Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 141

Watt started his own Prefect work like a chicken blood.

He stopped everyone passing by, “Speak down, don’t make a loud noise here, and don’t affect the rest of the hard-working professor!”

Anna leaned out and looked Watt glanced at it, then silently shrank back.

Let’s go back to the common room by himself when he leaves the stairs after work.

Anna looked at the empty 2-Layer corridor in front of her. There was nothing but the paintings on the wall.

There are several large wooden barrels embedded at the end of the left hand side.

That is the entrance to the common room of Hufflepuff. According to Abigail Prefect, you need to tap the barrels in order to enter it. If you tap it, you will be sprayed with vinegar.

Anna didn’t want to go back to the dormitory sorely and be disgusted by Belinda. The idea of ​​going to the other house common room was put on hold for the time being.

By the way, it seems that the cafeteria is also on this floor.

All come here.

Anna feels the enthusiasm of Hogwarts house elf and sees the Chamber of Secrets of Ms. Hufflepuff by the way.

Moved towards the opposite direction to Hufflepuff common room. There are many paintings on the wall. After walking for a while, Anna did not find the hidden door of the fruit painting described by the original work in her memory.

Anna tried to inquire about the painting on the wall, and finally found a movable character painting. It was a lovely lady who looked very kind.

The lady has a smile on her face and knits a sweater quietly. She looks like a muggle world can be seen everywhere. The family is harmonious, and occasionally annoying. Yesterday she talked about gossip with the wife next door. Ordinary lady.

But the two-headed cat stretching beside her feet and a skull hidden under the chair show that this lady is not ordinary.

“Excuse me, madam, good evening,” Anna greeted her.

The woman knitting a sweater smiled and turned her attention away from the sweater, took a look at Anna, looked at the cockroach and toilet seat in her hand, shook her head without speaking, and continued knitting the sweater. .

Anna went straight to the subject, “Excuse me, how do I go to the kitchen?”

The kitchen seems to have said the right key word. The sweater lady stopped her movements and stared at Anna seriously. She was originally on the sidelines. The playing two-headed cat jumped on the lady’s lap.

A small, sharp voice made, “A long, long time ago…”

The two-headed cat spoke, and four yellow green eyes stared at Anna, “There are three girls.”


The cat spoke, and Anna was not surprised at all.

“They are so hungry, they secretly went to a good-tempered witch’s house to steal the cake, saw the magic wool yarn that witch cherished, and wanted to steal it together…”


“Witch went home by accident,” the two-headed cat shook his tail. “I was very angry when I saw this scene, so I used magic to put the girls together and turned them into one A cat with three heads.”

It can be seen that this story really happened a long time ago. If it were now, the witch might have been locked into Azkaban by the Ministry of Magic.

“The witch stomach rumbling the cat with hunger. Seven days later, she provided the cat with two pieces of cake.”

The two-headed cat jumped off the lady’s thigh and left the frame. , Dragged back a small plate with two beautiful red velvet cakes in it.

“The two pieces of cake can only be enjoyed by two heads, and they can be transformed into a human form after eating.” The two-headed cat jumped back to the lady’s thigh, “The remaining one can only become Cat.”

“a is screaming, I am different from you, I have family, they are still waiting for me; b sobbing, I am different from you, I just found true love, he is still waiting Look at me; c have no gods in your eyes, I am different from you, I have friends, and they are still waiting for me.”

“They all have reasons to become humans, and now, the choice is yours. “The two-headed cat raised her voice and asked a question, “What choice would you make?”

Anna freed her hand to scratch her head, what the hell is that question, she just wanted to ask a way , “These three girls, um…who first asked to go to the witch’s house to steal things?” Isn’t this courting death?

“Forget,” the two-headed cat shook his head, “It happened a long, long time ago.”

“Then what would happen if one head ate two pieces of cake ?” Anna was suddenly curious.

The two-headed cat licked its paws, and pointed its tail at the skull under the chair. “It will become like this–“

“Greed, jealous, harming others, a certain These choices will always make people forget the original intention,” it paused, and the yellow green eyes looked towards Anna again, “So, have you thought about it?”

Anna fell silent and began to figure out the intention of the person who wrote the question. .

First of all, this is going to the Chamber of Secrets of Hufflepuff, not the Chamber of Secrets of Ravenclaw, so the answer to the question may not be as expected.

According to Ms. Hufflepuff’s gentle and kind personality, the answer to this question may not be so embarrassing.

He even gave a thoughtful reminder, “Some choices will always make people forget their original intentions.”

“I think I know,” Anna scratched her head again, showing an embarrassed expression, “These two red velvet cakes look so delicious, I am too hungry now. Thinking about it, can you wait until I go to the kitchen to eat before answering your question?”

The two-headed cat shook its tail and was silent for a while.

It jumped off the thigh of the lady in the sweater, “Then you must answer our questions when you come out from the inside, otherwise you will never be able to use this door again.”

” Of course,” Anna nodded.

The two-headed cat rushed to the back of the chair and removed the skull on the ground. The lady in the sweater smiled and continued to knit the sweater. There was a subtle ka ka sound, and the hanging picture moved to the side, revealing A secret door for one person to pass through.

“Remember to answer when you are full,” the two-headed cat repeated, “We really want to know.”

Anna nodded, walked into the secret door.

[Found Chamber of Secrets of Hufflepuff, task progress: 14]

This is a small room, but it looks very warm, with wooden walls and lawn ground, familiar The big wooden barrels are placed on the wall, and the round furniture is bright yellow and milk-white, which looks cute and lively.

The eye-catching thing is the wooden table placed in the middle of the room. To be precise, it should be a wooden table. It looks like it was formed by sawing a century-old tree directly on the lawn floor. .

A piece of parchment is placed on it.

‘…Never let anyone feel the trouble of hunger anymore, relax, people who come here, this is a warm harbor, a cradle of beauty, there will be no loneliness and sadness…’

‘…Fantastic food, delicious drinks, and friendly elves will make you free from worries and sorrows. If you are confused, touch the decoration of the golden cup, tell it, and it will tell you my suggestion… ‘

There is a groove in the middle of the stake. It looks like the place where the golden cup was previously placed. Now it is empty, because the golden cup has become Voldemort’s Horcrux and is now placed in the basement of No. 92 Diagon Alley by Anna Save in.

After groping around the room for a few times, I didn’t find anything special, but found several recipes on the round bookshelf, “Hufflepuff Secret Burger”, “magic power Eighteen” and ” The Kitchen Under the Lake.

Anna is more interested in Hufflepuff’s secret small burgers. It is mentioned that Ms. Hufflepuff specially borrowed a small part of the tail tip of Mr. Slytherin’s pet snake in order to make this small burger. Slytherin flies into a rage.

‘… he moved towards me yelling, like I stole a dessert specially prepared for him, he even tremblingly took out the wand, as if there was nothing worse than this It’s…’

‘But when I took out his favorite screaming biscuit, he was still silent…’

‘Compared to Godric’s crying in a storm, chopping down a tree and letting out his breath, As well as Rowena’s silent hunger strike protest, Salazar is quite coaxing…’

‘…Although some are sorry for these lovely magical creatures and my lovely companions, in order to make more perfect food, I must keep trying! ‘

This is what Ms. Hufflepuff wrote. Anna feels that this lady may be a bit white and black sometimes.

Record the recipes of interest in the memo of the system. Anna put the book back on the shelf and studied the large wooden barrel embedded in the wall.

The lid of the wooden barrel can be easily opened. Anna tried to get in. It was quite bright inside. There was no need to use the lighting charm. After a minute or two of crawling, Anna came to the other end of the barrel. took a deep breath and lifted the wooden lid blocking the eyes.


Anna popped out of her head.

I can see a group of small, unsatisfactory creatures turning their heads to stare at her.

There are almost hundreds of them, wearing pillowcases or other rags, big eyes, long ears, and some open mouths. They seem to want to exclaim.

They finally spirit slowly recovers.

“Someone got out of the vinegar barrel—” a house elf screamed.

“The barrel of vinegar gave birth to someone–” another elf screamed.

“Vinegar has made a barrel–” strange rumors began to spread.

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