Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 137


Dumbledore and Anna came to the hanging screen of’Troll Barnabas’. The Troll above kept beating Barnabas again and awoke for a while They came to conserve strength and store up energy, beating people harder, Barnabas let out a pitiful cry.

“Barnabas is the Chief-In-Charge of the Troll activist group and the organizer, but he doesn’t care much about Troll’s rights,” Dumbledore stopped and looked at the assaulted Barnabas. “He takes Troll to perform everywhere, maybe it’s more appropriate for him to run the Troll circus.”

“He took Troll to Hogwarts and wanted to present a wonderful performance, but, just like Divination Professor Cui Laoni said, “It’s all arranged by fate”——”

“Barnabas has used up all the flowers he usually uses. He suddenly have a thought using bubble pods to bloom. Come to enrich the scene.”

“But he who used Troll as a money-making tool didn’t know that Troll was allergic to the pollen of the bubble pods, so the top three performance accidents in Hogwarts history occurred.”

Dumbledore took his gaze away from Barnabas and continued to walk forward. “Troll fell without warning. The professors had no time to react. None of the four tables in the auditorium were spared… The hospital was full of young wizards, and some of them were sent to St. Mungo’s. It was a disaster.”

“Barnabas was out of luck and was crushed to death by Troll’s thigh almost instantly. Dumbledore shook his head. “After the farce, the angry headmaster asked someone to draw a picture for Barnabas to hang in the corridor outside the headmaster, saying it was enough to relieve his breath, because this incident almost caused him to lose his headmaster position and become Laughing.”

“Hogwarts had to suspend classes for nearly a month. This is the longest suspension record, which is much longer than the suspension caused by Peeves.”

didn’t expect there is such a story behind this portrait, Anna touched the chin, remembering that Barnabas once mentioned that those Trolls were still in the Forbidden Forest. I was a little confused, “Headmaster Dumbledore, what happened to those Trolls in the end? Do you deal with it?”

“Troll?” Dumbledore thought, “I’m not quite clear. The Ministry of Magic should send someone to take it away…”

“Don’t worry, Ministry of Magic is always impossible to throw those monsters that can dance ballet wherever you want it to be troublesome, right?” Dumbledore carried A nna came to a hanging screen.

It was a portrait of a giant dragon, with sharp teeth and spread wings. It looked very awe-inspiring. Dumbledore pressed wand against the giant dragon’s forehead and then pulled Anna into it. Painting.

Soon Anna stepped on the soft carpet.

Assaults the senses is the sweetness of candies, mixed with the aroma of black tea, and suppresses the faint taste of books. From the hanging pictures, you can see the wooden table placed in the center of the room and the top There are’cockroaches’ running around.

The room is perfectly round, making the headmaster office look very mathematically symmetrical. “Come on for the first time, headmaster office,” Headmaster Dumbledore cheerfully asked Anna to sit on the small red fabric sofa.

It’s not the first time I’ve been here. Who can go to the headmaster office to wander around?

Anna smiled, “Yeah, Headmaster Dumbledore, it looks so…comfortable…” Anna looked at the painting on the red European wallpaper wall.

Good guys, dozens of paintings, large and small, immobile portraits and costumes have their own characteristics, pirate costumes, cuckold hats, medieval dresses… but the same is the same They all stared at the headmaster table with wide eyes and smiled, seeming to urge the current headmaster to work hard and not to be lazy.

The moving portraits squinted their eyes, pretending to fall asleep, but the headmaster in the turban! Your act of secretly taking the wizard chess off the chess table with your eyes closed has already betrayed you!

“It’s quite comfortable. This headmaster room has already provided high-quality office services for dozens Hogwarts headmaster.” Dumbledore waved his hand, and a lovely teapot and a pot floated from one of the shelves. Juice in a glass bottle, “Tea, or orange juice?”

Dumbledore is like a little child who entertains friends at home. He wants to bring out all the good things. He seems to be thinking of something, and he waved again. , A bottle of black liquid floated over from another shelf, “Or do you want to try this, it should be called…Coke?”

“It was originally prepared for Professor Jacob from the United States …Cough, but I was fascinated by it after I tried it,” Dumbledore patted the Coke bottle. “Muggles really enjoy it. I often drink Coke, a healing potion, and lemon sorbet, in my opinion. It is also a snack comparable to’Cockroach Clusters’…”

“Cough,” a portrait of a lady wearing a heeler costume coughed from the wall.

Headmaster Dumbledore stopped the topic of’junk food’ in time, “It is not suitable for drinking tea at night, it is easy to get nerves, and magic power is disturbed-then some Coke?”

“Of course,” Anna is very happy. Who doesn’t love Happy Water?

She saw the healer painting on the wall and closed her eyes and moved her mouth. She seemed to want to say something, but she still couldn’t say it.

Dumbledore controlled the coke to be accurately poured into a refined ceramic teacup, “speaking of which, there used to be a Gryffindor child who liked these muggle world things.”

“Sirius .Black ,” Dumbledore looked a little emotional, “It’s been so many years…”

Hum, why did you mention Sirius again? Anna’s hand that took the Coke paused slightly, but she still accepted it face doesn’t change. He drank happy water, “I am not familiar with him, Headmaster Dumbledore.”

“Of course, many people are not familiar with him, only know how many people he killed and how bad things he did. ,” Dumbledore smiled, took out a Seer Evening News from the shelf and handed it to Anna, “But I hope you can read this report.”

Headmaster, I’m here for academic research. , I didn’t come to read the newspaper. Anna helpless took the evening paper. Forget it, after drinking Happy Water, I have to pay for the face.

‘Take you into Azkaban: Analysis of the most murderous fugitive in history’

‘… Sirius .Black, the only member of the House of Black who went to Hogwarts Gryffindor, broke the House of Black everyone reads the tradition of Slytherin. Some people think that the tradition is used to break, but perhaps such an anomaly is also a sign of a major event…’

‘… According to some unnamed and Black’s same-level wizard revealed that Sirius.Black showed extreme violent tendencies when he was young. He often pinched toad’s eyes in potion classes, or chased running rabbits, and issued roar…’

‘…”He and his friends are terrifying the same, I knew there would be problems,” said a wizard S who was a student with Black. He was troubled by the pranks of Black and his companions in his early years. “They did Nothing bad can be overstated”…’

‘… This poor wizard S looks very decadent. He lives alone in Spider’s Tail Alley. The character is a bit irritable. He has been haunted by the shadow of his childhood. Today, I often cry and wake up from nightmares. S’s temper is as gloomy and uncertain as Britain’s weather. Unfortunately, he later refused our interview…’

This one cried from nightmares. Looking at the new wizard S… Hmm… Anna touched her head, frowned, definitely not Professor Snape, how ridiculous it looks…

‘…Rita Skeeter will continue to report for you… ‘

Rita Skeeter? Anna’s brows were loosened, no wonder, what she said was false.

“It seems that you have seen the part of wizard S,” Dumbledore touched his beard. “That is your head, Professor Snape, but he didn’t have it when Ms. Skeeter found him. Saying crying and not sleeping…”

“Professor Snape didn’t talk to Ms. Rita Skeeter at all, oh, to be precise, he said something, similar to’Leave my sight’,’ Get out of my house’ or something.”

Dumbledore laughed, “Professor Snape was really furious when he saw this report. He turned around and went back to the laboratory to play potion. If it was Skeeter The lady dared to show up in front of him. I guess it won’t be too good.”

Anna put down the newspaper and felt that the “continuous reporting” of Ms. Beetle Skeeter was really annoying, so she had to find a way. Exterminate pests.

Dumbledore put a dish of Cockroach Clusters on the small table in front of Anna, and motioned to her to be polite, “Skeet Young Lady didn’t know where to get the news. We learned that we were in Sirius. I visited Azkaban a few days before the escape, so she, who has a keen sense of news, hit me on her mind.”

Dumbledore didn’t seem to care. “She the sword moves with side stroke, she didn’t doubt Voldemort. , But turned her gaze to the poor old man and a little girl who is harmless to humans and animals.”

Anna swallowed.

“Ms. Skeeter has caught me at the recent candy show, but her interview was not going well. Unfortunately, she did not get the information she wanted…”

“So—maybe she will do everything possible to interview you, Anna,” Dumbledore narrowed his eyes with a smile, “Although Sirius escape has nothing to do with us, but be careful and crazy and charming. Ms. Skeeter’s ruthless quill…”

“By the way, this thing really has nothing to do with us, right?”

“Yes,” Anna without the slightest hesitation.

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