Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 151

In the damp and cold air, the leaves were tangled in the soil, the crows screamed and flew, and the harsh sound gradually disappeared in the empty cemetery forest.

The forest parking lot next to Britain’s Highgate Cemetery in London welcomed a large group of strangely dressed guests.

The crown embellished with jewels, the woman wearing exaggerated blue lipstick is holding a skull and talking about something, the man wearing a suit with a briefcase squatted down on the spot, took it out and looked at it. So the evil psychic board began the final debugging.

Several old ladies in ragged clothes yelled at each other, words such as’curse’,’dark magic’ and so on came out one after another.

The woman wearing the same hat of Audrey Hepburn smiled evilly and chatted with another man dressed in gothic-style on mysterious topics,’Only dark magic is orthodox! ‘The Gothic man yelled, and the evil woman rolled her eyes and walked aside disdainfully and waited.

The weird bearded man on the edge of the woods is pestering a man with a work hat, “Could you tell me what the challenge of the first test is? Guessing something? Or finding someone like last time? “

The man with a work hat was embarrassed, “Sir, according to the program regulations, I can’t tell you…”

The bearded man is entangled, “Please Must tell me! young man! My… uh… the guardian elf told me that you will tell me something!”

Mad man, the staff wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, “Sir, then Your guardian elf must have made a mistake, I’m just a little assistant, what can I know?”

The bearded man stared at the staff suspiciously for a long time, and then he “cut” and left with disdain. opened.

All this was recorded faithfully by the camera.

Britain’s Psychic Challenge, the recording of Britain’s Psychic Challenge program is proceeding in an orderly manner.

“Director, why are you wearing the little assistant’s hat again?” After checking the operation of the camera, another staff member joked with the director who lied to be the assistant just now.

“The lady went to the toilet, I just held the hat for her temporarily,” the director moved towards him and smiled, “How, are you all ready, right?”

“Yes , Everything is as beautiful as today’s weather,” the staff moved towards the noisy crowd took a look, “I feel that the contestants of this season seem to be of high quality, maybe there are really a few psychics.”

The director patted the staff on the shoulder, “Constan, we have collaborated for two seasons of variety shows. Tell me, do you believe this? What kind of ghosts, ghosts, werewolf, Vampire, etc.?”

The staff member named Constantine was nodded, “Yes, director, I quite believe in these. Mysterious learned strength, I was…”

“haha haha…” directed by The laughter interrupted Constant’s words, making Constant a little confused.


The director took the hat down, stroked his hair, with a smile on his face, and pointed his hat at the group of weirdly dressed people, “Look Look over there, what do you see?”

“Participants?” The young Constantine was confused by the director.

“More than that,” the director shook his head. “Look at their dresses. They are all unacceptable, lonely and pathetic people, and they believe in the mysterious illusory study, just like a A clown with a painted face…”

“Why is our show popular? Constance,” the director looked at Constance a little silent, “To put it bluntly, it caters to the audience’s curiosity mentality, materialism The activists are watching what a joke, the mysterious hobby learners think that they have a glimpse of the reality of the world, and the people who eat melon can feel what we want to express in our script…”

“Everyone feels happy ,” The director handed hat to the assistant who ran over, “That’s enough, Constant.”

“Director, don’t you believe these things?” Constant scratched his head.

“I used to be the most devout believer, but since my wife fell ill and passed away, I have never believed it anymore. Only myself can save myself. I advise you not to believe this too much,” the director once again Pat Constance on the shoulder.

“Have you seen the woman holding the big black dog, who looks like a morning jog?”

Constan lifts the head and took a look. The woman standing by the woods holding the dog, and a group of children around her, “It’s… the director, that’s Lena Lawrence, she’s very famous recently…”

“You look like she’s here to do it. What kind of psychic? She lives happily and can’t hide the smile on her face,” the director paused for a second, “she is here to promote the new book.”

The young Constance speechless.

“Mysterious studies don’t exist at all, and we have already set the scope for the championship. This Lina Young Lady can only go to the third test at most, and she’d better seize every opportunity to promote her new book… “

“Director!” The distant shout interrupted the dialogue between the director and Constant.

“Maybe Ms. Lena really has some psychic abilities…” Constantine muttered.

“Alright, do your job, youngster,” the director smiled and left, “If the morning jog writer with the dog wins the championship, then I will swallow the shit on the ground.”

At this time, the morning jogger writer Linna is watching everything in front of her with great interest.

“Ms. Lena!” Hermione seriously took out a small book with the cover of’Blue Hand Project’ written on the cover, “I have to tell you about our plan first.”

“Do we still have a plan?” Ron moved towards Harry whispered, “When did we discuss it?”

Harry touched his head, “Hermione’s plan is our plan. Could it be that she said When she finishes her plan and asks you if you have any objections, will you raise an objection?”

No, Ron shut up and turned his attention to Ginny’s direction.

Ginny went to investigate the enemy. The most important way is to stand next to the contestants in strange costumes, tilt their heads and ask, “Excuse me, sir, you are using this cutting board Forecast Future?”

“Madam, is there any special magic left by the scar on your hand? Oh, it just hurt your hand by cutting vegetables…”

“May I ask if this teacup is Used to…” Ginny walked to an old lady, her expression became serious, tea divination really has a certain saying, maybe this old man is a real witch.

“Oh! Child! That’s just the guy I used to drink afternoon tea,” the old lady took out a dagger, “This is what I used for divination,” he said. , The old lady took a knife and slashed her little finger, but Ginny was taken aback.

“I can see that you are an only child, with a good family, living in a low, sturdy little brick house!” The old lady waved exaggeratedly, “You will fall in love with a strong man with a pocky face!”

Hey, Ginny relaxes.

“Ms. Linna, what we arranged for you is the character set of’Animal Whisperer’. In this setting, Da Hei is a black dog with mysterious power that you have picked up. Carry it all the time.”

Sirius Black, who was no more than everyone’s knees, stepped helplessly on the rotten leaves. No one knew he was a person except himself.

This kind of baby’s perspective that is ignored when lying in a stroller makes Black determined that if he has a child in the future, he will definitely not put the child in the stroller.

The time I became Anna’s pet was very moist, at least much better than Azkaban. Everyday all eat big fish and meat, and sometimes I can drink the cola and Ginny secretly fed by Ron. I don’t like vegetable meatballs.

The most happy thing is to see Harry, oh, this young man is almost carved out of the same mold as his father! The eyes are exactly the same as his mother!

Thinking of this, Black’s tail wags.

Thanks to Merlin, they still remember to put themselves in small clothes and didn’t let themselves appear naked on the muggle TV.

Hermione put on black-rimmed glasses that he didn’t know where he took out, with a serious face, “Big black is only part of your setting, an ordinary black dog, it has no practical effect—”

“Our main force is Catherine,” Hermione looked towards the branch beside him, and the owl standing on the branch Catherine called gu gu from time to time.

“I watched the previous seasons of psychic warfare and found that their first test challenge was basically a’finding someone’ challenge. The program team will provide some items on the hidden person for the convenience of the contestants. Use spell, at this time Catherine can play a big role…”

Hermione raised her head confidently, “Although the program team prohibits the use of police dogs and other working animals to assist, it does not say that owl cannot be used.”

How could Muggle think that owl has this ability besides catching mice.

“It’s amazing,” Lina smiled and looked towards Hermione, her hands clasped together and sincerely praised, “Really a reliable young wizard.”

“Please come and gather here! The staff began to shout, “The two over there, please don’t curse each other before the game!”

“The gentleman with the mace! Please put down the weapon in your hand!” The scene was a little chaotic. “Madam! Can you clean up these symbols on the ground–“

“Whose voodoo doll is this? It fell on the ground!” The staff accidentally stepped on the doll on the ground.

“Oh,” a woman fell to the ground in an instant, “My feet hurt,” she screamed.

The staff helpless, “I stepped on a doll’s hand!”

“My hand!” The woman continued to scream, “The whole body hurts!”

A man tried to kill a pig to help the woman break the curse.

The scene is more chaotic.

The host stood in front of the camera, “The miracle exists, the soul will live forever, I am your favorite host Benson McIntosh, oh, I believe you are all as excited as I am! “

“Behind me, this mysterious place gathers hundreds of contestants who claim to be psychics from all over the world——”

“This is destined In this extraordinary winter, what kind of miracle we will present to you, please continue to pay attention to our channel…”

The host Benson showed a charming smile.

“It’s all in Britain’s psychic warfare.”

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