirius. Black. We saw him when we visited Azkaban. He fell on the wall, looking like he was unlovable.”

Dumbledore points to the wanted photo of Sirius in the newspaper. The photo shows Sirius very handsomely, roaring with his mouth wide open, looking like a baring fangs and brandishing claws lion.

“He looks much more energetic now.”

Anna smiled and agreed, “Yes,” and then remained silent and smiled.

“Why don’t you come to the headmaster room for a cup of hot tea? You seem to have something to say,” Dumbledore broke the silence and suggested, “I can’t be more good at solving problems for young wizards, and it’s delicious. “Cockroach Clusters”.”

Drinking tea in the headmaster room…

Although it is not on Anna’s list of “50 Things to Do in Hogwarts”, but insight The headmasters of past generations hang paintings, and it seems like a good thing to look at Phoenix Fawkes.

Anna clicked nodded, “Okay, Headmaster Dumbledore,” As long as he doesn’t look at his eyes, it should be okay. Forgive the greatest white wizard of this century, he wouldn’t use the pen to read my memory directly.

“Let’s go, climb the eighth floor and exercise after a meal.”

Anna complexion changed.

The two climbed up the marble steps in front of the auditorium. “Hogwarts doesn’t allow Form Displacement Shadow.” Looking at Anna’s’God I’m going to climb the eighth floor’, Dumbledore explained, “I It’s better to follow this rule.”

“Good evening, Headmaster Dumbledore!” A Gryffindor with meatballs on his head eagerly ran over to greet him, “The dinner is really great!”

Dumbledore smiled nodded at the young wizard who greeted him, and successive young wizards ran over. It seemed that he was very much loved by the young wizard.

“Good evening, fat lady,” came to the eighth floor, and Dumbledore greeted the fat lady portrait.

The fat lady was very happy, “Headmaster Dumbledore! Good evening!” She acted ostentatiously, “many thanks you drove off some terrifying Trolls last time, although they went back to beat Barnabas again…some Poor,” the fat lady slapped the small fan in her hand, “but it’s not too bad…”

“Although that is not very good, um…but Barnabas is still suitable for his ballet Troll play together.” The fat lady took the gorgeous little fan to her mouth, as if she didn’t say what she said just now.

Headmaster Dumbledore did not comment, and clicked nodded to bid farewell to the fat lady.

It seems that Barnabas is not very popular. Anna followed Dumbledore and walked to the side corridor. “Headmaster Dumbledore, it sounds like the fat lady doesn’t like this Barnabas?”

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