Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 159

“Did you see where’Headless Nick’ is?” Anna picked up the painting on the ground again, “I want to return this painting to him.”

“Nick?” Fred De recalled a little, “A free ghost always appears and disappear unpredictably, but…”

“We can still accurately predict his whereabouts!” George took Fred De’s words.

The two went to the corner mysterious and secretively to make a fuss.

Just when Belinda couldn’t help but curiosity and wanted to take a look, twin turned around, “Ravenclaw’s common room! He’s in Ravenclaw’s common room!”

Belinda looked suspicious.

Anna believes that it was probably revealed by the Marauder’s Map that twin stole from Filch.

“Do you really want to ask how we know?” George put on an expression of’this is a secret, I want to know and I won’t tell you’.

“hmph! I don’t want to know at all, it’s just your boring speculation that’s all,” Belinda waved and turned away, “I won’t play these boring child games with you…”

“Where are you going?” Anna called Belinda.

Belinda flirted with her long hair, “Of course it is go with the distinguished Professor Jacob for academic exchanges. I am very interested in Voldebat’s killing techniques.”

It sounds dangerous, Anna prefers to believe that she is interested in Jacob’s beauty.

Rejecting twin’s prank invitation to’release the little Goblin in the jar’, Anna took the painting and stepped up the stairs, preparing to go to the Ravenclaw common room on the eighth floor to find the’headless Nick’.

Anna started to recall Abigail’s introduction to the four house common rooms at the beginning of school as she climbed the stairs, preventing herself from focusing on the sore calf muscles.

‘A large part of the young wizard has been studying in Hogwarts for so long, and only knows where the common room of his house is, which is ridiculous,’ Abigail paused briefly, showing a confident smile.

‘know yourself and know your enemy can win every battle. When they want to add potion to our dessert before Quidditch match, they will find that they can’t find our common room. ! ‘

Anna feels that the probability of other house young wizards doing such confusing behavior is not great.

‘Ravenclaw’s common room is located on the eighth floor of the castle. Its entrance is an eagle-shaped bronze door knocker. It will ask the young wizard who wants to enter the common room a question. If you get the correct answer, you can go in…’

‘It sounds unsafe…’ A little snake scratched his head.

Abigail shook his head, “It’s not that simple. For Ravenclaw students and school professors, the bronze door knocker will ask some simple questions, but once faced with non-Ravenclaw students, the difficulty of the problem will be Crazy promotion, unless there are Ravenclaw students willing to take you in, otherwise it will be difficult for you to get in. ‘

Anna was forced to interrupt the memory because she happened to step on the stair trap with one foot, and with the other hand guarding the painting, she fell to the ground pitifully, with an expression of bewilderment.

There was a soft laugh from the beautiful tea-picking pictures on the wall, “Be careful, dear, you are not the first to fall here, and of course you won’t be the last. “

“Why can’t this trap be cancelled? It’s too dangerous!” Anna got up helplessly. Fortunately, no one happened to see this shameful scene except hanging the picture.

The beautiful girl covered her mouth with a smile, “My dear, you are not the only one who asked this question. My answer is—”

“Maybe Ms. Ravenclaw hopes Through this trap, you can realize that you should stay focused at all times and pay attention to each step you have gone through.”

“The same is true on the road of pursuing learning. Keep humble and focus on your feet. If you have achievements, you will be satisfied secretly. It is easy to fall into the trap under your feet.”

It makes sense…Anna carefully looked at the beautiful tea pickers on the hanging paintings, and noticed Anna’s gaze. The tea girl coughed and took the hat off her head to cover her cheek, “Sorry young wizard, please be careful next time.”

“Are these stairs built by Ms. Ravenclaw?” The handrails of the stairs beside Anna patted, the handrails made of white stone do not show any traces of time.

It seems that it only joined the Hogwarts castle family a few months ago. It is totally unexpected that it has been there for hundreds of years.

“Yes, young wizard,” the tea-picking beauty is slightly nodded, “The great lady Ravenclaw built these moving stairs, and they move every week to form new routes.”

“Does this have any special significance?” Anna scratched her head and picked up the painting that had fallen on the floor. “Uh…I mean, does it cause some inconvenience if the stairs move all the time?”

The tea picker laughed again, revealing a sweet dimple, “It’s a bit inconvenient, but I think Ms. Ravenclaw hopes that young wizards will have a better head, don’t always read books, and occasionally fight against the stairs is also a good idea. Pastime.”

Is it just that?

Anna thought she could get more powerful information, such as’observing the stairs, you can find the location of Ravenclaw’s Chamber of Secrets’ and so on.

‘Ravenclaw’s Chamber of Secrets can only be found by people who are full of poems and books but don’t know anything.’ Anna feels that she has met half of the conditions, maybe there is still hope to find this Chamber of Secrets.

“Then let me go and have a nice afternoon, ma’am,” Anna shook her head, and decided to get rid of the painting first.

“Pay attention to your feet,” the tea picker blinked, “I wish you a nice afternoon too.”

Anna raised her eyebrows, stepped over the trap of the stairs, and moved on, she I saw a kitty wearing a blue patterned robe in the corridor, so he followed him to the Ravenclaw common room.

The entrance of the Ravenclaw common room is conspicuous and inconspicuous.

Compared with the magic hidden in the wall by Slytherin, the barrel of Hufflepuff, and the painting of the fat lady of Gryffindor, the entrance of Ravenclaw is a simple and unpretentious wooden door, which is conspicuous.

But it is inconspicuous, because there is more than a wooden door around it.

The little eagle that Anna was following stood still in front of the wooden door. With a serious expression, he raised his hand to hold the bronze knocker and knocked on the wooden door twice.

Anna craned her neck, trying to observe every movement of Kitty Hawk.

A steady male voice sounded, “Ms. Hufflepuff has 22 birds. How many feet do they have?”

In Anna’s view, this is a simple But the math problem.

If you are Ms. Ravenclaw, you might arrange for the Hippogriff of Ms. Hufflepuff to be mixed with winged beasts and birds. There are thirty-five heads and a total of 94 legs. How many? ‘This kind of problem.

Perhaps choosing the “chicken and rabbit in the same cage” problem where Cerberus and the five-legged monster are mixed together can be more confusing, because Cerberus has three heads as its name implies, and the five-legged monster has five legs as its name implies.

It’s a pity that the little eagle standing at the door doesn’t even know how many legs the twenty-two birds have. It is even more impossible to answer the next advanced questions.

“Uh…ten legs?” Kitty frowns tightly.

“Why?” The voice of the eagle-shaped bronze door knocker did not change at all. It didn’t think it was ridiculous to hear a strange answer.

“Um…I guess… it might be because Ms. Hufflepuff used other bird’s legs to make fried chicken legs?” Kitty hesitated to say his answer, “Ms. Hufflepuff won’t let go. After such excellent ingredients…”

“…” The bronze door knocker was silent for a moment, “It makes sense.”

The door opened.

Anna, who is standing by and observing, has wide-eyed, is this all right? !

When the door is closed, Anna feels that she can answer the questions and go in, so she holds the portrait and stands confidently in front of the bronze knocker.

The refined eagle-shaped decoration is nailed to the door, and the bronze knocker hangs down from the upper edge. Behind the bronze knocker, there is a keyhole that seems to have not been used for a long time. It may be just a decoration.

Anna imitated the actions of Kitty Hawk before gently knocking on the door knocker.

The steady male voice sounded again, “A little boy in the 17th century was color-blind. His mother pointed to the grass and told him it was green, pointed to the sky and told him it was blue. The little boy remembered It’s…”

Anna swallowed.

“How does a little boy know that he is colorblind?”

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