Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 148

“Well, then, dear Anna Young Lady,” Ms. Rita Skeeter kindly called Anna in the cramped broomstick, even though they were not familiar.

“Hello, Ms. Skeeter,” Anna adjusted her sitting position, trying to find a comfortable position in the broomstick.

Heaven knows Rita. Why does Skeeter have a soft spot for the broom room, when Professor McGonagall tried to arrange an empty classroom for her for an interview, he flatly refused, “Professor McGonagall, I can’t be sure about those empty rooms. Is there something hidden in the classroom that interferes with my interview.”

Professor McGonagall rolled the eyes.

But one thing is certain. Rita Skeeter believes that the broom room is absolutely safe and there is no monitoring. The key is that no one else is present and can do as one pleases to tamper with the interview content.

Anna also likes the broom room, a must-have place for hide and seek. It is dark and humid. Very few people come here, and very few people can find people hidden here, no matter who.

“Just call me Rita,” Skeeter smiled, “I believe the next interview will quickly draw us closer.”

I hope, Anna Keep smiling.

Skeeter took out a handful of candles from the crocodile leather pouch, lit them and let them float in the air, and the broomsticks lit up.

“Do you mind if I use Quick-Quotes Quill?” Skeeter said each minding their own business, staring into Anna’s eyes, “I don’t think you would mind. Muggle comes from Okay, Anna? Quick-Quotes Quill is the standard equipment for magic circle reporters, you may not know…”

“Yes, I don’t know, ma’am,” I know it well, I still know You are a beetle spirit.

“You learned new knowledge,” Skeeter took out a green quill, then took out a roll of magic parchment and placed it on a wooden box.

Anna wrinkled frowned because she saw Ms. Skeeter put Quill’s nib in her mouth unsanitaryly, as if she was tasting something delicious.

As a mouth-watering reporter, Skeeter still lacks security awareness.

If someone wants to kill Skeeter, they just need to stick the juice of the widow mushroom to the nib of her Quick-Quotes Quill. It’s too easy.

Skeeter put the drooling quill on the parchment, “Test, I’m Rita Skeeter, a reporter for “Daily Prophet”.”

quill quickly The ground moved,’With a charming smile, Rita Skeeter laughed and everything lost its luster, 38 years old, golden hair exudes a soft brilliance, she uses words as a weapon to pierce the lies of the world…’

Then weave a bigger lie.

Anna looked away from the parchment. To be honest, this text has no connection with Rita Skeeter at all, and even has a bit of spicy eyes.

“Well, it seems that Quill is in good shape today.” Skeeter tore off the parchment, folded it and put it in her bag, leaning forward and approaching Anna, “So, Anna , Did you go to Azkaban with Headmaster Dumbledore in August?”

Anna didn’t speak, but Quill began to shuttle on the parchment, “Dry, muddy long hair, pale Her face, apparently malnourished, the weak girl in front of her stared at me with her green eyes full of fear, as if she wanted to tell me something, but maybe Dumbledore had warned me, she hesitated and didn’t dare to speak… ‘

“Go,” Anna raised her eyebrows, “But it was just a legal education event, nothing special, and Headmaster Dumbledore didn’t warn me about anything…”

‘Girl Trembling in defense of Headmaster Dumbledore, it seems that she has indeed been warned, knowing what to say and what not to say, I can’t help but feel sorry for her, an eleven-year-old girl from muggle, why fell into the conspiracy of Dumbledore’s secret weave…’ quill Wen Si is springing up.

“Anna, look at me, okay? Don’t keep staring at that quill,” Rita Skeeter tried to turn Anna’s face back with his hands, but Anna swiftly avoided.

“Your pen is playing by yourself,” Anna said in a normal tone, “Do we really need to continue? It is not recording our conversation at all.”

“Just Some artistic processing, girl,” Skeeter waved, “Words need artistic processing…”

“Your processing has worn away the truth.”

“No, you are wrong “Little girl,” Skeeter sat upright, lowered his cocked legs, and put his hands together with the tips of his hands. “The truth is the truth after processing, and the truth is more real. I will make everyone think that this is the truth.”

Anna stood up. “Madam, I don’t think there is any need to continue.” She walked to the door and put her hand on the doorknob.

“Anna, I have to remind you that if you want to end the interview now,” Rita Skeeter is still sitting in the same place, “then I don’t know what this quill will write. “

Anna turned her back to Skeeter, fiddling with the doorknob, making the sound of metal crashing, seeming to hesitate.

“Is it the young wizard who Hogwarts secretly suppressed muggle, or the headmaster Dumbledore’s huge conspiracy,” Rita Skeeter paused for a second, “or maybe you have something to say about Headmaster Dumbledore. .”

“Are you trying to say that Headmaster Dumbledore is a pedophilia? Do you still like little girls?” Anna turned around.

“I haven’t said that yet, child,” Rita Skeeter smiled, “but I don’t know what quill will write if you end the interview early.”


“Go on,” Anna stepped back from the door, retracted wand into her sleeve, and sat back in her original position.

“Very well,” Skeeter glanced at Anna’s green-patterned gown. “I like Slytherin students, shrewd enough to know what to do to their advantage, a wise man submits to circumstances. “

“Are you also a student of Slytherin?”

“No, I am from Ravenclaw,” Skeeter wanted to end this topic as soon as possible, “Let’s talk about you, Why did Headmaster Dumbledore take you to Azkaban? What is special about you?”

“Since you were a student of Hogwarts,” Anna did not answer, but continued on the topic, “Why are you slandering Hogwarts?” “

Quill wrote in the Earth Book very fast, and some interesting content appeared wonderfully, “The girl Anna did not answer the question from Skeeter, but instead raised another sharp question, which is very rare. See, the Skeeter reporter was stumped. ‘

‘Hogwarts had a great influence on Ms. Skeeter in her teenage years. What happened that year caused this beautiful student with both good character and learning to drop out…’

Withdrawal, Rita Skeeter dropped out.

Rita Skeeter quickly tore off the parchment on which Quill wrote the words, crumpled it up, and threw it into the bag rudely.

“Magic objects will always go wrong, maybe I should switch to quill.”

After a short silence, she regained her indifferent appearance, “Speaking of defamation, How can this be called slander?”

“I just peeled off the skin of the truth layer by layer to show the truest things,” she said quickly, “Sometimes, many people This is the truth.”

Anna and Skeeter looked at each other, Anna laughed, showing her white teeth, “Well, Ms. Rita, I believe we have drawn a lot of distance, then I’ll tell you what you want to know.”

Anna leaned forward, “Headmaster Dumbledore took me to Azkaban. Under the guise of legal education, I was actually thinking of Confundo, with only one ultimate goal. ——”

“That is to help Sirius Black to escape.”

“…” This is what Skeeter wanted to fabricate, and it was now directly spoken by Anna.

Skeeter frowned. She didn’t expect to hear this’truth’, and Quill stopped, “Are you serious? Wait… why?”


The absurd artistic processing became a reality, and Skeeter didn’t believe it herself. She cringed and didn’t dare to write the “truth” in an article. She tore off the paragraph that Quill had just written.

“Why did the greatest white wizard of this century release the most loyal believer you know who, the murderer Sirius Black?” Rita Skeeter’s voice trembled a little, she didn’t dare to imagine that it meant what.

“Maybe, they have one head?” Anna spoke out Skeeter’s fear.

“Anyway, this is the truth, I have already told you,” Anna stared at her, “What, do you dare to write? Write it in the newspaper?”

Rita Skeeter didn’t dare, she even wanted to stay far away from Hogwarts, the sky with the magic circle filled with her brain was about to change.

All of her impudents are based on Dumbledore, who is the greatest white wizard of the century. She speaks morality, abides by the law, and is a good person. That’s why she dares to write all kinds of rumors, because she thinks she is a good headmaster. Dumbledore wouldn’t do anything to her.

Rita Skeeter hurriedly packed up his interview objects, “Anna, I am glad you can accept my interview. I think the time may be almost up, I think, there is no need to continue…”

Anna sat in the same position and didn’t respond.

Rita Skeeter stood up and walked to the door.

The door won’t open, “Alohomora!” Rita Skeeter took out wand and used a lock-opening spell on the door.

Still unable to open.

“All the door locks in the broomstick at Hogwarts have anti-Alohomora spells,” Anna’s voice came from behind Skeeter, “but it’s easy to open the door, pick the lock, or…”


The sound of metal collision sounded, “I picked up Filch’s key.”

“Hey! Is there anyone? Is there anyone outside?!” Rita Skeeter screamed, even to himself The’Sonorus Charm’ was used, but there was no movement outside.

“Silent curse,” Anna’s voice was a little bit happy, “My new spells, no one can agree to your broken throat.”

“little girl You are just an eleven-year-old child who has mastered a few low-level spells,” Rita Skeeter calmed down, and even thought that the call for help just now was too stupid, “Do you really think you can control me? A reporter who has experienced all kinds of emergencies?”

“I just need to subdue you and wait for my partner to come to me,” Skeeter cracked his red lips and laughed.” This is not bad. It can also expose Dumbledore’s conspiracy and seek shelter from the Ministry of Magic as a weak…”

“Petrificus Totalus!” Rita Skeeter faced Anna use spell.

“It’s beautiful, Ms. Skeeter,” Anna took out the metal wand of Takeuchi Ichiro, flexibly avoided Ms. Skeeter’s spells, and directly pressed her face, waving the metal wand. Greetings hit Skeeter’s head.

“Ah!” The scream of the fox being stepped on its tail sounded, and Ms. Skeeter fell to the ground, losing the combat capability.

Wand fell aside and was picked up by Anna.

The wizard met an assassin pretending to be a wizard in a small space, and said, “You…my partner will find me…let me…” Bad Luck Skeeter muttered.

Anna took out the teddy bear ring and skillfully put on Skeeter’s fingers, “No, he won’t.”

“I’ll say, you become a beetle and fly away Now.”

Rita Skeeter passed out.

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