Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 142

The scene was once embarrassed.

The house elfs discussed quietly, not too quietly, the whole kitchen is the voice of their chirp chirp twitter twitter.

The marble stone pillar is decorated all around, the stone floor, the whole room looks much larger than the Slytherin common room, almost the size of the Hogwarts auditorium.

Except for the house elf, the four long tables are the most eye-catching things in the room. Their placement is similar to the long table in the auditorium. It seems that delicious food is placed on the long table and sent to In the auditorium, tableware and food scraps are sent back after the meal.

A bunch of fresh ingredients are piled up in the corner of the room, and there are more than a dozen specially trained house elfs to deal with them. The room is close to the wall and stacked with several large pots that look full of age, and Some other cooking equipment, a few house elf wearing white pillow towels holding spoons around.

More elves surround the pool in the left corner. The water here is crystal clear, and it seems that it will never be polluted. Anna standing on a high place can clearly see the large amount of sinking under the water. tableware.

The wall of the room is mainly made of warm rice yellow. The wall is covered with paintings. The most eye-catching is the fruit picture hanging painting, which is placed in a conspicuous position with a side view. Decorated with green plants.

“I’ll just say it!” A house elf wearing a pillowcase embroidered with the Hogwarts school badge danced, “Those barrels that have been left for years have never been cleaned up, look at it! They are all grown up!”

“Yes, Sasa,” another house elf stared at Anna in agreement, “You are right!”

No matter what was in those barrels before, it’s like a man Psychedelic things will never happen, whether in the magic world or not.

The Chamber of Secrets outlet of Hufflepuff is set on top of a pile of wooden barrels that have not been used for a long time, full of dust.

Anna feels that Ms. Hufflepuff seems to have a soft spot for wooden barrels.

Jumping off the barrel quickly, Anna patted the dust on her robe, “Uh…hardworking workers, I’m just an ordinary student, I haven’t had enough for dinner, I want to find some food…”

House elf looked at each other in blank dismay, a house elf who folded a napkin into a boat and wore it on his head, even dropped his soup spoon on the ground.

Why do ordinary students hide in vinegar buckets?

“Merlin’s pillowcase! I remember it!” House elf Sasa seemed to think of something, and she reacted, “Young Lady, please come and sit down! We will prepare it for you right away. Food!”

It took the toilet seat and cockroach in Anna’s hand and handed it to the companions around him, took Anna to a soft bean paste sofa to sit down, and quickly delivered a cup of hot tea.

House elf started to work quickly, washing vegetables and cutting vegetables, lighting a cauldron, and floating ingredients. A house elf is trying to inflate the cake. I don’t know how it does it. In short, it’s not an oven.

“I’m so sorry, Young Lady, because most of the young ladies came in through that secret door,” Salsa pointed to the fruit hanging on the wall, “Very few people…should say you It’s the second one I’ve seen since I’ve come here from the barrel side…”

“That was about fifty years ago, and I almost forgot that there was a dark fan over there. The door is closed, I’m really sorry!”

“Don’t care, I trouble you…” Anna greeted.

The scene calmed down, and for a while, there was only the sound of gu lu lu from the cauldron.

“Why…” I was most afraid of the sudden silence of the air. Anna thought she had said something wrong, so she scratched her head.

“No trouble at all!” The house elf holding the spoon waved the spoon, “Serving the teachers and students of Hogwarts is what we should do and our mission!”

“When there is work to do and the owner to serve, the house elf must remain focused at all times!”

“I would rather wash 11 million dirty dishes here than do it anymore. Back to… the respected master’s house… I’m sorry, respectable master…” A house elf with scars on his head and looking pitiful, muttered silently.

Anna looked towards the house elf of this mutter incantations. Judging from the scar on her body, she should have suffered a lot in the former host’s house.

Unexpectedly, the muttering of the scar elf did not arouse the sympathy and sympathy of other elf.

“Are you crazy!” The elf holding the spoon yelled to stop the scar elf, “We can’t say bad things about the master! Neither can the former master! Allowed!”

Amitabha, this is what unfathomable mystery inhuman regulation, even the boss is not allowed to complain, Anna frowned.

The point is that Scar Elf Sasi accepted this setting. It panicked and slapped its hands indiscriminately, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

It apologized wildly and looked very skilled. , As if this has been engraved in its DNA.

“Who regulated this…?” Anna took a sip of the black tea that Salsa had handed over.

“It should be Ministry of Magic…” Sa Sa was not sure, she shook her head, “I don’t know very well… I’m sorry, I have been told to comply with this rule since I can remember…”

“Is Master’s regulations!” The elf holding a spoon jumped over, “The master’s order is the highest law of house elf.”

I saw the traditional house with my own eyes. Elf, after hearing these wonderful remarks, Anna feels that all three views have been refreshed.

“Yes, yes,” Sasha agreed with the elf. “If we violate the master’s order, we have to punish ourselves…”

“Wait, “Anna can’t listen anymore, she put down the black tea in her hand, “What will happen if I don’t punish myself?”

Sasha and the spoon-elf looked at each other, their expressions were a bit unfathomable mystery, and seemed to be thinking about themselves How can there be times when they violate their master’s orders and not punish themselves, they say in unison, “There won’t be such a time.”

Like the most devout believers, they believe in a Spiritual God called the “master” .

“I know…” Sisi, who was covered with scars, slowly moved over, “I will be arrested by the Ministry of Magic magic creature…Management and Control Department…”

“No. ,” Sisi changed his wording, “I was taken to a friendly exchange…” It paused for a while, “That’s what they said, and then the house elf rights center brought me here. Although I’m sorry, but I think…this is It’s a good thing…”

Sisi has doubts about the correctness of escaping from the abuse of his former owner. It can be seen that house elf has long been accustomed to losing freedom and losing human rights.

A house elf who hid in the corner heard this conversation gave a soft smile.

It is very light and light, and it did not attract the attention of others.

I don’t know what Sisi has experienced, but Anna feels uncomfortable. She doesn’t like the thoughts of house elfs, nor does she like watching these hardworking elves suffer.

Maybe something can be done.

These thoughts suddenly appeared in Anna’s head while eating a delicious supper made by house elf.

【Star fire: low and narrow cellars, damp cabinets, or lofts full of debris, these places are inhabited by tens of thousands of house elf, suffering and pain envelop them, Pointy ears, big eyes, repeating the complicated work day after day, enduring the torture of the’master’.

They have never seen a sky full of shining stars on a summer night, nor have they built a cute snowman by themselves in the warm winter sun.

With an average lifespan of two hundred years, there is no opportunity for free love. The marriage can only be allocated by the’master’. How many elves are forced to accept this kind of thinking and are deeply mired in the mud.

Now, there is such a house elf. It is wearing a normal pillowcase and standing in the mire, but lifts the head to look up at the starry sky, with sparks of sparks shining in its eyes.

Conditions reached: find Hogwarts special house elf; task reward: unknown]

Anna lifts the head and look all around.

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