Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 149

The familiar old man’s voice rang in his ears, someone was humming’Where is the witch’, Rita Skeeter tried to open his eyes in the darkness, but failed.

“Rita? Is Hogwarts on holiday?”

“Child, why are you back? Come and try the screaming cookies I just made!”


The voice was silent for a while, “It doesn’t matter, the school that dropped you out without showing any substantive evidence, you can’t learn anything there.”

“I will teach you knowledge.”

Rita Skeeter didn’t want to hear the old man’s voice at this time, so she covered her ears and turned herself into a beetle.

“Rita…” The old man’s voice weakened.

Rita Skeeter’s eyes lit up, with warm European-style yellow wallpapers, old wooden floors, and a comfortable big bed with a wrinkled old man lying on it.

The beetle turned into by Rita Skeeter fell on the back of the old man’s hand.

“Rita, my dear granddaughter, have you come back to see me?” The old man laughed, driving her chest to vibrate, and she quickly coughed.

beetle Skeeter saw a glass of water being handed over, and suddenly found someone standing by the bed, an acquaintance, he was in his twenties.

“Thank you, Rita dear,” the old man smiled and took the glass of water.

The picture in the memory flashes.

“Quickly get out of there!” Beetle Skeeter yelled, but to no avail, she couldn’t change anything, just like a real beetle.

A man wearing a black robe broke in and shouted, “Go to death with your broken articles! Rita Skeeter!”

Green’s light strike The old man struggling to jump from the bed to protect his granddaughter.

“Rita…Run away…”

Rita Skeeter opened his eyes.

She found herself in a gorgeous room with two green four-poster beds, dark green decorations, and huge glass windows in front of her.

And he became a huge teddy bear with his limbs tied up.

This is simply a nightmare.

“Good evening, Ms. Skeeter,” Anna walked out of the bathroom and wiped off the toothpaste bubbles from her mouth. “Is the experience of returning to Hogwarts still good?”

“Our hospitality is enthusiastic, isn’t it?” Picking up the tape, Anna cut out a small section with ease.

“Will you kill me?” Rita Skeeter couldn’t use magic after becoming a teddy bear. It felt bad.

Anna paused when she was about to put the tape on Skeeter’s fluffy mouth, “Ms. Skeeter, why do you have such evil thoughts? I’m just harmless to humans and animals. My little girl.”

“I don’t know what caused you to have such a wrong perception, but I tell you clearly, I will not kill people, not now, nor in the future.”

“Besides, what can I get if I kill you?” Anna smiled, “I always think that only by alive can people exert their own initiative, make atonement for their crimes, or let the form of temporary stalemate take a turn for the better “

“?” Xiong Skeeter was silent.

“Don’t worry too much, just let you stay here for a while and enjoy the local customs of Hogwarts.”

This local customs is really authentic.

Anna continued, “I know you are a beetle Mags who has not been registered by the Ministry of Magic. This is a very difficult to deal with magic.”

Rita. The teddy bear looked terrified, “How do you know?!”

Anna did not answer this question, “You turned into a beetle and flew to the residence of the celebrity wizard, peeping into the privacy of others, and then true or false Half-and-half, combined with my subjective consciousness, I created one article after another that is full of explosive points.”

“After you became famous, you let yourself go. There are more and more false things in the report, and even start Leading public opinion…”

Rita. Teddy bear cowered.

“Distorted, exaggerated, such as last year’s Weasley Family incident, the blue Ford only appeared in the air for a short time, staying for no more than two minutes-you used a report to slander the Weasley family’s muggle car Smuggling?”

Anna took out a newspaper from the blue floral bag and shook in front of Rita Skeeter, “Weasley Family will probably only be criticized and educated, but punished for your report. 50Galleon, this makes the already wealthy family worse.”

“And the escape of the giant dragon of Gringotts,” Anna took out another newspaper, “What is’giant dragon and Goblin’ I have to say The story’? The giant dragon fell in love with the Goblin guarding it, so he eloped? What magical realism theme? This is not true at all!”

“Your report does not respect Goblin at all, let the wizard and Goblin Relationship is getting worse and worse, and you have so many’stories you have to tell’?”

“And Harry Potter’s jerk on Potter’s ass,” Anna paused, “You didn’t allow me He exposed other people’s privacy and caused him a huge trouble. Even today, he still cries and wakes up from his sleep!”

“Ahee!” Far from Privet Road, his gradually warm little boy Harry in the room sneezed unfathomable mystery.

“Harry —” Next to Harry’s room, Dudley, who was exhausted from boxing and fainted on the bed, woke up and complained impatiently and aggrievedly, “No sneezing!”

Harry rubbed He rubbed his nose, staring at the big black who came to play from Anna’s house in front of him, thinking, could it be that the dog’s hair got into the nose?

Da Hei didn’t know, he was wagging his tail happily.

The camera returns to Anna’s bedroom.

“I just wrote what the readers want to see!” Rita Skeeter tried to shake her body, “I also want to survive!”

“Not exaggerated. Write down the truth and you can survive,” Anna took up her hand. “Your profession is a journalist, recording real people. In my opinion, you are just to make more money, regardless of whether you report it or not. It’s a fact.”

“He also made up all kinds of lace news to attack the good wizard. It is really linked to the evil forces. I think you really dare not expose it at all. You are really picking up soft persimmons. !”

“You don’t understand!” Rita Teddy Bear was excited, “Reporting facts will not make people survive! Reporting the real things always puts reporters in danger! You don’t know this at all! “

‘Rita…Run away’, Rita Skeeter will never forget how his grandmother was brutally killed by Death Eater.

Because of my young self, after I just became a reporter, I wrote several critical and true reports with great ambition.

“Since you think so, why did you choose to become a reporter?” Anna asked, “Just to make money?”

Rita Skeeter fell silent and did not answer .

“Well, I don’t want to say I’m not reluctant, Ms. Skeeter,” Anna shook the tape in her hand, “I have a proposal…”

Footsteps came from outside.

Anna quickly attached the magic tape to Rita’s teddy bear’s mouth and pushed the teddy bear under the bed with her previous experience of hiding snacks to avoid Abigail’s inspection.

“Huh—” Belinda walked in lazily and fell to the bed.

“Put out a candle, Anna,” Belinda directed, “I am a genius after finishing writing potion and learning homework in one night, but genius is really tired now.”

“Uh… OK…” Anna put out the magic candle.

The room is dimmed.

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