Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 140

Slowing down, Anna stood on tiptoe and walked through the stairs on the first floor, praying not to disturb the professor who lives on this floor.

The empty stairwells and stone stairs are always quiet at this time. The air is faintly scented by burning candles, and you can hear your Little Pi shoes stepping on The sound from the stone ladder was not crisp.

Anna faces the wall, cautiously avoiding the passing young wizard along the way, for fear of meeting an acquaintance——

She looks like she just went to the bathroom. Robbery.

The blue flower bag is not too much left in dormitory. I can’t call Belinda to answer it. First of all, there is no phone. Secondly, the pure-blood lady Belinda doesn’t know how to answer the phone, too. inconvenient.

Fortunately, it’s getting late. At this time, the flow of people in the public area is drastically reduced. In addition, Hogwarts itself is not too many young wizards. After receiving two or three surprising glances, Anna is inexplicably smooth Came to the corridor on the second floor underground.


An acquaintance appeared.

Flint is holding the broomstick tuggingly, wearing sportswear, brown breeches, black knee pads and dark gloves. He accidentally didn’t wear Slytherin’s iconic green clothing. He also wore a red sweater suspiciously. The old robe that doesn’t fit well, seems to want to go out for a night out for a night Quiddich.

Anna guessed that he might want to be found out at night for easy sophistry——

‘Professor, you see clearly, I don’t wear a green robe, it’s not a Slytherin Student of Gryffindor, I’m from Gryffindor! ‘

But who didn’t know that Troll.Flint was Slytherin’s chaser? He couldn’t even bear to cover his face.

Anna murmured in her heart, and swiftly hid in an unremarkable position in the corridor of the underground 2-Layer, trying to avoid the walking Troll.

“Ha! Marcus. Flint!”

Obviously, the weirdly dressed Flint successfully attracted the attention of Hufflepuff Prefect Watt. He jumped out of the gap in the stone wall and watched It’s been a long time since I got up.

He stood in front of Flint, “The curfew is coming soon, where are you going?”

Watt is tall and thin, and looks very thin, he He took his hands and tried to hold up a very serious look.

“This has something to do with you half a copper Knut?” Flint didn’t mean to stop at all. He raised his head rudely like’Troll’, exposing his nostrils to Watt.

“Oh, maybe you forgot,” Watt’s imposing manner was crushed, “I have to remind you, I am a Perfect!”

“I’m still a chase What about the golfer, Master Prefect,” Flint rolled the eyes, stopped and started spraying poison, “What? As a professor’s tag-a-long feels very honorable, right?”

“Oh! I almost Forget,” Flint stared into Watt’s eyes, seeming to have discovered something more fun than Quiddich, “Don’t you like to be a tag-a-long?”

“What?” Watt was a little bit Angrily, “Pay attention to your words! Flint, be careful I deduct Slytherin’s house points!”

“deduct points deduct points deduct points, what else would you order besides this? And I am not now Flint, the one in front of you is obviously a Gryffindor. If you want to deduct the points of Gryffindor,” Flint pointed to the red sweater, “Are you having trouble with your eyes?”

Flint snorted, wrong Passing by Watt, I wanted to leave when Watt didn’t react.

“Even if I am blind, you are a Slytherin!” Watt grabbed Flint’s cloak, “I’m going to catch you to the professor!”

” Phew-“If you go to the professor, don’t think about the wonderful night Quiddich, Flint relieved, silently accumulating his mouth and gun skills, he turned around, “Well, since you think like this to talk, Then let’s talk about you, Master Perfect.”

Anna was hiding in the 2-Layer corridor underneath, and she just happened to be able to eat the melon that neither too big nor too small. She picked up one and struggled. The prank cockroach is put in the mouth.

“The great character of Hufflepuff house, Watt Bokeby, to be precise, your excellent big brother Adams Bokeby is the great character, am I right, Master Perfect? “

“Didn’t you always like to follow behind your big brother’s ass? That young magical creature scientist must now be very lucky to have finally escaped from the annoying younger brother, right? Don’t blame me for saying more, no Because of your big brother, do you really have a chance to become a Prefect in such an ordinary person?” Flint asked the soul.

“My big brother graduated, I went to haunt Abigail as her tag-a-long, what kind of scarf should I knit for her? Huh,” Flint sneered, and Watt’s expression changed drastically. I started to complain why I had to take care of this articulate Troll.

“Perhaps you think that if you are entangled with Abigail, Slytherin’s students will give you a good look? I really don’t understand how she likes a sticky man like you?”

Watt opened his mouth wide to say something, but only made a small voice, “She…” was interrupted by Flint before he could say it.

“Master Prefect, do you think you become a Prefect and everyone will like you and love you? Nothing has changed, you are still you, one…um…” Flint racked his brains to think about what he thinks is appropriate Flint’s description, “Hide behind others and show off the waste of one’s military strength.”

Flint’s thoughts are clear when mocking others, and overbearing, but it doesn’t seem to be a good thing.

Watt fell silent briefly.

He never tried to beat a Slytherin in language, because he knew that there was no chance of winning, he couldn’t say those hurtful things, and the gentle little badgers always thought for others.

Flint saw that there was no lip service to fight, and felt a little regretful, “Take care of yourself, Lord Watt Prefect.”

He stepped up the steps with a triumphant expression, watching He looked very proud, in stark contrast with the lost Watt standing on the stairs.

Flint was so proud that he accidentally started humming “Where is the witch” loudly. Accidentally forgot that it was less than ten meters away from Professor Snape’s bedroom.

“Marcus Flint.”

The hoarse and familiar voice sounded. This is the voice engraved in Flint in the depth of one’s soul. I used to make mistakes countless times appear.

This voice represents the professor’s care, the explosion of Cauldron, and the suffering of himself.

Flint turned his head stiffly and looked towards Professor Black Hair who wears a nightcap and a robe. His serious face and whatever clothes he wears are all serious.

I don’t know if this time, I will go to the trophy display room to dust the trophy, or copy the “Counting Five Hundred Miraculous Plants” ten times.

“Professor Snape…” Flint said, desperate, and the pride just now disappeared.

“Good evening,” he said.

Anna eats the melon, and then pinches a cockroach chocolate into her mouth. She can’t help but sigh. As expected, life is ups and downs.

Professor Snape glanced at Flint, to be precise, he made a spa for him with his white eyes, “Marcus Flint-this name, it sounds a bit different from Leprechaun -”

“But why? Some of your habits are so similar to them?” Snape started his venom jet with a question that says “No need to answer, because it’s suffocating enough.” What does the broomstick want to do?”

“Be a house elf?”

Snape paused for a second, “Maybe Mrs. Flint would like to know about your recent studies, she I asked me to take care of her child…”

Merlin’s beard! Speaking of mother, Flint panicked. If anyone is more terrifying than you know who, it must be the mother who was furious when he heard the professor’s complaint.

“Professor Snape!” Flint was gone, “I’ll go back to the bedroom right away! Don’t tell my mom!”

“The Fungus,” Professor Snape said The title of the book.

“I know, the old rules, ten times,” Flint nodded expertly.

“Twenty times,” Professor Snape added, “Ten times to punish you for preparing for a night tour, and the remaining ten times to punish you for preparing for a night tour and making noise in public areas.”

Flint turned muddleheaded and crossed with Watt, who was standing on the stairs in a daze, step by step towards dormitory, still muttering’twenty times, twenty times…’

maybe waiting for him to discover “Bacteria” “Like Daquan” is not as thin and bully as Watt, you will feel the malice from the world again.

“You,” Snape pointed to Watt.

“Uh! Yes! Here! Professor Snape!” Watt reacted and hurriedly stepped forward, “I am Hufflepuff’s Prefect, Watt Bokeby!”

“Bobby , Staring here, I don’t want to hear anyone talking here anymore.”

“Yes!” Watt suddenly admires Professor Snape, serious and powerful, just a few words can make Troll Flint betray. , “By the way…Professor Snape, my name is Bokeby, not Bobby…”

Bobby sounds more like the name of some kind of small animal.

“Anything is fine,” Snape walked back to the office, “Keep quiet!”

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