Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 145

Pasting the dark circles, Anna appeared in the auditorium, and the breakfast was almost over.

Anna came to Belinda’s place and squeezed to sit down, “Ha…” yawned, “What are you holding?” She noticed the package Belinda was holding. The beautiful package, and Belinda’s happy expression.

“The most beautiful thing in the world,” Belinda murmured, moving the package away from Anna, “Don’t want to peek!”

This suddenly caused dark Anna’s interest in circles.

Anna shrugged and acted as if she didn’t care too much. Taking advantage of the chance of picking up the bread by mistake, she took a peek at the sender of the package.

“Ah, Belinda, I accidentally saw it,” Anna took a bite of the bread, “That package was sent to us by Mr. Lockhart…”

“Although he wrote’to my favorite little reader, the serious little girl Belinda Shafiq, and the friends who ventured with her’,” Anna coughed, “It is undeniable that this’her friend’ It’s me, Fred and George?”

“hmph,” Belinda snorts, reluctantly took the package, “I can only show you, according to Mr. Lockhart’s recipient Written, the main Owner of this package should be me.”

No one will rob you, Anna is a little helpless, who knows if this package will be a cuboid with magic applied to it, which makes people remember Decline every day.

Belinda opened the package cautiously, as if she was afraid of damaging the exquisite packaging, “wa!” she exclaimed.

What appeared in front of the two of them were four books with more exquisite covers than exquisite packaging, “In the Mist”, the title of the book is displayed in front of everyone in fancy artistic fonts, most likely it is Lockhart personally. written.

Below the title of the book is a large mist. The figure of a man appeared in the mist, holding a pipe and wearing a hat, looking like he was imitating the great detective Sherlock Holmes.

It is worth noting that there is a little girl standing beside the man, her body exudes a holy halo, the light shines through the mist, and even something like wings can be vaguely seen.

Anna glanced at Belinda’s appearance, um…it doesn’t look like it.

Open the first page of the book, “This book is dedicated to Belinda Shafiq, the bravest and most serious girl. ‘

Well, that’s Belinda.

“Mr. Lockhart really—” Belinda said incoherently, “Really—”

“It’s an honor! I’m going to frame this book and hang it on the wall Come on, look at it every morning!” Fan Belinda became a fanatic Belinda.

Anna touched her arm and turned to the next page, followed by a monologue by Lockhart.

‘…You know me, but you don’t understand me, my dear readers, in your eyes, maybe I am Order of Merlin, Third Class Medal Recipient, and Honorary Member of Defense Against the Dark Arts Alliance , Or some other identity, an excellent lover…’


‘…When you read this book, I only have one identity, that is, a writer. I hope you can put aside the rest and focus on my words and my story…’

‘…Don’t be jealous of me because of my aura, leave this book behind, and don’t just pay attention to my personal charm and miss the deep meaning behind the story. My dear reader, but when you open this book, you have entered a brand new world…’

‘However, unlike usual, the flash character of this adventure story is not a Gilderoy. Lockhart A handsome man, but a little girl…’

“Hiss——” Belinda took a deep breath, “Isn’t it what I thought?”

Anna Turned another page back.

‘The sea of ​​flowers, ghosts, hidden secrets, and brides, I never thought that these unrelated elements would be combined together, sitting in a rocking chair in the sun, I picked up a pen, my head was full With all kinds of emotions…’

‘This story starts from when I received a wedding invitation…’

The story is fairly well-written, so I received the wedding invitation as At the beginning, I came to the hot spring and found the bride behaving strangely, so I started to take risks, solved the case, and successfully rescued the bride.

The rescue of the bride is an open thread, and the story of the bride and a ghost is a hidden thread. With the help of Lockhart’s detective and his right-hand man, the case is resolved.

Yes, Lockhart and his right-hand man, not his right-hand man, Anna did not find the name of herself and twin.

It highlights the nuanced, humorous, calm, and powerful analytical skills of the Great Detective Lockhart, some Jack Su, but it’s still pretty past.

I don’t know when Belinda, who became the assistant to Lockhart’s great detective, played an important role that cannot be ignored in the detection of this Misty Hot Springs kidnapping case.

“I’m going to faint,” Belinda patted her face, “I want to memorize every word in my head and recite it in full.”

Belinda goes to A In History of Magic, she was not so serious. Anna coughed, “It’s pretty good, but it’s not real.”

“Nonsense!” Belinda crouched, “I remember clearly. , The story is like this, it’s not bad at all!”

“The great little assistant, have you seen me, Fred and George’s name in the book?” Anna raised her eyebrows.

“Yes,” Belinda turned to a position, “It’s a large section here! Mr. Lockhart used so much space to describe you!”

Anna took a look ,’…When our investigation was at a deadlock, my right-hand man Belinda suddenly mentioned that there were three other children in this hot spring hotel…’

‘…brown hair, green Eyes, a weak girl, and a pair of red-haired twin boys, look very honest, they are as ordinary as muggle children who often make noise outside my house, of course they also have the naughty peculiar to children of this age…’

“Do you mean this weak girl is me?” Anna felt a little funny, “The twins who look honest are Fred and George? Forgive me to speak bluntly, they definitely can’t hook up with honesty.”

“You seem to be weak,” Belinda shrugged. “Fred and George look very honest when they are not talking. It’s not wrong, it’s just an artistic process!”

‘…The green-eyed girl looked at me and screamed, tears shed with Snot, she was very excited, “Oh my God! It’s Mr. Lockhart! I am your fan!” She took out a lot of things and hoped to get my autograph . ‘

‘Maybe her whole family are my fans. Despite the tight time, I still met her request. I can never refuse this kind of thing…’

‘… The twin boys were a little shy, maybe my presence made them too nervous, they drooled and talked nonsense…’

‘… “We are Pukwudgie!” twin shouted, ” Happy and confident!” I don’t know why they would say they are Pukwudgie. Belinda and I looked at each other in blank dismay…’

Anna laughed. She remembered that Fred and George were meeting Lockhart. At the time, the attitude was not very good, and it seemed that Lockhart was quite grudges.

“What else?” She flipped back, but did not find herself appearing in the plot behind.

“You should be content,” Belinda snorted softly, “Mr. Lockhart is your great honor to write you in the book. You can tell this story to your child. , And then proudly told him, “This green-eyed guy is your mother!””

“No need, I don’t want my child to think that I am an avid fan who bursts into tears when he sees an idol.”

Belinda feels that Anna is eccentric. She, snorted, threw two books to Anna, “For that nonsense twin, I confiscated your book,” Belinda as it should be by rights “This is still a signature collector’s edition, you don’t know how to cherish it.”

“Then I’ll trouble you,” Anna cheerfully held the two books in her arms. She was really interested in Lockhart’s writings. I’m really indifferent, but I’m a little bit expecting how Twin will react when he sees his image in the book.

Oh yes, I have to send Ron and them a copy.

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