Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 154

Anna received a special gift.

Catherine struggled to carry a painting and rushed into the classroom when Anna’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class was about to end.

Really handsome guy Professor Jacob Kowalski almost reflexively knocked Catherine down, because this class just introduced Voldebats into the wizard’s house silently to kill them.

“This kind of rare but dangerous creature was considered a kind of insect by the aspergill scholar a long time ago. In the aspergillian world, it has names such as News Insect, face-holding insect, etc. This kind of creature is far The view looks like a black cloak, maybe only half an inch thick. If it has recently digested new victims, it may be thicker…”

“Magic circle Some researchers believe that the Voldebat is Dementor magic is caused by mutations in the gene, and some scholars think that, like Basilisk, it is a magic creature created by a dark wizard under boredom…”

“Fortunately, in the wizard Flavie Bobby After successfully escaping from Voldebat and searching for Voldebat cubs at home, we finally have a new understanding of this mysterious creature…”

The crazy blond snake Sambadi Ai Fry raised his hand and said, “Professor Kowalski! How do Voldebats kill people?”

The eyes of some small snakes lit up, Anna propped her face, watching with interest they.

Oh oh! The murder in the office took on a new twist.

“Very good question,” Jacob paused for a while, and removed a model from the jungle-flavored shelf behind him. It looked like a piece of black cloth and felt light and light. Bu’, how on earth do you want to kill?”

Jacob floats the Voldebat model in the air, “The Voldebat likes to follow the victim’s wizard secretly and follow him infiltrate his home until he falls asleep.”

“The wizard’s face was suffocated when the wizard was asleep, and the face was put on the face by the bat. No matter how powerful the wizard is, it can’t do anything. It can only wait for death,” Jacobs added, “By the way, Mention, being eaten on the spot by Voldebats…or the word absorption is more suitable, it will not leave a trace of yourself or the victim.”

“So handsome,” Belinda whispered Anna raised her eyebrows and did not comment on it.

‘Why not use Voldemort against Voldemort? ‘Anna suddenly had such a thought in her heart.

“Oh! I heard a young wizard ask an interesting question in my heart,” Jacob smiled, “Can we use Voldebats to deal with some difficult enemies?”

The students took notes and leaned forward, trying to listen more carefully.

“The answer is-no.”

“The Voldebats live in the tropics and are extremely difficult to find.” Jacob put the specimen back on the shelf.” When you do find Voldebats, there is a high chance that you are about to suffocate, so you can’t control them at all.”

“The chance of encountering Voldebats is very small,” Jacob Cloth took out the wand, “But if you are really lucky enough to meet Voldebats and have the opportunity to do something, what spell should you cast? The Defense Against the Dark Arts class teaches this—”

Jacob shook the wand lightly, “ExpectoPatronum!” He read spells, some silver and blue rays of light shot from the top of his wand, but it was not dazzling, and the spell cast by Dumbledore in Azkaban The effect is much worse than that.

A small and exquisite animal that looks like a rhino appeared next to Jacob.

“This is the only known spell that can expel Voldebat and dementor.” Jacob waved the wand to let this strange creature of silver and blue run happily in the room, “Patronus Charm.”

“As you can see, my Patronus is a poisonous horned beast.”

Belinda tried to grab the nimble Patronus, but her hand was only from Crossed in silver blue.

“Everyone, whether it’s a wizard, squib, or a chicken, has its own Patronus, but the difference is that only the wizard has the ability to bring out Patronus summon,” Jacob added.” but also not all wizards can summon out Patronus.”

“The magic power of the wizard, the imagination of beautiful things, and the memories of the happy past are all necessary factors for the successful release of Patronus Charm,” Ya Kobu emphasized, “This spells is very complicated. The specific introduction will be left to your Fifth Year. If I was still teaching you at that time, maybe I could catch a wild dementor from the United States to teach.”

But that is impossible. No one can hold on for that long as a professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts.

“Patronus Charm is not a compulsory test, but the Voldebat part is very important. If you want to get good results in Defense Against the Dark Arts and the protection of magical creatures in the NEWT ultimate wizard exam, then you must Seriously study…”

Speaking of study, the classroom fell silent for an instant. Now it is impossible that a young wizard can release Patronus Charm because they are not happy anymore.

“Oh! I heard some young wizards thinking that we are only the First Year, and the ultimate wizard exam is something to be considered for the Sixth Year,” Jacob looked all around.

“I just want to say that the opportunity is always only for those who are prepared. In the future, if you want to become an Auror or the young wizard of a magical creature conservationist, you should start preparing now…”

Jacob stopped chattering.

Because a group of black shadows passed in front of him, he waved wand subconsciously with the image of Voldebats full of his head, trying to control Patronus to knock down the black shadows.

“Everyone get down!”

The little snakes move quickly, at this time their movements are as silky as snakes.

Anna’s eyes widened, watching Catherine dangling past Jacob’s Patronus, throwing a huge painting over.

“dong!” just hit Belinda who was lying on the ground.

“Ouch!” Belinda exclaimed, “The Voldebat hit my head!”

That’s not a Voldebat at all.

Anna feels a little guilty, and swiftly took over the painting that she looked at might be expensive. How could anyone think of giving someone a painting?

Where did Catherine come in? !

Thinking of this, Anna cast an unbelievable look at Catherine,’How can you do this! ‘

Catherine patted her wings innocently,’I did nothing! ‘A piece of paper floated down from Catherine’s feathers.

Anna grabbed it,’Please return this painting to the earl of Nicholas, a ghost, you usually call him headless Nick, I hope you know him…’

Baba’s note, no, it’s not a note, it’s obviously a leaflet that was received in the street, and the back of it was written with a slogan such as’Black Crow Wine Vat Drink’.

The wild handwriting is a bit familiar to Anna, but it is definitely not written by Ron, Harry, or other friends. You may have seen it once or twice somewhere.

“Huh—” Jacob came back to his senses, and found that it was just a false alarm, “It’s okay young wizards, just an owl that delivers letters…”

Beilin Da holding head complained aggrievedly to Anna, “It’s rude! How can you let owl send such a heavy thing?”

“Someone sent it to me,” Anna looked at the painting. Then, the woman who looked very resentful stared at this World with wide-eyed eyes. The corners of her mouth seemed to rise slightly, as if she was expecting something to come.

Belinda frowns looked at the painting, “Although it is a bit rude to say that, she looks really terrifying.”

“You are not allowed to hang it in the bedroom!” Up to add.

“There is no chance,” Anna took the painting slightly away, “This seems to be a’headless Nick’ thing.”

At this time, the London Highgate Cemetery parked in the forest. field.

“There is only one way,” Ron stroked the old owl standing on his arm, his eyes revealed firmness, “Errol, Old Partner, believe in yourself! You can do it! !”

“Errol, we are with you!” Harry cheered for it, Ginny took out a big bag of nuts, “Errol! Whether you win or not, this is yours!”

Old owl Errol shrinks his neck.

Perhaps it is very confident.

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