Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 155

Twenty-two cars drove over quickly.

The car owners gathered together, including the bearded man who failed the first test. His car was a big red Volvo.


The bearded man akimbo, he yelled, “I don’t believe your show! This is all fake!”

The host Benson touched his nose,” It seems that one of the enthusiastic viewers this time does not believe in our program. Can our contestants convince him?”

“Please continue to pay attention to our channel,” Benson walks Among the enthusiastic audience, he handed the microphone to a lady with long black hair, “This lady, do you believe our program?”

“Believe! Of course I believe! A little bit No doubt!” The woman is as enthusiastic as a childcare hired by the program group, but in fact she is not, she is just an ordinary melon-eater.

“I have been chasing your show since the first season. I watched every episode. This time I finally got the courage to come to the scene!”

Benson didn’t know this. Why did a passionate lady muster up the courage to come to the scene? He smiled formulaically, “Then this brave lady, which player do you support the most?”

“Lenna Lawrence!”

She is so much like a childcare! Speaking is like memorizing lines! Benson couldn’t help looking at the direction of the program group. A staff member shook his head, indicating that he was really just an ordinary enthusiastic audience.

“Uh…this lady,” Benson wiped his sweat, “may I ask? Why do you support Ms. Lawrence so much?”

Speaking of this, enthusiasm The lady became excited, “There is some mysterious power around her! For example, she can curse the black cloth and make it fly!”

Simple reason.

“Well, madam, we also hope that Ms. Lawrence can go to the end,” Benson smiled, “then can you tell us your name?”

“Of course the host, Lisana Quirrell, I’m a witch,” the passionate woman flirted with her long hair.

“Wow! A witch!” Benson didn’t expect to hear this. He smiled brightly, thinking that women were cracking a joke, “Then why don’t you come to our show? ?”

“Because of the confidentiality law.”

Lisana stared into Benson’s eyes, “I have exhausted my courage standing here, and I don’t have more courage to participate. What show, host, can you lend me the microphone?”

“What…” The host Benson paused for a second, and a gust of wind brushed his cheek, “Of course,” he heard Speak for yourself.

Lisana took the microphone. It seemed that everyone around didn’t notice what was happening here. The muggles giggled, and the staff holding the camera behaved very ordinary.

“Quilinas Quirrell, I know you will watch this show. You have not been home for a year. My crystal ball tells me that you are about to encounter the greatest danger in your life,” Lisana turned her gaze at the camera, “I just want to say, I’ll come back if I can’t hang on, no one will say that you are a coward.”

Lisana returned the microphone to Benson and slapped Snap fingers.

The Repello Muggletum spell has no effect.

The people around made a blank expression at the same time, as if they were ignoring something, but it seemed that nothing happened just now.

Benson shook his head, “Sorry, ma’am, did you just say something?”

“Nothing,” Lisana smiled, “I can’t wait to see The challenge is about to begin!”

“Of course!” Benson took a deep breath. He felt that his condition today was not very good, and he almost froze during the recording of the show, probably in the parking lot of the cemetery. Staying for a long time will affect Spirit, Soul and Qi.

He turned around and picked up the carton on the ground, “Then let’s draw an enthusiastic audience into the trunk!”

The shooting continued.

“Have you seen it!” Ron pulled Harry’s sleeve. “The lady! She’s a wizard!” At this point, Ron lowered his voice.

“Indeed,” Hermione was looking thoughtful. She thought it was the witch who stole the painting.

“Why didn’t they seem to hear what the lady just said?” Harry touched his head. “What did she do?”

“It should be the Repello Muggletum curse, “Ginny replied, “Father will use this spell to prevent muggle’s attention when he comes to work in the muggle world.”

“And under the action of the Repello Muggletum curse, even if it is a very ridiculous film, The muggles will think it is very reasonable,” Hermione added, “Speaking of the Repello Muggletum spell, I have seen related introductions in “The Standard Book of Spells Level 6″…”

“Wait Ron interrupted Hermione’s small class, he couldn’t believe it, “What level?”

Hermione coughed, “Level 6,” she raised her chin slightly proudly, “I know we I haven’t even studied Level 1 systematically, but I have carefully read the full set of textbooks, from Level 1 to Level 7.”

Harry took a deep breath and patted his chest.

Ginny applauded, “Cool!”

“Ah, don’t talk about it,” Hermione made a’keep low-key’ gesture, “What’s the status of Errol?”

“Old Partner is stronger!” Ron patted Old Partner’s wings, and Old Partner almost fell off his shoulder.

Errol sighed humanely. The young owl’s passion for tracing people is really embarrassing for myself as an old owl.

Ms. Lena came over and touched Errol’s feathers. Hermione found that Da Hei was not following her, “Ms. Lena, where is Da Hei?”

Hermione Before I finished speaking, there was the sound of flushing from the mobile toilet nearby, and a black dog refreshed came out of it.

“Big Hei!” Linna rubbed the head of the big black dog and praised, “So smart! Knowing that I go to the bathroom!”

“It’s amazing!” Harry, Ron And Ginny echoed at the same time.

Black’s tail wagged.

“…” Hermione opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but still couldn’t say it.

The lucky audience selected at this time has been hidden in the trunk of a black Ford.

The host Benson motioned to the first player to come on stage.

It was a man with fancy rags wrapped around his head, with a series of bracelets on his hands, making the sound of ding ding dong dong.

It looks very mysterious.

“Your name is Benson. You are a man with a successful career.” The rag man closed his eyes, as if he was fortune-telling. “But you weren’t called Benson before.”

” Oh…yes sir,” Benson considered the language with a serious expression, “I did change my name…Did you predict it?”

“No,” the rag man shook his head, “I I’ve just watched the emotional show you hosted before. You used to be called Banner, and like to wear bear ears to analyze the reasons for the discord between husband and wife. I am your fan.”

Hum, Benson is embarrassed and not lost. Smiling politely, he moved towards the staff beckons with the hand, “minus.”

The staff smiled nodded and responded to him.

“Then this contestant, we are about to start the challenge,” Benson recovered, “There are 22 cars in front of you. Only one of the cars has a person hidden in the trunk. You can Did you find it smoothly?”

“Let us wait and see.”

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