Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 138

Hearing Anna’s affirmative answer, Dumbledore clicked nodded, “That would be great.”

“Ah,” Anna tried to turn this off.’A little carelessness will inevitably say something wrong.’ “Headmaster Dumbledore, I have an academic question I want to ask.”

“Oh! Of course, please say that the purpose of the headmaster position is to help children solve problems,” Dumbledore Pour a cup of black tea for myself.

Anna put down the Coke in her hand, her expression became serious and serious, “Headmaster Dumbledore, at the dinner just now, I saw you use the silent wandless large-scale body fixation spell, how did you do it? How about applying magic power to small objects so precisely?”

Dumbledore listened to Anna’s question, smiled and walked to the sofa to sit down, “Growing age, a lot of practice, and some insignificant innate talent,” he held up the plate of Cockroach Clusters on the wooden table, “but,’Cockroach Clusters’ helped me a lot.”

Dumbledore held the plate in his hand, the chocolate cockroach It kept tumbling and clamoring inside, seeming to announce loudly to the world, “We are the secret weapon of the Hogwarts headmaster.”

Looking at these “cute” little things, Anna shivered, “Can you tell me more about your experience? Headmaster Dumbledore?”

Dumbledore did not speak, he caught Pick up a chocolate cockroach and want to put it on a small wooden table.

But a memory from a long time ago suddenly appeared in his head——

The wooden table, the sofa, and the burning fireplace on the side, the smell of candy in the air, and the sofa The person sitting cross-legged, he never likes to live in a restrained manner, and even sits on a sofa with his own rebellion.

‘Albus! Show you something! ‘The boy smiled brilliantly, and seemed to be thinking about some funny pranks,’ look forward to it, it’s your favorite sweet-‘

‘surprise! “A cockroach appeared in the boy’s hand, he put the cockroach on the table, “Edible chocolate cockroach! I prefer to call it “Sleeping Cockroach”, I really don’t know how Sweetshop figured out this thing…’

‘You know that this’Cockroach Clusters’ is not a real cockroach, it’s just a magic creation, even It’s also edible—’

‘ But when you see its tiny legs move fast, its two tentacles tremble at an uncomfortable frequency, and the wings that are ready to go, or There will be fear, thinking deeply about whether the person who makes this chocolate has any hardships with cockroaches, a story that has to be told! ‘

There was madness on the boy’s face,’It’s a shame to use it as food alone! So I improved it…’

Anna silently lifted her legs onto the sofa and hugged her. Although she had eaten’Cockroach Clusters’ chocolate and knew that it tasted really good, she saw cockroach chocolate crawling on the table. For the first time, it was as desperate as a real cockroach appeared in the corner.

Anna saw Headmaster Dumbledore staring at the cockroach running on the table, and remained silent for a long time like a dead machine.

Do I usually look at system like this? Anna began to reflect, extend the hand shook in front of Dumbledore, “headmaster?”

Dumbledore came back to his senses, and picked up the cockroach on the wooden table, “Not good means, getting older I suddenly fell into memory.”

He passed the cockroach in his hand to Anna.

“This kind of’Cockroach Clusters’ is different from the inactive’sleeping cockroach chocolate’ sold in Honeydukes Sweetshop,” Dumbledore blinked, “I prefer to call you in your hand The one you are holding is’Cockroach Clusters’.”

Prank Cockroach Clusters? Very Gryffindor’s name, “Is it different?” Anna took a closer look at what was in her hand.

“Cockroach Clusters, as the name suggests, are very suitable for pranks, suddenly appearing in every corner like a real cockroach…”

Dumbledore took out the wand and clicked on the cockroach in Anna’s hand On the wing, I read spells that are not like spells, “Clean up the corners too!”

The cockroach suddenly disappeared into Anna’s hand, “What?”

Look at Anna. With a dumb expression on his face, Dumbledore smiled happily, “This is the subtlety of the prank Cockroach Clusters…”

“Buzz…” The high-speed inciting sound of wings sounded in his ears.

The high responsiveness provided by the Anna system is too late to stop the’crazy’ cockroaches. You can only see the cockroaches appearing on the left side. When Anna wants to do something, “pa,” the cockroaches are already attached. Covered her face.

Not screaming out is already the result of Anna’s very hard work.

Dumbledore waved his hand and the mischievous cockroach floated back from Anna’s face. “No screaming, it’s amazing. The first time I saw it, I almost lifted the table…”

“Later, I often used these little things to exercise my accuracy in casting spells. To be precise, I was forced to exercise, because some people like to use them to prank.”

Anna nodded expressed understanding , Who doesn’t have a wizard who likes pranks by his side?

“You can eat it if you are angry,” Dumbledore handed Anna a plate of Cockroach Clusters. “There is no better practice tool than this.”

Anna took it with both hands, “Thank you headmaster!” She felt that the magic power control value she hadn’t improved was finally saved, and she was one step closer to the goal of using magic to the fullest.

I can’t wait to go back to practice. Anna was a little excited to see Belinda’s collapsed expression. She held the plate and said goodbye to Dumbledore, “The headmaster, I won’t bother you anymore. Good dreams. !”

Dumbledore smiled and waved her, “I wish you a good dream Anna, remember, be careful of our lovely lady Skeeter.”

“I will be careful. “Anna nodded, she was preparing to go out through the hanging paintings she used when she came in. On the corridor side is the giant dragon, and on the headmaster office side is the landscape painting of Hogwarts Castle.

“Let’s go over there,” Dumbledore called Anna, and pointed to a wooden door by the wall. With a wave of his hand, the wooden door opened gently. “It’s more convenient over there.”


Anna didn’t ask much, and after bidding farewell to Headmaster Dumbledore, she walked out of the wooden door carrying the cockroach.

I walked a few steps down a stone ladder, and what appeared before my eyes was the butt part of a stone statue…

Because there is only such a thing at the end of the road, Anna is a little speechless with the cockroach. Is this a mechanism? How to turn it on?

The ass spoke, “The secret code?”

The secret code? What code? Anna is about to turn around and ask Headmaster Dumbledore.

“You only have a chance this time,” the character of the stone butt is not very good, and he doesn’t have much patience.

Anna can only brace oneself to guess one, “Mischief Cockroach Clusters?”

“ka ka …” The stone butt sculpture rotates to the back, revealing a not too wide circle Platform, it seems that the code is right.

Anna stood in, and the butt sculpture turned back again, and I could feel this small space descending rapidly, oh, it turned out to be something that functions like an elevator…

etc. .

Why don’t you take the elevator when you come up?

Headmaster Dumbledore in the headmaster office picked up the unfinished cup of black tea again and smiled happily.

“Really strange,” said the Black former headmaster hanging a picture on the wall. “You used to ask students to come to the office to let them come from the stone statue. Why did you suddenly come in from the hanging picture today?”


“Life is exercise, Black former headmaster,” Dumbledore took a sip of black tea, “I hope you can experience this firsthand.”

“Life is exercise, which is right. “Ms. Dai Lisi nodded in approval, “but drink black tea in the evening…”

“Cough, Dai Lisi, the former headmaster Black just secretly took a chess piece from your chess table,” Dumbledore succeeded. Open the topic.

“Really?” Dalys looked at the chessboard carefully, and stared at the Black former headmaster.

“Dumbledore!” Black’s former headmaster shook his robe, face doesn’t change, “How could I do this kind of thing!”

Headmaster Dumbledore shrugged, and the headmaster office again Live it up.

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