Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 150

Belinda had a nightmare.

Dreaming of a good-looking woman with a teddy bear face hiding under Anna’s bed, gloomy moved towards herself smiling.

Scarlet red’s lips cracked and he yelled,’Belinda, I know you have hemorrhoids! ‘

This is simply slander!

Belinda opened her eyes so angry that she found that it was still dark, and Anna, who was on the bed next door, folded her hands on her stomach, lying peacefully among the soft quilts, without any movement.

A faintly discernable purr came from the room.

Ha! Anna sleeps and snores! Belinda was so happy, she thought she had caught Anna’s shortcomings.

Staring at Anna’s face that didn’t seem to be snoring for a while, Belinda felt a little weird. She listened and felt that the snoring was indeed coming from Anna.

She was frowned and walked over to sniff Anna’s breath lightly.

“Snoring…” The snoring sound came out. This time Belinda heard it very real, and it was indeed from Anna.


Reassured Belinda is going to go to the bathroom and come back to sleep.

She suddenly remembered her dream, and she moved her eyes to Anna’s bed, which was completely covered by the dark green sheets, and she couldn’t see what was underneath.

There is a mysterious force that urges Belinda to open the bed sheet and look inside.

What can be there?

Belinda thought she was a little funny, what could be under Anna’s bed? At most, there are only a few broken toilet lids, a few packets of instant noodles, and a few bottles of pineapple beer.

There is always impossible hiding a big living person, right?

After going to the toilet quickly, Belinda lay back on the bed, her eyes closed, and she fell asleep.

Hearing Belinda’s even breathing, Anna opened her eyes, raised her hand and wiped the cold sweat from her forehead, she leaned out and took a look under the bed.

Ms. Teddy Bear has fallen asleep, snoring, and Snot bubbled up, looking like she was dreaming.

No, Rita Skeeter’s problem must be resolved as soon as possible, or simply can’t sleep! I always feel that there is something staring at me under the bed! It is also easy to cause Belinda’s suspicion.

Anna sighed, went back to lie in the middle of the quilt, stared at the green ceiling tossing for an hour or two, and finally fell into a drowsy sleep.

In less than two hours, the big octopus came out to tell the time, “dong dong dong ——” The crisp percussion announced that a beautiful day was about to begin.

“Fred, George,” Anna said weakly. She stopped them at the entrance of the auditorium, and weakly took out a key. “Thanks, the key between the broomsticks, I was very helpful.”

“Morning Anna…” Fred took the key. He looked at Anna, who was seriously lacking in sleep with dark circles, and was a little worried, “Are you okay?”

” You look like you have been chasing the’growth trouble’ for two seasons overnight!” George asked excitedly, “Did Headmaster Dumbledore have a TV installed in your common room?”

“George, I will watch you and I didn’t wake up either,” Anna stretched out her hand and shook it before George’s eyes, “Do you think’Slytherin common room’ and’Muggle TV’ can be used together?”

Obviously not.

Anna looked towards Fred, “I’m fine, and I’m fine now. If another Rita Skeeter 2 squeezes under my bed, then I will be fine.”

“That’s good…” Fred heard that Anna is not bad now, sighed in relief, but he suddenly realized what he heard, “Wait…you mean…”

George leaned back strategically, “If my astute brain doesn’t understand it wrong…”

“You mean Rita Skeeter…well…that reporter is under your bed now?” Fred De considered The words, “Keep breathing?”

“Keep breathing, not only keep breathing, she sleeps and snoring,” Anna waved her hand, “Belinda almost found her presence, but fortunately I kept it from her. In the past.”

“Merlin’s beard…” George stretched out and sighed, as if praying to Merlin.

“I have to deal with her as soon as possible,” Anna said in a normal voice.

George’s pupils tremble, “You said that the solution…isn’t it the kind that you want to enter Azkaban, right?”

Fred De has already begun to appear in his head in the dark Azkaban for his wedding. When the child was born in Azkaban, he would hold a cigarette in one hand and a wand in the other to display the terrifying illusion of “Avada gnawing melon”.

“What are you thinking about?” Anna rolled the eyes, “Of course it’s an’unbreakable vow’!”

Anna puts Rita Skeeter and herself in the broomstick The conversation told the two of them, emphasizing the fact that Ms. Skeeter intends to slander Headmaster Dumbledore and publish fake news, “I wanted to threaten her with her secrets, but I still feel that magic restricts her to be more reliable…”

twin relaxed.

The picture in Fred’s head is back to the hillside of wild flowers and meadows, the refined wood house and seven red-haired children surrounded by smiles and looking happy Anna called mother.

I have to say that whether it is Azkaban or seven red-haired bear children, they are all terrifying.

It may be that Lee Jordan often read “Toadstool Tales” recently, which caused Fred’s head to always be full of unfathomable mystery pictures.

“Fred, do you remember how this vow magic was witnessed?”

Fred is very confident, “Unless my left and right buttocks return to symmetry, otherwise I am I will never forget that magic.”

“Goblin’s happy spell,” George renamed this spell in free play, “marriage defensive spell, flower arm spell.”

“It’s also Rita’s Happy Curse now,” Anna and the two agreed on a time, finally letting go of a worry.

“Oh! One more important thing!” George rummaged through his eight pockets of trousers, and finally found a crumpled letter in the pockets of his trousers closest to his knees.

“Ron sent it, you have to read it!”

Anna took the letter questioningly, “What? The’growth trouble’ ended early? Or his favorite My weather forecast little elder sister is married?”

“Neither,” Fred scratched his head, “has something to do with Ms. Lena.”

“?” Anna opened the letter .

‘…Fools Fred and George, and Anna the dragon trainer, I have important news to tell you–‘

The handwriting is evil and enchanting, Ron is still the Ron.

‘Mrs. 7 and a wizard next door saw each other right, and the cat Snow ran out and got Madame Feige’s cat raccoon. The lovely Aiwen dreamed that Da Hei could become a human being all day long. …’

‘These are not big news, what I want to say is-our greatest Ms. Lena is going to-TV-watch!

What? Anna feels confused, there are too many things that have confused her recently.

‘Ms. Linna recently wrote the magical novel “wizard diary” (if it is placed in the magic circle, it is more suitable for realistic novels). In short, it is the description of Diagon Alley, an ordinary wizard counterattack, full of The story of love and redemption became a hit when the novel was published. Ms. Linna has a large number of muggle fans! ‘

Oh, I’m on TV to promote the novel, right? Anna thinks she understands it.

‘You must think that Ms. Lena is on TV to promote the novel, right? what! totally not! ‘

‘On a bright sun and a gentle breeze afternoon, a poor hobby mysterious (should be this word) little girl lay on a hospital bed and looked through books, by chance. To Ms. Lena’s novel…’

‘A few days ago, the little girl’s mother found Ms. Lena, hoping that she would participate in a variety show’Britain’s Psychic Challenge’ (Britain’s Psychic Challenge), then It is the favorite show for little girls with serious mental illnesses. If Lina can hold up the “blue hand” representing the champion, the little girls might be able to pull yourself together and defeat the disease! ‘

‘Merlin’s big eyes! This is the first time I know there is such a show! It’s the muggles’ speculation on the wizard world! “Ron’s handwriting began to drift, I can see that he is very excited,” Ms. Linna has agreed to participate! Of course, with the help of me, Harry, Hermione and Ginny (a group of great wizards), her victory is predictable! ‘

“?” Anna’s mouth opened wide.

‘Unfortunately, you guys couldn’t keep up with the show recording, and missed such an interesting thing, hahaha…’You can feel Ron laughed wildly when he wrote this,’ but you can still catch up with the show. , Look forward to it! ‘

“Britain’sPsychicChallenge? God! Are they serious?!” Anna didn’t know what to say.

“It looks like it is,” George said with regret, “Ai, when will we have a holiday?”

“When is a holiday?” Fred sighed.

Anna also has the same question, when is the holiday, even though school is only one month away.

But the heart of going home has begun to take off.

Even the expectations for the Quiddich tournament in November have dropped a lot.

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