Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 144

After shaking hands, Anna and Mark established a revolutionary friendship and are now comrades with a common goal.

The two suddenly felt close.

Mark intimately helped Anna pack a lot of supper, and enthusiastically brought a bowl of fish soup.

“I don’t need Mark, I really can’t eat it…”

“This is boneless fish soup that has been boiled for an afternoon, a treasure in the Black Lake, in order to take care of Kovals Professor Ji just caught it!” Mark handed the soup in his hand, “Very precious!”

“Then have another bowl…” Anna took the fish soup in Mark’s hand and said Mouth, raise your head, in a spurt of energy, drink it.

A very refreshing sensation blooms on the tip of the tongue. Maybe mint is added to the fish soup. It is wonderful. After the cooling, it will be a special taste exclusive to boneless fish. Some are similar to sashimi with wasabi, but not It’s not too exciting, but it makes people want to have a few more mouthfuls.

“en! Not bad!” Anna complimented that if I took it to the “Hell’s Kitchen” show, perhaps Gordon Ramsay would have to say a few more words starting with “F”.

Of course it is’Fantastic’ or something.

Eating too much at night is really bad. It is estimated that Watt should have already left the stairs. Anna decided to escape from the kitchen and quickly return to her dormitory.

I put the toilet circle on my arm again, picked up the cockroach, and picked up the huge food package in one hand-it was all Mark’s passion inside.

Anna is not struggling, thanks to the physique improved by the system.

“Come here,” Mark led Anna to the fruit hanging screen.

“You can go out from here. If you want to come in next time, you can scratch the pears on the paintings outside.”

“Good night Mark,” Anna moved towards Mark smile.

“Good night,” Mark also laughed.

Compared with Lockhart’s professional smirk, his smile is really not pretty, but simple and real, it is the smile of working people.

Anna walked through the paintings while thinking, and returned to the 2-Layer corridor of the underground, beside the common room wooden barrel door of Hufflepuff.

It’s no wonder that I didn’t find this painting at the time. I turned out to be in the wrong direction.

Anna came to the stairs, took a look, and found that Watt had left and stayed outside during the curfew. This could be regarded as Anna’s first night tour in Hogwarts.

Just as she was about to go down the stairs to the bedroom, Anna suddenly remembered that she still had a deep question that she had not answered.

Walking along the corridor on the right, Anna returned to the hanging place where he could enter the Hufflepuff Chamber of Secrets. The two-headed cat stood up very excited after seeing Anna.

“You are back!” The two-headed cat yelled excitedly, “So do you want to answer?” It seems that it really wants to know the answer.

“Yes,” Anna looked at the two red velvet cakes on the painting, and found that the kind woman knitting sweaters was also staring at her. “The three girls want to escape, don’t they? Now you have two poison cakes that will die if you eat them together?”

“You mean…” The two-headed cat was confused.

“I mean,” Anna cleared her throat, “you can think of a way to get witch to eat two red velvet cakes and murder her so you can get her food to spend. Difficulty, by the way, get all her magic wool yarn.”

The sweater woman and the two-headed cat were silent.

“But don’t we become cats forever?!” The two-headed cat reacted, and the two heads collided and asked.

“Temporarily,” Anna paused, “There are many ways to disarm spells. I personally recommend going to Gringotts to take a bath at the Burglarproof Waterfall.”

The sweater woman finally spoke, her voice was warm, “Interesting idea, but unfortunately, eating two cakes together will not lead to death.”

Anna glanced at the skull in the painting.

Noting Anna’s gaze, the woman in the sweater smiled, “Eating two pieces of cake will not die, but someone who is found to have the idea of ​​eating two pieces together will be murdered by her companion.”

“This skull was left by a three-headed cat. The two heads joined together and killed the third, because they discovered that the third head wanted to swallow two pieces of cake.”

The woman knitting a sweater leaned over and picked up the skull on the ground, and could see tears streaming down the skull’s eye sockets.

The two-headed cat’s tail was sweeping impatiently. “She is too greedy,” one of the heads said, “selfish and stupid,” the other head added.

“We have no other way,” the two heads said together.

“To eat together, or not to eat, it’s okay to sacrifice yourself.” The sweater lady put the skull into the pile of wool yarn, and instead took out a roll of wool yarn, “I just want to teach you a lesson. She didn’t want to take anyone’s life at all.”

She threw the wool yarn at Anna. Surprisingly, this shameless circle of wool yarn was really thrown out of the painting and happened to be caught by Anna.

“This is?” Didn’t expect an unexpected gain, and Anna expressed happiness.

“magic wool yarn,” the sweater lady smiled, “If you use it with love, you can make a magical fabric.”

“It can always be unexpected, Bring surprise,” The sweater lady blinked, got up from the chair, waved wand, and put away the skull basket on the floor.

She looked towards Anna again, “Your answer is very interesting. This is a thank you gift. After so many years, I can finally leave this frame.”

Anna eyebrows raised, “Why?”

“Because the last person who entered this door suggested that we kill the other head, we did,” the two-headed cat jumped to the ground, “and you Suggest that we kill the witch…”

“The content of the painting will change accordingly,” a cat head rolled the eyes, “The witch in the painting will disappear, and the annoying guy we killed I’ll be back soon.”

Seeing Anna’s frown, the sweater lady laughed, “Child, if you are one of the three girls caught, then your choice will be Let you and your companions leave safely.”

The sweater lady picked up the two red velvet cakes on the plate and ate them, “As I said,” she licked her fingers, “the two The cake is not poisonous.”

The lady in the sweater disappeared from the hanging picture. The two-headed cat flicked its tail and jumped onto the chair. It seemed that Anna could not be seen, curled into a dream.

Anna finally returned to the common room. It is now three o’clock in the morning. The Slytherin common room is very quiet, and Mr. Slytherin on the painting is gone. I don’t know where she went to be happy. .

Going back to the bedroom through the curtain, Belinda has happily fallen asleep, snoring a little, Anna throws the toilet lid on the floor, and Headmaster Dumbledore puts it on the Cockroach Clusters On the bedside table, the wool yarn was thrown under the bed, and Mark took a lot of food and found a corner to put it.

Too tired, Anna didn’t want to change her pajamas, she wanted to fall asleep with her head on the quilt, she worked hard to take out the expensive wand, trying to put it aside, avoiding it while sleeping Crushed.

But it didn’t work out. She fell asleep as soon as she took out Wand Anna. The last thing in her head was, where does the young wizard of Gryffindor have so much energy to go night tours?

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