Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 161

Anna swallowed, and it is not difficult to guess that the person in front of me who looks like he has slipped out of the history book is Gryffindor’s ghost,’Nearly Headless Nick. ‘

Because he was too sad, his head was shaken by violent movements. Fortunately, there was still a trace of skin attached, and he didn’t let his head fall to the ground.

Anna doesn’t know who the woman in the painting is, but she has a letter asking herself to hand over the painting to Nick, “Sir, are you’Nearly Headless Nick’?”

“Accurately Specifically, I’m Sir Nicolas de Mincy Popington, young wizard,” Nick put his head back in place, “but yes, everyone calls me “Nearly Headless Nick”, although I don’t like it very much. That name.”

Anna moved the painting to the front so that Nick could see it clearly.

In the painting, the corners of the woman’s mouth seem to be raised slightly, but there seems to be no change. Generally speaking, this is a portrait of an ordinary beauty that can no longer be ordinary.

Nick’s tears can’t stop at all, as if Myrtle’s upper body, “Is this painting a curse that makes ghost crying?” Nick turned his eyes away.

Probably there will be no such unfathomable mystery curse.

Anna coughed, “I don’t know who the woman in the painting is, but someone wrote me to give you the painting,” Anna paused for a moment, “and I don’t know who it is Write a letter.”

“Give it to me?” Nick cried and circled the painting again and again. He suddenly stopped and stared at the woman in the painting’s eyes, “Give it to me? Want me Say, I really can’t think of a good friend of mine who would give me such a painting…”

“Some friends just like to surprise others,” Anna shrugged, “Sir Nicholas, Where do you want to hang this picture?”

Nick took a closer look at Anna, “Sir Nicholas”, it’s been a long time since the young wizard called himself that.

He stared at the painting for a moment of silence, and finally stopped his tears, “It is obviously a portrait of a strange woman…but it gives me a very familiar feeling…If it is not troublesome, young wizard, please hang it up. Next to my portrait.”

【Stranger woman: powerful grievances, unwillingness, and unfinished things, wizards with magic power can choose to survive in the world as a ghost when they die. Some ghosts remember why they stayed, and some ghosts unfortunately forget… Sir Nicholas de Mincy Boppington looked at the woman in front of him, portrait frowned, who is she? Why is it so strange and so familiar?

Conditions reached: Sir Nicholas remembered the identity of the woman in the painting; task reward: the prestige of the melon-eater increases]

Anna hangs up the painting in one hand, “No problem, Sir, your portrait Where is it?”

“Thank you so much, young wizard,” Sir Nicholas smiled, “It’s so kind!”

“Just call me Anna,” Anna Smile back.

Sir Nicholas and Anna walked out of Ravenclaw’s common room, and when they closed the door, the eagle-shaped bronze knocker made a’cut’ sound.

‘Go, go…’ The knocker was muttering softly.

“Huh?” Sir Nicholas floated to the door knocker, leaned in to listen carefully, but couldn’t hear anything, “Did it make any noise just now?”

Anna Glancing at the bronze knocker, his smile became brighter, “Maybe you have heard it wrong, Sir, how are we going?”

“Come with me, Anna, come here,” Nick floated ahead and led the way “My portrait is in the common room of Gryffindor.”

Very well, Anna secretly nodded, can visit the common room of two other houses in one day, “Can I go in? Sir?”

“Of course you can go in!” Nick turned his head to look at Anna one hundred and eighty degrees, “Gryffindor’s common room did not prohibit young wizards from other houses from entering, but the young wizards of Slytherin house came less that’s all.”

The atmosphere was a bit quiet, Anna took the initiative to bring up the topic, “Sir, do you really know the woman in the painting?”

Nick scratched his head, this time he did not turn his head around , “I really don’t know… Maybe it’s a young lady who was aristocratic with Damn? No…I should remember it so beautifully…” He was lost in thought.

“Your friend? Valentine? Family?” Anna suggested several possibilities.

Nick turned his head again, his expression a little embarrassed, “I’m still single, and I don’t have such a beautiful friend in my memory…”

Impossible, Anna frowned slightly, according to the task prompt , This person should be very important to Nick, but it seems that Nick can’t remember it for a while.

“Sir, ask a rude question, do you remember how you… became a ghost? Was there any noble lady who impressed you at that time?” Anna tentatively.

Nick thought carefully for a while, “Um…you mean Ms. Griff?”

“Ms. Griff!” Anna shook the painting in her hand, “This Is it Ms. Griff?”

“haha haha…” Nick laughed loudly, “If Griff looks like this, then I won’t become a ghost-of course not!”

“Gliffe has rotten teeth and looks cynical all day long, jealous of all the beautiful women,” Nick floated over and stroked the woman in the painting and smiled, “Impossible so beautiful.”

“I applied a little magic to Ms. Griff’s rotten tooth and turned it into a fang, and then I was pulled away by the frightened muggles and beheaded.”

It seems that beheading is a common thing. Nick can calmly tell that it may have been 500 years that he has forgotten the hatred. He shrugged, “Now Griff’s fangs may be placed in the muggle museum. Here, my magic is quite good, it can last for so long…”

Nick raised his head, seemingly proud.

It seems that the woman in the painting is not Griff, Anna felt a little curious, “You have messed up Ms. Griff’s teeth, why don’t you want to run away? Waiting for muggle to grab you Get up?”

Nick was stunned, yes, why? Obviously you know Form Displacement Shadow, why not run away?

“I don’t know either,” he said.

Hey, how come this ghost doesn’t know anything, Anna sighed, did his memory drift away quietly at the moment his head was broken?

“The only thing I can recall seems to be a sense of relief…” Nick squeezed the bridge of his nose, “I remember it seems that I have achieved my mission? There is no reason to continue…”

“You committed suicide?” Impossible, how can suicide choose to become a ghost?

“I don’t know,” Nick said with a helpless smile, “No one has listened to me for five hundred years, I almost forgot.”

One person, one ghost is fattening The lady stood still before hanging up the screen.

The lovely fat lady puts her hands together and sings to a round bird. She really loves to sing, with a satisfying smile on her face, as if music is the best in the world s things.

“Fat Madam!” Nick swayed in front of the Fat Madam hanging up the screen, “Please open the door!”

The Fat Madam ignored him and continued singing.

Nick and Anna looked at each other, “Oh,” he coughed, and continued to disturb the fat lady, “Madam! Beautiful fat lady! Please stop your beautiful singing!”

“Why are you so beautiful and singing so well?”

The fat lady went out of tune one after another.

“Sir Nicolas de Mincy Popington!” The fat lady who couldn’t bear it was arrogantly akimbo, “Remember! You are a ghost! You can go through the wall smoothly and smoothly! Why bother to a poor singer?!”

“Uh…Fat lady, I hope this young wizard, Anna, can enter the common room…”

“No! “The fat lady resolutely refused at first, but after a second, she felt that there was a problem with her attitude. When she saw that Anna was just a harmless to humans and animals girl, she slowed down, “Well…I mean, what’s the matter with you going in? ?”

Anna indifferently raised the painting in her hand, “Jazz wants me to hang this painting next to his painting.”

The fat lady looked at Nick in confusion, Nick nodded, “Yes.”

The fat lady sighed and turned to Anna, “I remember that I met you, young wizard, last time you walked with Headmaster Dumbledore.”

It seems to be thinking of something, she urged, “Don’t mess around with Sir in the common room, or I’ll tell the headmaster…”

Anna is well-behaved and nodded, “Of course ma’am, I’m just Go hang a picture.”

The fat lady was nodded, snapped her fingers, and the hanging picture slowly opened.

“Welcome to the Gryffindor common room.”

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