Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 187


The empty hall and the dark red carpet. I don’t know if the weird red is blood stains or its own patterns. Judging by the dust on it, no one has been here for a long time.

This is very different from what Anna thought “heavy guard”.

A huge statue is placed in the center of the hall. It looks similar to the statue in the hall of go with Ministry of Magic. The top level is a male witch wearing a wizard hat, and the next level is house elf, Goblin and Centaur…

The only difference is that there are two more muggles of men and women who are dressed in simple clothes and laugh stupidly. They seem to have some strange habit.

‘For the greater good,’ this sentence is engraved on the base of the sculpture.

“They didn’t even take down this sculpture,” Dumbledore took out the wand and operated on the sculpture for a while. After the sound of’crack crack’, the sculpture full of racial discrimination turned into a huge sculpture of cockroach. It seems to fit the environment of the hall inexplicably.

“It’s much better,” Dumbledore nodded his head in satisfaction, waved his hand to roll up a wave of Xiao Xuanfeng on the ground, rolling up most of the dust, and making the shabby curtains brand new by the way, all opened, revealing the French windows behind.

The whole hall was instantly transformed into a human world, and it was successfully equipped with red carpet, red silk ribbon decoration, and red balloons, smoothly adding a little more of Griffindor.

“It’s kind of a humanitarian spirit at any rate, you can’t let others say that we are abusing prisoners,” Dumbledore explained for his cleaning, because Anna’s melon-eating eyes were too warm, “Ah, Ms. Bathilda His nephew was imprisoned at the highest level here, and now we only need to climb up.”

When it comes to climbing stairs, Anna is at a loss for words.

“This is my second legal education event, right, Headmaster Dumbledore?” Anna recalled the first time I saw Professor Dumbledore. After a few words, the two then went Azkaban, and after climbing the stairs for a while. , Sirius was released under the control of system…

System won’t suddenly release a mission to let Grindelwald go, right? Should I do it or not?

Headmaster Dumbledore froze for a moment. Legal education activities? Oh! He reacted, “Yes, this is the second legal education activity. Observing the tragic situation of the first generation of Dark Lords being held in prison can make young wizards realize the importance of abiding by the law.”

“If you want to write an impression of the visit, I can ask Professor Snape to post it on the bulletin board of the Slytherin common room,” Dumbledore suggested.

“That’s not necessary, Headmaster Dumbledore,” Anna cruelly refused, “Ah, besides Ms. Bathilda’s nephew, are there other prisoners here?”

Anna knows not, she just wants to move the topic away from the “visiting impressions”, by the way, I don’t know when she and Dumbledore started to call Grindelwald “Ms. Bathilda’s nephew”, and this name is The trend toward a more simplified version of the “lady’s nephew” or even the “nephew”.

“No, this fortress was built by him, and now it is only used for him alone.”

“Then he…” Anna took a breath, holding the stone wall next to him, “What does he usually eat?” This must be considered, as long as he is still a human, he has to consider these issues.

Dumbledore thought for a moment, “The wizard federation sent a house elf to take care of his three meals a day, and only come to this prison during meal times.”

“Look, there is a registration book here,” Dumbledore pointed to the thick booklet hanging on the wall, Anna leaned over and looked at it. It was all signed by a house elf called’Grey Grey’. Each grid has a signature. This elf in charge has been responsible for the food supply of a generation of Demon King since the 1940s, and has never stopped for so many years!

Anna was a little moved and wiped away tears of nothingness.

The two finally came to the top floor, and in front of them was an ordinary door that blended with the darkness. It was hard to see if the eyes were not good. Dumbledore snapped his fingers, and the candlesticks on both sides lit up with a faint fire.

‘It turns out that the door is not that ordinary.’ By the light of the fire, Anna discovered that the original door was painted with densely packed symbols. These symbols were mentioned in “Teach You How to Hide Your Private Money”, so Anna happened to be Know what it is.

“Wow…” Anna was a little surprised. Those are ancient runes. Although I don’t know what spells these ancient runes make up, what she knows is that it must be difficult to crack…

Dumbledore stepped forward and tapped one of the symbols with his finger.

“Squeaky-” The door opened.

Seeing Anna’s shocked expression, Dumbledore smiled and felt a lot of relaxation in his heart, “Anna, you know this is ancient runes, and the spells they make up are difficult to crack and have a long-lasting effect. This is also them. The reason why it was used in alchemy-but what you don’t know is that ancient runes are not perfect. The spells it composes have curse eyes. As long as you find the curse eyes, the powerful curse can be broken.” [ 19459002]

“So wizards using ancient runes usually try to hide the curse eyes,” Dumbledore pushed the door. “It just happens that I set the curse on this door, so I can easily find the curse. Eyes.”

The door was fully opened, and Dumbledore swallowed, wondering what kind of Grindelwald he would see, desolate? pitiful? Scrawny sitting in the corner, driven crazy by the endless darkness? You should know that no creature has been allowed to talk to Grindelwald for so many years, for fear that they will be fascinated by Grindelwald’s silver head.

Dumbledore suddenly didn’t want to go in again.

“Let’s go headmaster,” Anna saw Dumbledore’s vacillation, pulled his robe, looked towards his blue eyes for the first time, “Nephew will be very happy to see Ms. Bathilda’s letter? No one has come to visit him for so many years, maybe he has already reflected on it?”

“Harry still needs him to save it! And I can’t see my nephew, I’m not easy to write about my “visiting thoughts”.”

Dumbledore smiled, touched Anna’s head, and finally entered the cell.

Dark and empty, Anna followed Headmaster Dumbledore and moved herself into the room step by step. It was really out of reach here. Fortunately, Headmaster Dumbledore soon used spell to brighten it up.

An old man sits on a bed near the wall. This bed is also the only piece of furniture in the entire room.

He didn’t look particularly depressed, Anna had a small head coming out from behind Dumbledore, a well-fitted old-fashioned suit, well-groomed hair, and a pair of leather shoes that were much more refined than Mr. Weasley’s.

If you ignore the thick iron chain around his neck that can hold the giant dragon, then the old man in front of you looks like an old gentleman in and the others, completely unattached to the prisoners.

Anna and Dumbledore were both surprised.

“Long time no see, Albus,” Grindelwald spoke first. His voice was a little hoarse, but obviously with some joy, he looked at Anna behind Dumbledore, “Meet me for the first time, Anna little girl, please allow me I call you Anna.”

Dumbledore pulled Anna back and stared at Grindelwald who was sitting on the bed, “long time no see, nephew…cough, Grindelwald, it seems you already know that we will be here.”

“Yes, Albus, I know you are here to make a deal with the devil-you want to get information from the devil, of course, you have to pay a certain price,” Grindelwald smiled, “you want to let me peek at me The diary kid comes out of the diary, so you need to pay something.”

[Gourd Mission-Dealing with the Devil: There is a Nurmengard on the other side of the mountain and on the other side of the sea. There is only the Old Demon ghost in it. Now you are trying to make a deal with him to save the troubled friend, hey! Girl, I have to remind you, when dealing with the devil, you must lose your soul and always be vigilant. Don’t be fooled by him to forget your original intention… If you can achieve the devil’s wish, then Merlin will know what will happen next. !

Achievement conditions: complete the transaction with Gellert Grindelwald; task reward: magic power accuracy +20, unknown]

Magic power accuracy! Why is the reward for this task the magic power accuracy? Anna’s pupils are slightly enlarged, which is a little tempting, but she still has to know what Grindelwald wants to make a decision.

“What do you want?”

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