Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 139

It’s another day.

As a beautiful and elegant pure-blood lady, Belinda wakes up from the four-poster bed of’make everything beautiful’. When she opens her eyes, it is the dark green ceiling that reveals the mysterious atmosphere. Outside the window, black The mysterious and cute aquatic animals and plants under the lake greeted her with a smile.

Belinda smiled and started a wonderful day.

I laughed and talked about academic issues with the professor, won praise, sat in the library and served a cup of black tea, swimming in the ocean of knowledge, although the library can not bring any food in, but there are always exceptions to everything, right? ?

Well… I always feel… I seem to be missing something. Did I forget something?

Belinda took a sip of black tea and shook her head. Heh, what can bother an elegant pure blood? Don’t think about it.

Take a copy of “Travels with Trolls” by Mr. Lockhart, sit on a small picnic cloth spread under the big tree by the black lake in the sunny afternoon, and enjoy the perfect afternoon quietly Tea time…

Bath in the starlight at night, behind you is the historic Hogwarts Castle, and in front of me is the melon field by the sea, planted with endless jade green watermelons.


What beach? What melon?

Belinda trembled all over, she saw a petite figure walking towards herself from the melon field, wearing a scarf, pinching a pitchfork in her left hand, and holding a big watermelon in her right hand.

Brown hair, green eyes, Anna kicked off the stone pier on the road, she yelled, “Belinda! Eat melon!”

The familiar window sounded in her ears At the sound of being knocked, Belinda opened her eyes sharply.

“Hoo—hu—” She gasped.

In front of me is the toad-colored four-poster bed top, ah… it’s a nightmare, Belinda was suddenly weak, losing the elegant style of’pure blood essence’, and a dead dog lying on the bed like a dead dog .

She turned her head and just happened to see her relatives and roommates, Anna Lawrence, who had brought infinite surprises to her. She didn’t change her pajamas, and she was lying comfortably in a pile of pillows in her robe. Tugging wand, a wicked smile appeared on his face when he fell asleep.

“dong dong! dong!” Outside the window are the tentacles of a giant octopus that has recently angered its presence, awakening people like an alarm clock every morning.

Belinda scratched her hair, sat up, and took a look at the watch on the bedside table. It was only after eight o’clock, and there was still some time before class.

She was a little confused, staring at the air in a daze, before she completely awoke from the nightmare.

Suddenly, a small black thing came into her sight.

“…” Belinda’s breathing became lighter. She saw the black thing running out from under Anna’s bed, slowly climbing up the cabinet, as if to get onto the bed.

f…k! Belinda looked at the desperate scene before her and tried to wake Anna, “Anna…” She lowered her voice, as if she was afraid of disturbing the unexpected guest.

Anna moved, covering one of the pillows on her face, “I will sleep a while Belinda, just a while…”

Then wait for the cockroaches to enter you Sweet dreams! Belinda thought about not seeing and not getting upset, Pack Pack was going to have breakfast.

“Ka,” she stepped on a pile of toilet seats on the ground, “…” Why do these things appear in the elegant lady’s room?

Why does Anna lie on the bed in her robe, holding the wand in her hand, as if she was studying all night?

This should start from last night.

Anna, carrying a plate of mischievous Cockroach Clusters, took the stone butt elevator directly to the third floor of the castle.

“clang 哐哐…” The wall in front of her moved away to both sides, Anna walked out of the small elevator, and turned her head, the wall was quickly closed, one with a sharp horn face looks sinister , The stone statue with fangs long enough for half a meter exaggeratedly jumped to the wall to guard the entrance.

“…” Anna and the stone statue are speechless.

Elevator! This is the right way to get in and out of the headmaster room!

“Signal?” The stone statue said, with a low voice, sounding a little dragging.

“Oh, I won’t go in…” Anna came back to his senses, and found that she was replying to a stone pier,’Am I naive enough to talk to a broken stone? ‘She has a little shame in her eyes.

“I am not a broken stone,” the stone statue seemed a little uncomfortable, some small stones fell from its head, “Human, not only that, I can read some of your thoughts, Confirm whether you pose a threat to the school.”

“Are you alive?!” The cockroach in Anna’s hand almost spilled out.

“Of course, I have life and wisdom, and even I am an honorary member of the’let go of that stone’ carving association!”

The wings of the stone statue moved, He lifted his head slightly, straightened his chest, and looked proud, “Drip Gargoyle, a group that has no Australian protein eyes. I even have my own name, but I can’t tell any humans, because if a human calls it, I will always become a rock…”

I don’t really want to know your name, Mr. Stone, Anna secretly slandered.

“Guarding is my job. Although it was forced before, I have accepted my fate now.” Gargoyle shook his head, talking a lot of nonsense, “I need this job, I can eat everything. This kind of high-quality gemstone, maybe in a few years, I can split myself into a child!”

The amount of information is too much!

“So, respect a father who is working hard for the future. Don’t just stare at me because my appearance is too good!”

“Sorry,” Anna sincerely apologized “Are there many…your brothers and sisters in the castle?”

“Wow, I am asking questions almost every time, ciphers and ciphers…you are the first to ask me questions “Young wizard,” said Gargoyle secretly nodded. In fact, there was a lot of movement. “In that case, I will answer your question. The answer is-yes.”

“Including Ravenclaw common room The doorknobs are all my brothers.”

“Wait…uh…Mr. Gargoyle, I remember that the doorknobs of the Ravenclaw common room are not carved eagle-shaped bronze knockers?” You are not a stone ? Did your brother mutate?

“Well, that is to fit the theme of Ravenclaw common room, it is ugly and changed with magic, completely without beauty,” the stone statue emphasized, “completely without beauty!”


“It’s so pitiful,” Anna asked, “What’s your poor brother’s name?”

“It’s Shi…wait,” Gargoyle said, ” You asked too much young wizard.”

“Sorry, sorry,” Anna took a chocolate cockroach from the plate and put it on the head of the stone statue. “This is as an apology gift-so good night, guard Sir.”

“hmph,” the stone statue fell silent.

Fortunately, before the curfew time, Anna carried the cockroach, ran quickly under the scrutinizing eyes of Filch and Mrs. Norris, and stopped by the women’s toilet on the third floor to say hello to Myrtle.

By the way, this is no longer a women’s toilet. It has been transformed into Ms. Hong Bei’s office, which is totally different.

At a glance, you can see the luxurious dark golden wallpaper, marble floor, complete set of European-style furniture, and several flower beds in the corners.

Myrtle’s toilet has been preserved, pasted with a golden pattern, and the toilet seat is even intimately covered with a plush cushion. This is not afraid of cold ass when going to the toilet in winter.

It can be seen that Myrtle is very satisfied, although the toilets that have lived in several decades are no longer the same.

She foul-mouthed,’My bathroom! ‘But he didn’t cry, his face was filled with a happy smile.

However, the tattered sink and the Chamber of Secrets entrance are still standing in the center of the room, adding a touch of humanity to this gorgeous room. Mrs. Hong Bei thought about moving it, but found that she couldn’t move it. , Well, just wait for it to be there.

“Anna, this is for you,” the mature Ms. Hong Bei, who was wearing warm yellow silk pajamas and her skin could be broken by bombs, handed over a few clean toilet seats.

Anna holds a plate of cockroaches in her left hand, and her right hand takes the toilet seat, with the same expression as the toilet seat.

“Twin asked me to keep it for them, saying it was going to be taken back as a gift for others,” Mrs. Hong Bei scratched her head, “very…intentional?”

“Ah…Thank you…” Anna can already predict how happy Harry’s group will be when they receive the gift. “Trouble you Mrs. Humber, I will pass it on to them…”

“Goodbye, then, goodnight Ms. Hong Bei,” Anna turned and left.

“Anna,” Myrtle’s voice came from the wall, still the old school uniform, long robe, heavy bangs, two braids that couldn’t be beaten, and a pair of gold glasses. .

The only change is that she no longer cried and smiled. Anna discovered for the first time that Myrtle had dimples.

“Good night,” she said.

“Good night, Myrtle,” Anna nodded gestured, because she left the cockroach and right hand the toilet seat.

Sure enough, the girls all smile beautifully.

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