Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 143

The house elf in the kitchen is working numbly. There is no salary, no social security, no entertainment, and can’t even talk about love.

They are all intelligent creatures, but they live like robots.

The house elf around the pool finished cleaning the dishes and walked into the paintings on the wall one by one.

Anna is a little confused.

Sasha explained to her intimately that those hanging paintings can only be used by house elf to help them easily reach all corners of the castle. Now it’s time for these elves to collect the students’ dirty clothes.

Anna changed her sitting posture and felt a little awkward. Sitting in a conspicuous place to rest when others are working hard, she always feels she shouldn’t.

“Uh…do you need me to do something? You seem to be very busy…” Anna asked politely.

“Oh! This kind Young Lady!” Sa Sa reacted fiercely and wiped the corners of her eyes with a touch. “There is no need to trouble you at all. House elf can do this. This is what house elf should be. Do it!”

Sa Sa served Anna a delicious tomato meatball soup, and then walked to the pool to continue to work, followed by another team of elves using housework magic, the pool The dishes are stacked on the cupboard.

Sucking on the tomato puree, Anna looked around, but did not find the little elf who behaved very special. It seemed that everyone was content with the status quo.

Perhaps Sisi has some ideas? Anna looked at Sisi who was busy picking up the apple that fell on the ground. This scrawny and riddled with scars elf, would it have revolutionary beliefs?

“Sisi,” Anna called its name.

“Yes, Young Lady, here! What’s the order?” Sisi walked over with the apple, smiling, albeit a little ugly, “I’m glad you can remember Sisi’s name!”


“Do you want to be free?” Anna stared at Sisi’s big eyes.

“What?” The apple in Sisi’s hand fell to the ground again, and he hurriedly bent over to pick it up, “No… um… you mean… um…”

Anna has something Disappointed, the fear in Sisi’s big eyes proved that it was not the elf Anna was looking for. Sisi shook his head indiscriminately, “Sisi is free, Sisi does not need more freedom…”

The elf standing next to Sisi helped him pick up the apple.

“Oh! Thank you!” Sisi took the apple, but when it lifts the head to see who the elf was helping it, he suddenly hesitated, “Oh…hey, Mark…”


Mark is a house elf that looks too ordinary to be ordinary. Green has big eyes, pointed ears, and wrinkled skin on his face.

Maybe there is something different, Anna leaned forward.

There is a mark on Mark’s shoulder that looks like it has been burned by something.

“Hold Basis,” Mark handed the apple in his hand.

But Sisi didn’t mean to accept it. It stepped back a few steps, “Give you Mark, Sisi has to pack the dishes…” After speaking, he turned and ran, as if by this name What bad things will the elf named Mark bring.

Mark’s hand was hanging in the air, but he quickly shrugged indifferently and glanced at Anna.

“This apple is already dirty, so I won’t share it,” he explained, biting the apple and making a crisp sound.

It caught Anna’s attention.

“Why is Sisi so afraid of you?” Anna pointed to the other bean paste sofa in front of him, and motioned Mark to sit down and talk.

“No surprise, house elf is like this,” Mark shook his head.

It came over and sat opposite Anna. The huge bean sand sofa made it sink in, “They don’t like me.”

Silent attention to some house elf discuss here spiritedly, “How dare Mark sit with that Young Lady? What is it doing?”

“Be quiet, usually stay away from Mark. When he first came here, I thought it was abnormal ,” The house elf face revealed disdain with the soup spoon, “The owner dared to survive when the owner died, the shame in the house elf.”

“Aren’t you also a house elf?” Anna took a sip Tomato Bisque, “So you don’t like yourself?”

Mark was silent for a while, “I am not a house elf.”

It added, “But I do I don’t like myself.”

“Then what do you think you are?” Anna put down the soup, and wanted to hear the thought of this magical creature who didn’t think she was a house elf.

“I am a human,” Mark without the slightest hesitation said.

This creature with pointed ears and big eyes has nothing to do with humans without the slightest hesitation. Anna wants to laugh a little, but thinks it is a little brave.

Anna did not speak.

“In 1811, the Ministry of Magic stipulated that human beings are’any kind of creatures with sufficient intelligence to understand the laws of magic society and bear part of the responsibilities in the process of enacting these laws’,” Mark Seriously, “I will understand the law and take responsibility…”

“When I make a mistake, I will choose to accept legal sanctions instead of accepting punishment from the owner, so I am a human, not a house elf.”

Look, a magical creature knows a lot better than herself, Anna is really seriously reflecting on her A History of Magic and not listening carefully.

Anna thinks that Mark is that special elf, and she tries to see something in Mark’s eyes.

“You are a student in a Slytherin house,” Mark noticed Anna’s green robe, and it was silent for a while.

“It’s weird, you are a Slytherin student, but you listen to me here… I thought you would only put frog egg soap or other things in your dirty clothes that are not clean. Something to increase the workload of house elf.”

“Please don’t generalize,” Anna coughed and had to speak out, trying to find a bit of image for her house, “Maybe it’s just neither Too big nor too small accident.”

“There are traces of dung eggs,” Mark added. “It’s really difficult to clean, especially the deodorization step. It takes three house elfs to work together to remove it. Smell, ordinary stains are easy to say, these magic joke toys really brought a lot of trouble to everyone.”

“Especially the clothes of a girl from Slytherin, I remember it very clearly,” Mark’s long slender fingers touched I touched my chin, “I almost stepped on the cauldron when I got to her dorm Pack. There are still some slender things that look like noodles floating in the cauldron. I don’t know if I’m making potion, it smells pretty good. Fragrant…”

“But no matter how the potion smells, it can’t hide the smell of dung eggs on this girl’s clothes. I don’t know if this person has any special hobby…” Mark shook his head.

“At that time, we were so busy, and finally got rid of the smell of her clothes, Peeves started to trick or treat everywhere, and we ushered in a lot of clothes that smelled like dung and eggs. ——”

“In short, it is not easy to survive.”

Anna swallowed her saliva, she finally knew how the dung-egg on her clothes smelled so fast It disappeared. Behind this is the hard work of so much house elf.

“I also left a note on the bed of the Slytherin girl, hoping that she would stop getting such a strong smell of dung and eggs on her clothes,” Mark recalled, “She seemed to do exactly that. Now… Hmm… I remember what her name is… Na…”

“Ah,” Anna interrupted her memory.

“Isn’t house elf put on your lips:’house elf that is not noticed by humans, is the best house elf’? Why would you think of leaving a note?”

Anna got up in the morning and found the note. She thought it was written by Belinda, and she secretly complained about the ugly handwriting of’Pure blood essence Ying’.

“That’s because I’m not a house elf, I’m a human, and my teacher told me that I’m a human.” Mark was a little excited. “My teacher said, I’m a smart creature with complex Feelings, know what love is, what hate is, be responsible for your actions, and be able to take responsibility!”

“In contrast, it is better than many human beings!” Mark looked towards Anna, this is the first time it looked towards Anna’s eyes.

“My teacher said that I should have the right to be treated fairly, to fall in love freely, and to feel the beauty of the world instead of being imprisoned unjustly…”

“I really want to know the answer to a question…” Mark looked away, and it suddenly looked a little cramped. “Excuse me, do you think I am a human?”

Anna scratched her head. Academically, you really can’t be called a human…”

Although he doesn’t know what biology is, Mark still closes his eyes in despair.

“But,” Anna coughed, “From other perspectives, I think you are human. If you follow the law, you should at least enjoy fair and just rights in society.”

[Single Fire: Mission completed; Mission reward: Melon Eater reputation +20, open the side mission “Light”]

[Light: May the oppressed house elf unite and move forward You don’t have to listen to the words of the person who has no desire to improve, you should use force, the vocal sound, there is 1 point of heat and 1 point of light. You don’t have to wait for the torch. If there is no torch, I will be the only light.

Conditions reached: Help Mark set up the house elf revolutionary group (group members not less than one hundred house elf); task reward: memory +100, reaction power +100, ventriloquist +100, unknown]


Mark’s big eyes flashed rays of light, “Thank you,” he said.

“You’re welcome, I have a doubt…” Anna scratched her head, “Who is your teacher?”

“Oh…” Speaking of this, Mark showed his face The look of nostalgia, “He is a great Seer who came to Hogwarts to study abroad, hoping to learn more and return to China to serve the country.”

Mark pointed to the scar on his shoulder, “The teacher is with me. I picked it up when I was the most downhearted. He is a very good wizard and used the best potion to treat me.”

“He told me that his country’s house elf has never suffered such injustice. Treatment, even haunt the muggle’s house, help them pack hygiene, and get a thank you…”

“Your teacher is now…” Anna scratched her head.

“He has returned home.” Mark still smiles, thinking that his teacher has made the right decision. “He sent me here because Hogwarts is the most gentle place in Britain to treat house elf, and it is very Safe.”

“He also mentioned that he predicted something bad, which is very bad, but no one believes him…” Mark picked up his hand and said, “Stupid, my teacher is clearly The greatest Seer.”

“Then why don’t you follow your teacher?” Anna frowned, always feeling that the teacher described by Mark feels familiar.

“I can’t follow him, because Ministry of Magic has amazing control over house elf. According to the teacher, “I don’t want to give away free labor.”

“But it’s okay to stay,” Mark clenched his fists. “I’m lucky. To be precise, we are all lucky.” He pointed to a group of house elfs with awkward faces and hard work.

“But Britain has more unfortunate house elfs. They didn’t realize their rights and didn’t even dare to think about it. The situation was very bad. Everyday all wanted house elfs to die under the abuse of their masters. “

“I’m going to liberate them,” Mark said, “I will fight for it.”

Anna extend the hand and hold Mark’s thin little hand, “I Support you, Mark. There will be people with the same thinking as me who will support you. You are not alone on this road.”

In October 1989, Anna Lawrence and Mark’s were on the bean paste sofa in the Hogwarts kitchen. The handshake at this time kicked off the house elf revolution. This is a great handshake, a correct handshake.

A History of Magic records it as the’Eight-Nine Supper Meeting’. It was this time meeting that laid the foundation for the victory of the house elf revolution.

The wheels of history are rolling forward, and the era of house elf being enslaved will eventually become a thing of the past. Let us look forward to a brand new magic circle where magical creatures and wizards unite and develop together.

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