Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 164

Double Duck Duck Duck Wholesale Factory? ‘

Adams also reacted for a while, oh, this is the last job last time to perfunctive Will.

“Hey! Yes! Goodbye Will, I wish you a wonderful morning,” Adams took the newspaper and swayed, and Will said, and joined the steps to go to work in a hurry.

Skull mentioned Just now, in fact, Adams has aware of understanding, but not from Muggle newspaper, but from “Daily Prophet”.

‘Boxer’s jazz head lost, the lucky one will get a sack Galleon! ‘

The huge title is very eye-catching.

At the time of seeing this title, Adams is eating breakfast, and I have envied.

If you have this money, you can buy more Magical Creature, no need to entangle it is to choose African changing bonus or choose Atlantic Xirac fish –

Small Child is the choice of choice, and the rich wizard wants.

says it back … Adams turn the newspaper to the black dog, is this really new MAGICAL CREATURE? Maybe I should go to TEACHER Identification and identification, I haven’t visited myself for a while, I don’t know if Teacher’s new Dragon has thrive …

“Drip!” The car speaker on the road is still crazy, the air is filled with a modern breath, and Adams explored a very gorgeous card from the suit pocket.

‘ministry of magic Temporary Notice: Since the’ Ministry of Magic Explosive Candy Disposable Sector ‘Working Works, Magic Candy Inadvertently fell in the transportation process, the Fireplace was could not be used by sticky candy, and now hejacked, please ministry Of Magic Employees use form distriboral shadow to enter Ministry of Magic, or use a welcome elevator. ‘

Turning the card, followed by the address of the welcome elevator – this is familiar to Adams. Because the rental apartment is near this, Adams likes to feel the live breath of Muggle World, and enjoy ministry of maic Welcome elevator.

After all, the elevator can be more comfortable than the squeezed toothbrine.

“Mother, what is the group uncle aunt?”

A lovely little girl with a double horsetail looks at the small team of small telephone booths, and the head is questioned with Mother.

This novice mother doesn’t know how to answer Child’s question, “Hey Baby … What are the important calls that they may have …”

“Why don’t they go next to the phone booth?” The little girl pointed to the empty telephone booth next to it, and the deadly question, “Where is it clear?”

“Why are they still wearing a strange cloak? Is it playing Batman?”

The little girl is squatting, and the eyes suddenly looked up. “I know! Super people! They want to be in the phone booth!”

“Pa,” who played a referring.

The little girl suddenly lost his gods, like what didn’t see it, usually pulled Mother’s hand, “Mother, let’s eat McDonald’s.”

“Eat McDonald’s in the morning?” Novice Mother did not agree, “frying food can not eat in the morning …”

They turned into McDonald’s on the street.

Adams became a fresh telephone booth, “Mr. Arthur, Mr. Arthur, Zhen Very Difficult To DEAL with.”

“Good morning, Adams!” Arthur is eating his own love breakfast, a fresh ‘molly special ink Brother Xi roll cake’, he touched his own red hair, “Repello Muggletum curse is Cooked! “”

Arthur’s roll cake in the direction of Adams hand, “Roll cake! My lady is good! Do you want to come?”

is full of enthusiasm and goodwill, Arthur’s kindness is like his head is not thick, but very warm red hair.

Adams smiled and refused, he raised the coffee in his hand, “I don’t have to have a breakfast.”

“ding!” The telephone booth issued a singular sound of not belonging to the telephone booth.

“Oh, it seems to be an elevator arrived,” Adams gentleman gift, “You first please Arthur.”

“huhuhu (then I am welcome),” Arthur’s mouth is full of ink Brother Xi rolls, step into the phone booth, enter ‘62442’ on the phone, and raise the Adam Sthi Schematic, then pick up the microphone.

“‘huhuhuhu, hu hu.’ (I wish you a good morning, Adams)”

Arthur disappears in the phone booth.

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