Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 158

At the same time in Hogwarts Castle, Anna finished the Defense Against the Dark Arts class and was about to hand over the painting in her hand to Nick without a head.

“Hey! Anna! What a coincidence!” Fred appeared at the end of the corridor on the fourth floor, and George followed behind him with a helpless look.

“Fred, see you again!” Anna greeted him. This is their sixth “encounter” in one day. Slytherin and Gryffindor’s classes rarely overlap today, which is inevitable. Some are too coincidental.

“How do you think you are following us!” Belinda emerged from behind Anna, “How else can I see you both everywhere?”

“Hogwarts is Is the industry under your name? Rich Ms. Belinda,” George and Belinda daily eccentric, “We just happened to pass by!” George emphasized the word “coincident”.

“Mr. George, who is not so rich, I have to tell you that Hogwarts really has a share of my family!” Belinda raised his head and smiled proudly. “The members of the Hogwarts board It’s just a title, but we are out of Galleon!”

When it comes to banknote capabilities, the Weasley Family has nothing to say.

“Did you go to the House of Request?” Anna changed the subject.

She suddenly thought of a possibility. Maybe twin saw the letter left by the’robber’ and went to Filch’s office to steal Marauder’s Map?

Fred and George looked at each other, “Indeed, we did go there after hearing you mention it and visited the house of the prank Old Senior’Robber’!”

“I was almost bounced by the scared clown box at the door!” George had a lingering fear when he said that, “too terrifying, it is deadly and dangerous!”

“Sure enough, Senior is Senior, and he has a lot of knowledge in pranks,” Fred De supplement.

Anna suddenly thought that the scare box seemed to be repaired by herself, um…forgot to remind.

“The workbench at the back of the room is also very useful, so that we can also have a place to do some small experiments in school, so we don’t have to worry about Li Jordan in the dormitory all day–“

“We decided to develop a product for Li first, thank him for his tolerance for these two months.”

“You?” Belinda is not very optimistic about the twin who likes to trick or treat. “You still have this Ability? I’ve been grateful to Merlin all day long!”

“What are you going to develop?” Anna also remembered that she had a task to develop a joke toy with twin.

“I haven’t figured it out yet, I have been thinking about it recently…it should be simple enough that we can make it, and practical enough that Li will not throw it away, and can still feel happy from it…”

Fred De scratched his head and made his messy red hair even more messy. It seems that this problem has been bothering him for some time.

“Maybe it’s some kind of food?” George touched the chin, “When we were doing potion homework recently, we wondered whether we could use magical plants like’hyena leaf’?”

Mischief and laughter can bring a way to make money. Twin hasn’t realized yet, they just want to use joke toys to bring some happiness to their roommates.

They can succeed. In addition to the magic innate talent and active brain, the most important thing is that they are doing what they like——

Add surprises to life and make people Laugh happily.

“Make a candy,” Anna suggested, “magic candy.”

“Candy? Adding hyena leaf juice to syrup may make hilarious candy. People can’t stop laughing…” Fred De considered seriously, “Maybe it’s a good idea…”

“Will anyone really be so stupid to eat this kind of candy?” Belinda murmured on the side. “After eating, go to the school hospital to greet Madam Pomfrey?”

Go to the school hospital to greet Madam Pomfrey.

Twin suddenly fell silent, staring at Belinda, Fred finally stopped torturing his thick hair.

George, who has been touching the chin, reached out and patted Belinda’s shoulder, “Not bad Belinda! Rarely came up with a good idea!”

“?”What? When did I come up with a good idea? Belinda looked dumbfounded, but soon she put on her iconic cold expression, “Humph.”

“Li always wanted to turn off A History of Magic and ran to see what was about to begin. The Hogwarts Quiddich warm-up match, but always can’t think of any safe and legitimate reasons,” Fred de paused, “Actually…”

twin unanimously said, “The male compatriots of Gryffindor who have classes on Tuesday think very much. Skip class and watch this warm-up match—”

“Maybe this kind of candy that can create a little surprise appeared at the right time.”

“Cough,” Anna coughed I have to say, “Gentlemen, I have to mention one sentence. I have quite a lot of experience in potion, and I am confident in making syrup, and I can make instant noodles!”

Instant noodles!

“Please join us!” George sent an invitation, “Bring your instant noodles by the way!”

“My pleasure.”

Anna and The twin looked towards Belinda at the same time.

“I won’t tell Professor McGonagall that you want to skip class,” Belinda looked pure, “I won’t accidentally mention your evil plan in front of Professor Snape, let alone pass the school. When I was in the hospital, I sighed, “Why do the patients sneak out?…”

How do you feel that these all are Belinda is thinking about.

“Belinda, I have to say something,” George coughed. “This kind of candy allows people to naturally escape the boring classes they don’t want to take and do more meaningful things. , Don’t you like it?”

Belinda shrugged, “To be honest, it has nothing to do with me.”

Fred went into battle, “Uh… this kind of Can candy bring children happiness from the heart? Maybe you can also feel joy from it?”

“I would never want to eat this candy,” Belinda looked firm. “I won’t tolerate your mischief…” She looked full of justice.

“Let you buy shares,” Anna interjected, “We earn two to eight cents.”

Belinda’s justice is not worth mentioning in the face of interests.

“I provide some experimental materials. Hyena leaves, right? There can be a bunch of them in my magic garden—37 points,” she added, “and it’s all your idea. I have nothing to do with Belinda.”

After making eye contact between Anna and twin, she put the picture of Nick’s wife aside and extended the hand, “Deal.”

“Deal.” “,” Belinda added, “Hold on the progress of the research,” she learned this sentence in the father’s work report.

Belinda is skeptical of twin’s creative ability, but still believes in Anna, although she never said it.

“Then what’s the name of our new project? Hilarious Candy?” Fred de mumbled, “Smirk candy? Crazy Candy?”

“Rejected,” Belinda refused These unsatisfactory names.

“Sweet class skipping,” Anna proposed this simple and simple, and it represents a lot of Galleon names.

Successfully got the consent of twin, and successfully blocked Belinda’s “Pink Fenmeimei and Pretty Smile Candy” that Belinda has not yet exported.

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