Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 163

The director called finally came back. He sat on the director chair prepared for him, “HMPH!” ​​He took the mineral water Fiercely in the side.

The staff around you don’t dare to say.

“Constant!” Director, “Let you find the traces of Lawrence Magic, have you found it?”

Constant is not here, “he hasn’t come back,” a staff member of the camera replied to the director.

“not good! Director!” Constant ran over from the distance, shouting, attracting enough attention.

Participants and onlookers are like a sunflower.

Director has unknown premonitions, wrinkled frowned, waving to Condoo Condoo calm down, “Stability! What is it?”

“Not Good” Director! “Constant is distorted, he rushed to the director, almost knead the head of the director and entered the cruel words.

“That painting!” The sad woman “disappeared!”

Director’s head is awkward.

He just just in the phone and a colleague who couldn’t see each other, ‘My show couldn’t come to you! Wait, this offer is definitely more than you! ‘

, you are careful, avoiding a few bad news, the program is invited to television … ‘Colleagues, the Gloomy Sen is surrounded by the director.

is over.

“disappears?” Director muttered, “What does this mean.”

“is … um …” Constant flexed hair, “is the meaning of literal! disappeared! No!”

“Yes?” The director closed his eyes as well.

“Director!” Everyone exclaimed.

On-site chaos.

“Please – a few minutes!” The host Bank Brow Beaded with Sweat came out to host the situation, and the participants showed that the participants were waiting. “There have been some bursts! Hey … Please be familiar with you first Environment, we will arrange everyone to extract the order … “

The staff is coming to a paper box, Lian Na has not taken a ball from inside, Green, the last one is on the last game.

“Lawrence,” Lian Na heard the voice of a woman behind him, “Is it?”

“Yes,” Lian Nai took the ball and turned around, some surprised, because she did not think that the lady will talk to himself.

“Hello, Ms. Saasa.”

The silent union has maintained its own mysterious, in addition to saying a few words in challenge, usually not say nonsense.

“Is there anything?” Lian Na smiled and hoped to relieve the gradual atmosphere, because with the Mysterious beauty of the net hat, stared at himself, even the eyes did not blink.

A wind blowing, alcohol and vomiting taste spread in the middle of the two.

“Why do you come to this show?”

Saatsu is finally opened, and the chin is Yang Yang, pointing to the surrounding this is not good, even a ghost environment, “You wear the price of the clothes, the maintenance is very good, the face is always with a decent smile And a pet dog and a group of Child, it looks very happy … “

Lian Na cough, inexplicably feels that he is praised, Ms. Saasa is really talking, “No, I am here …”

“You are to promote new books,” Sada interrupt Lota, “I know.”

What? “I am not … Lian Na wants to say that he to participate in the purpose of the game, but Satasha has not given this opportunity.

“I have a reason to win.”

Sadsha is very firm, she biting her lips, dead staring at Lian Na’s eyes, “I have different people, I have to win.”

“I know that the program group has arranged a probably champion,” Sada pauses for a second, “I think, you are here, but I said, I have to win -”

Saatsu shot the ball in his hand, facing a face of Lian Na, “I happen to the ‘5’, I am sorry, Skull is mine.”

For short dialogue, Lian Na fails to follow the rhythm of Shangtasa, what Skull? Is it a trophy? Does the trophy are not a blue hand? What is she saying?

Liaon is trying to maintain a smile, it is true that the head is empty. “Well … then come on?”

Saata stared at Lian Na to read a few eyes, pulled the mouth, did not say anything, step on the high heels and got to leave.

Lian Na stared at the back of Sada, whispered, “What is she saying?”

“Do you know? big black?” Lotina lowned, watching the black dog sitting on the side of the feet, Sirius came over when you start talking in Saata.

The dog did not respond, and Speak Human’s Words did not provide suggestions for Lian Na.

“What are I doing? ‘Lian Na faces his face, reflecting his childish behavior.

“You are just a cute dog, what can you know?”

The host Bansen once again appeared again. This time he took a piece of paper towel and gently wiped the beads on the forehead. “Participants, there have been some small situations, which may be affected by the cemetery, don’t Worried, our challenge is now! “

November, Britain’s weather has begun to be cold, and Muggle rushed to walk on the street, gathered a scarf, and made a life and death from the cold wind that was hit from the neck.

If you don’t die cold, you have to work.

“Drip!” is a clear horn, which is very common, especially when an unfortunate thing in front of the road is in the middle of the car.

“Old Day!” The poor office worn Flustered and Exasperate, who was anxious to work, took the steering wheel, took the opportunity to release the anger of the morning and his wife quarrel.

“Good morning, Will, come to the newspaper.”

A man with coffee comes to the kiosk in the droplet of the car, Moved Towards are greekeering.

“Bao, Mr. Poceby,” BOSS Will cuts and suits, but did not leave the newspaper.

Here is Adams. Poceby will work, buy coffee, come to children, and start a day’s job is his daily day.

Blonde, high, admitted, Adams is skilled in the trousers, I have prepared it in a bunch of magazines. “What hot news today? Is it so serious?”

“Hey! No,” Boss Wil finally lifts the head came, he was sinking, “Just a recent comparative fire show, some … um … 奇异 … I am watching it …”

“What is the program? It sounds very interesting?” Adams smiled and looked Towards Wil.

Boss Will likes to be strange, Muggle thinks that the strange thing is caused by Magical Creature.

MAGICAL CREATURE scholar Adams working in Ministry of Magic. Poceby won’t miss these useful information, which is why he often comes to buy newspapers.

“If you are interested,” Will pointed to the content of the newspaper, “Here, Mr. Poceby, the battle of ‘Britain Psychic”, I haven’t been out of the season, but I haven’t been so hot, But this year is different! “

I said that Will is a little excited. He pointed at a photo of a ‘ordinary black dog’ in the newspaper. “This year has a lot of great roles – but the most amazing is this black dog!”

black dog?

Adams. Poceby took the newspaper in the BOSS Will.

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