Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 157

Lina successfully triggered a farce of’Angry Woman Online Hand-Tearing Scumbag’.

The host Benson almost forgot that he was hosting a psychic show, and thought he was back to hosting an emotional show with bear ears, “Calm down lady, calm down! Anger can’t solve the problem! “

The woman seemed to calm down, and the scumbag sighed in relief, “Listen to the host! Baby! Anger can’t solve the problem! I still love you!”

“My hair How do you explain it!?” Woman gnashing teeth.

“That hairpin…” The scumbag clenched the teeth with a pitiful expression, “That woman seduced me! Deceived me! I can’t live without her!”

“My dear, poor I can’t get away! If you love me, then you should accept her too, we can live happily together!”

“I love you!” The man seems to be sincere, but he speaks assholes.

The crowd onlookers frowned, and the bearded man made a’cut’.

“What?” The girl in the trunk came over, she was a little at a loss, “Didn’t you say you’ve never been in love, you fell in love with me at first sight?”

Straightforward, he was not the first time he had a car overturned, nor was he the only two who remained ambiguous, but the circumstances at this time were enough to cause a mature sea king to socially die.

He can only put on an aggrieved expression.

This pitiful expression man has used it countless times. When breaking an appointment, when borrowing money, when making a promise…

The curly hair woman squeezes her fist. tight.

I came to participate in the show this time, probably because I was dating that girl, otherwise, how could a man who only likes watching football suddenly become interested in psychics!

Thanks to owl, otherwise I might always fall into the trap of a scumbag, love humblely, pay all the salary, and dream of marrying him and living… even the child’s name is taken .

Thinking of this, the woman bent down and picked up the wooden stool on the ground.

This man… um… Benson is slightly frowned, and his actions to stop the curly-haired woman are deliberately slowed down.

The scumbag soon noticed that the curly-haired woman was blocked by Benson and rushed towards him.

The aggressive angry woman scared the man to turn around and ran.

Dramatically, he was slipped by the blood left by the little brother of the psychic board, and he screamed and rolled down the wooden stairs. The curly-haired woman had not had time to commit violence, and the scumbag had already been punished.

The ambulance appeared in time and took the howling man to the hospital.

Benson wiped his sweat and explained all this to the camera. “There was a farce just now. Ms. Spirit Master Lawrence’s owl discovered the true owner of the hairpin and exposed an irresponsible man. Terrifying behavior.”

“Although Ms. Lawrence did not find the audience hidden in the trunk of the car, everyone always thought that she should continue to participate in the subsequent challenges.”

Benson walked. The commentator, almost slipped by the remaining blood on the ground, he awkwardly supported the hood of the car next to him, “After screening through layers, there are six players who will participate in our next challenge. They are the magical writer Ms. Lawrence. , Ms. Satasa, who is full of mysterious feeling, Ms. Mitty who uses tarot cards for divination!”

“Mr. Strong, a muscular fortuneteller! Mr. Bode, the user of the psychic board! And… “Benson frowned and took out the next card,” and the savior of the coming of darkness, the fearless warrior pioneer, the ruthless observer, and the world cracking a joke wizard… this series of introductions are all about the same person. ——”

“Is it Merlin?” Ron whispered, “The show crew invited Merlin?”

“Mr. Reddy Kulles!”

Who is that? The audience shared the same doubts, it seems that such a powerful character has not appeared in the show.

The hooded man sitting next to Lena raised his head proudly, “One day, the world will remember my name!”

Oh, it turns out that he is the great The’wizard’.

Benson coughed, “These six players will face more severe challenges. Can they stick to it? Who can become the best in the game? Who will discuss next week They were eliminated at the meeting——”

“Please continue to look forward to our show, and we will present you with wonderful things.”

The program group was transferred to another shooting venue, and they will all be in All the challenges of the High Gate Cemetery have been filmed.

The bar next to the High Gate Cemetery is extremely lively at this moment, and the Boss staff are all dispatched to make the final preparations.

This older building is hidden on the edge of the woods. It is built by wood and brick together. The wooden fence is on the verge of collapse. There are signs of people vomiting after drinking too much in the corner.

The smell in the air is indescribable. The mud and grass, the damp smell, and the madness of alcohol are like flowers and trees coming alive and jumping here.

A half-person high bear statue stands at the door, and a crow is parked on the hat. They are smiling slyly and look strangely like they are trying to persuade drunks to stop drinking.

The small sign hung on the eaves of the hut-‘Black Crow Bar’, which is the name of this bar.

There is also a slogan below, “Black Crow Bar, Let You Get Home”.

The bar owner, a woman with golden curly hair wearing red lipstick is holding a feather duster to sweep the spider web in the corner, “Get ready! This is a great opportunity to promote our bar!”

“Mary, I think we should keep the sloppy look we used to be,” the old man with the broom was choked with the dust in the air, coughing, “To be honest, it doesn’t look like haunted if it’s too clean. “

The cleaning hand of the female Boss was paused, “Old Hall, you should remind me earlier,” she threw the feather duster and said, “Quick! Take the garbage back!”

A youngster wiped his sweat and straightened up. “Ms. Mary!” he yelled helplessly, “It took me so hard to get rid of all the gum that John had stuck under the wooden table!”

” Glue him back,” Mary waved, “That is his artwork, otherwise he will have to scream when he comes to drink next time!”

“dīng líng líng ——”

The bell at the door rang, Old Hall threw the broomstick in his hand, the dust on the patted clothes, raised a smile, “Welcome to the Black Crow Bar! Here are the best spirits, the most beautiful girl, and There are countless supernatural events!”

It sounds like a good propaganda word.

The camera is in place.

The host Benson began his line, “London’s High Gate Cemetery has always been a frequent place for spiritual events. The most famous one is the time of Vampire in the woods. I believe everyone has heard of…”


“But today, we came to this bar in the grove of the High Gate Cemetery, not to explore the mysterious Vampire incident, but a recent event.”

Sen paused for a moment and looked directly at the camera, “In September this year, a supernatural incident occurred in the’Black Crow Bar’. It was midnight when dark clouds covered the sky, and no trace of moonlight was visible.”

” The waiter was serving cold beer to the guests, and the bar owner, Ms. Mary, was sitting at the bar and chatting with a regular customer. Everything was normal—”

“Suddenly, a ghostly voice rang— —”

“Where is my head?!”

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