Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 147

Barbell laughter sounded, Rita Skeeter turned around gracefully and looked towards Professor McGonagall, who was not looking good. “Professor McGonagall, it’s been a long time.” She paused, “The last time we met Or…”

“Ms. Skeeter, I don’t really want to talk to you about the past story. Besides, it’s not beautiful.”

Professor McGonagall interrupted In particular, it would be considered rude to drive her and her partner out of the greenhouse, close the door gently, and turn around.

“Let’s talk about how you got in—let’s talk about this, and then I will send you out according to etiquette.”

“Absolutely in line with etiquette,” McGonagall The professor emphasized.

Ms. Skeeter fell silent. She looked at her partner holding the camera and whispered, “Didn’t I let you wait for me outside?”

An angry expression Let her stiff face come to life, she pointed to the camera, “What are you doing in here? Still holding this stupid thing!”

“You even provoke McGonagall! Look at you. What good things are all about!”

The partner in the brown plaid suit touched his head, “Rita, you have been in for too long, I’m just afraid you are in danger…”

“Oh,” Professor McGonagall coughed and interrupted the conversation between the two, “Please answer my question, two…”

Obviously, Rita Skeeter didn’t really want to tell Professor McGonagall himself It turned into a beetle and flew in, so she eyebrows raised and looked towards Professor McGonagall with a smile, “I walked in from the front door generously, McGonagall, you didn’t find me, it only shows that Hogwarts’ safety awareness is really bad…”

Rita Skeeter raised her chin, “Maybe mine will have new material in the next article-‘The years I was a school safety inspector’.”

“The Hogwarts Board of Directors should also be in charge of the school’s safety issues…” Skeeter did not mention Headmaster Dumbledore, but moved directly out of the Board of Directors.

“You didn’t come in through the front door at all. Filch only saw your partner, not your figure,” McGonagall frowned, she is not very good at dealing with the arrogance of the reporter lady.

Professor Snape may be more appropriate, a bottle of potion can make her shut up.

“What does that mean?” Skeeter shrugged, “How I write, they believe it, my writing is so popular!”

Professor McGonagall’s attitude Tough, but also had to consider Hogwarts’ reputation and Headmaster Dumbledore, who knows how Skeeter will control public opinion and turn black and white.

The relationship between the Hogwarts board of directors, Ministry of Magic and headmaster Dumbledore has become subtle since a long time ago, and it is even worse now.

12 Board members have the right to appoint and temporarily suspend the Hogwarts headmaster, decide whether to close the school in case of emergencies, listen to the feedback from the parents of students, make suggestions to the headmaster or directly interfere with the teaching methods right.

These rights are recognized by the willpower of Hogwarts Castle, because education requires financial assistance. Most of the 12 board members are pure blood and have the ability to make money.

Ministry of Magic has the right to directly appoint the Hogwarts headmaster, but this right is not recognized by the Hogwarts Castle, so the headmaster appointed by the Ministry of Magic cannot enter the headmaster’s office, and will also be faced with such as Peeves when working in the castle. Such as the resistance of the castle willpower.

The true headmaster of Hogwarts can only be selected by the castle.

Britain magic circle The place to nurture talents cannot be controlled by oneself, and funds are also provided every year. Of course, Ministry of Magic and the board of directors will not be reconciled, and each has its own mind.

The headmaster Dumbledore who was recently selected by the castle, the greatest white wizard of this century, will inevitably be troubled by the board of directors and the Ministry of Magic.

In the peaceful period before the Diagon Alley Dark Demon fireworks were released, an article on “Daily Prophet” by Rita Skeeter wrote the “magic circle crisis” report at the request of the Ministry of Magic. To.

‘…some of the’ancient’ families are worried about the young wizards of Hogwarts who are full of muggle origins, and believe that the emergence of these young wizards will further serious the employment and survival problems of the magic circle pure blood, half-blood wizard , I hope Hogwarts headmaster will attract attention…’

‘…Headmaster Dumbledore said that he will focus on education and cleverly avoid the issue of descent-but can this issue really be avoided? Aboriginal magic circle His living space has been squeezed by outsiders and has reached a critical point. If no changes are made, the future situation will get worse…’

‘…half-blood and pure blood Child will work as a house elf in the future, watching the descendants of muggle being busy in Ministry of Magic—in the end, the magic circle will not be our magic circle, but the muggle magic circle. I, Rita Skeeter is here. Appeal, I hope Hogwarts will make changes…’

This report caused quite a stir, and even resonated with most half-blood and pure-blood families, and even a group organized Diagon Alley’s protest procession.

It was not until the big news of Diagon Alley Dark Demon Fireworks appeared that the matter was suppressed.

The horrible Dark Lord Voldemort has captured everyone’s sight in Britain magic circle, and blood education and other things are released first, life is more important.

Then Sirius fled, which made everyone have no time to pay attention to the employment problems of Hogwarts and magic circle. Stay at home and wonder what, for fear that Voldemort will bring his claws to Huo Huo sentient beings in the next second.

Fortunately, the gaze has been shifted, and Hogwarts’ lineage conflict is under control, but this incident also reflects that Rita Skeeter’s methods of controlling public opinion are powerful enough.

Don’t give her a chance to splash dirty water.

Thinking of this, with the expression “I want to turn you into two pigs out of school” on his face, Professor McGonagall calmed down, “What are you here for?”

Rita Skeeter put her hands together and touched the ground with the toes of her high heels, looking very excited, “Anna Lawrence,” she said quickly.

Anna …

McGonagall frowned, she really doesn’t want to hear the name. Could it be that Skeeter discovered that Anna and Gringotts’ fireworks are related?

“Slytherin First Year student, brown hair and green eyes, ordinary and ordinary,” McGonagall described Anna, “what happened to her?”

“Professor McGonagall, I think she obviously does not have you What she said is so ordinary!” Ms. Skeeter thought that Professor McGonagall was hiding something, and she became more excited, her eyes glowed, “She once went to Azkaban with Headmaster Dumbledore—”

“It’s in Sirius A few days before fleeing!”

Professor McGonagall didn’t know this. She knew that Dumbledore had gone to see Anna, but she didn’t know that they had gone to Azkaban, which was weird.

“There are always their reasons, Ms. Skeeter,” Professor McGonagall didn’t show it despite the strangeness, “but it should have nothing to do with Sirius Black——”

“Otherwise, you mean to say that the greatest white wizard of the century recognized by the International Wizards Federation will ignore the law and let criminals escape?”

“I didn’t say that, Professor McGonagall,” Sky Te shook his head, and the wonderful blond hair swayed, “But I am a reporter, the best reporter, I should go to dig out the truth of the incident, put aside the coat of the incident, and tell everyone the truest story. “

“You did a great job,” Professor McGonagall mocked her. Who doesn’t know that Rita Skeeter loves exaggeration and fabrication. For the sake of money and bloggers’ attention, what can’t she do?

“Many thanks,” Rita Skeeter fiddling with her hair, “then please bring Lawrence Young Lady over—”

“I promise, no It will put pressure on this child,” Rita Skeeter smiled confidently, as if facing an eleven-year-old girl, she could easily find the information she wanted.

Staring at Skeeter’s hair for a while, Professor McGonagall’s mouth raised slightly, “Then I wish you good luck, Ms. Skeeter.”

Underestimate the enemy, I am a soldier. It is a big taboo, but Professor McGonagall is not prepared to remind.

“Squeak,” Professor McGonagall pushed open the door of the greenhouse.

A group of small heads turned around.

“Lawrence Young Lady,” Professor McGonagall looked towards Anna, who was standing behind the twin and wearing dragon leather gloves.

“Here is a reporter who wants to ask you some questions. It will be over soon…”

“Don’t be too formal.”

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