Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 156

The failure of the rag turban man is foreseeable. Before the host Benson finished speaking, he had already chosen.

The turban man shook his bracelet, mutter incantations in his mouth, and after a while, he muttered, “This one!” He pointed to a white car.

“Sir, what made you make such a judgment?” Benson raised his eyebrows, “I have to remind you, you only have one chance, please choose carefully!”

“I’m very cautious,” the man in the turban counted, “The mysterious power who supported me told me that it was a strong man who was hidden…He was in this car!”

Benson Shrugged, stepped forward and opened the trunk. Unfortunately, there was no hunk inside. “By the way, it was a petite girl who was hidden.”

The hooded man patted his brain door with a palm. , Regretfully left the scene, “It must be the magnetic field of the cemetery that has affected me…”

The next person to play is a woman wearing a mesh hat. She is wearing ten centimeter high heels, and the heel is crisp with the ground. The sound.

“Call me Satasa,” the woman stood in front of Benson, with one hand on her waist, looking very imposing manner.

“Oh, Ms. Satasha, our challenge this time…” Benson was interrupted by Satasha as soon as he wanted to speak, “Hush,” she put a finger up and put her mouth in her mouth. Side, “I know.”


Benson helpless stepped aside to make room for the mysterious lady.

Satasha extends the hand, as if sensing the flow of air, she pointed to a blue car, “sea breeze, beach…this car has been to the beach…guilt, sad…”


Satasha shook her head and walked away from the blue car.

The crowd was confused, but the owner of the blue car was surprised to cover his mouth, “Oh my God…”

“What does that mean?” A staff member turned the microphone Pass it to the owner.

“This psychic was right, we did come from the seaside… and while we were on vacation at the seaside… something very sad happened. Our dog was lost. I was sad and guilty…”

The car owner’s words made the crowd sucked in a breath of cold air, “She may really be a psychic!” The audience discussed eagerly, “Otherwise How does she know what happened…”

“It is also possible that she was blinded…” A man with curly hair remained skeptical.

“In short, she feels very powerful…”

Satasha continued to walk, touching one car after another, she could accurately feel certain What the car wants to tell her.

She stood still in front of Black Ford, “Open,” Satasa said very little.

The host Benson walked to the black Ford trunk with a look of surprise, “Are you sure? Ms. Satasa, you only have this time…”

“Yes “Satasha is very confident,” a girl is inside, let her come out, it’s too boring.”

Benson opened the trunk, and a girl in her twenties sat up in surprise. , “That’s amazing lady!”

The onlookers couldn’t help but ran here to witness this miraculous moment. After a greeted and riot, the challenge was able to continue.

Six consecutive contestants failed to find the Tibetan car and sweated the hidden girl. Finally, the man using the psychic board came out, scratched his little finger, and ticked blood. Successfully found the hidden girl.

After the psychic board, using the Tarot card, Mitty, the afro woman with exaggerated eyeshadow, also successfully found a Tibetan car.

“The sun is in position, the stars are in position, and the war chariot is inverted-black Ford!”

No one knows how she did it, everyone was taken aback. Frozen, Hermione became interested, took out a small book and wrote “Magic Research in Tarot”, thinking about buying a set of Tarot cards.

It didn’t take long for a strong man to come on the court, dressed in strict clothes, looking serious, but soon, he took off his clothes.

“Wow, sir,” Benson looked away, “What method is this?”

“Muscle divination, use natural power!” the man yelled Opening the black Ford trunk, the scene was full of philosophical aura. Benson smiled and couldn’t help but moved to the side. The crowd was very excited. He rushed out of the small house and seemed to want to touch a man’s muscles.

Finally, after a long wait, Lena and Errol stepped into the parking lot.

“Ms. Lawrence,” Benson relaxed. Today I saw too many weird people. In contrast, Ms. Lawrence is really normal. “Are you ready? In this twenty-two Find the person hiding in the car?”

“Yes, the host,” Lena patted Errol’s feathers, “I think Errol should be ready too.”

“So our protagonist today is this old owl? Gosh, it looks older than my grandfather!”

Benson took a deep breath, and he had to remind him again, “Lawrence Madam, there is only one chance…”

“Of course, of course,” Lena smiled, “I believe Errol can do a good job. It would be even better if you could provide an item of the Tibetan. .”

Benson took out a hairpin and handed it to Lena, “In accordance with the challenge rules, I wish you success.”

“Thank you,” Lena handed the hairpin to Errol.

Old Errol looked at the hairpin carefully. The silver and diamond-studded cards exuded the atmosphere of’I am expensive’ under the light.

The paw grabbed the hairpin, Errol spread his wings and flew slowly towards a white car.

“Oh! That poor old owl found the wrong car!” In the small room, a crowd of onlookers exclaimed, “Don’t! I am very optimistic about Ms. Lawrence!”

Errol parked on the hood of the white car.

“Is this this one?” Benson stared into Lena’s eyes, “Are you sure?”

“I’m not sure,” Lena touched her head and looked at Errol looks troubled.

Errol tilted his head, as if finally confirmed something, and soon flew again, but this time it did not circle around 22 cars.

Instead, he flew directly to the small wood house behind which was crowded with onlookers.

Benson and Lena hurriedly followed.

“gu gu!” Errol stood on the shoulders of a woman with curly hair.

“It seems that this old owl did find someone, but he didn’t hide it in the car.” The curly-haired woman’s boyfriend smiled and wanted to remove the hairpin from Errol’s paw.

“gu gu,” Errol jumped and avoided.

“What’s the situation?” The host Benson asked Lena, but unfortunately, Lena didn’t know.

“Errol will take us to find the owner of the hairpin…I don’t know why this happens…”

The curly-haired woman successfully removed the hairpin from the owl’s paw, “Um… “The smile on her face gradually disappeared, especially when she opened the clips and saw the lettering inside–

She calmed down.

“It’s a pity,” Benson was about to judge that Lena did not find the person hiding in the car, “Ms. Lawrence…”

“Please wait,” the curly-haired woman will send The clip lifted up, “This is indeed my hairpin,” she said in a very ordinary tone, “Ms. Lawrence’s owl is correct.”

“Honey,” the curly-haired woman looked at her boyfriend , The man had turned pale, and he seemed to stop breathing.

“Why did the hairpin that I didn’t see last week become that woman’s thing?”

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